1836 & 1839 Tax List

District No. 14 – 1836 – John Hill, Esqr.

Blackbourn, John

Blanset, William

Brown, Thomas

Branson, Solomon

Bounds, Jesse

Baker, William

Cardwell, Perrin

Chisney, John

Colvin, James

Cardin, William

Culvehouse, John

Dyer, Booker

Dennis, Levi

Damewood, Isaac

Dale, Abel

Dennis, Thomas

Dyer, Fanny adm’t

Dyer, Isaac

Dunning, William

Dunehoo, William

Dyer, Robert

Dale, James

Dyer, George

Dyer, James, Sr.

Dyer, Callaway

Damewood, James

Dyer, Pryor

Devault, John

Dyer, Jackson

Dyer, James, Jr.

Dyer, William, Sr.

Damewood, Lawson

Damewood, Henry

Dennis, William., Sr.

Dyer, William, Jr.

Elkins, David

Field, Jediah

Frost, Henry

Field, Joel

Frost, Stephen

Frost, Dow

Frost, John

Hill, John, Sr.

Hickle, William

Hill, Joseph

Hart, Eli

Hill, Margaret

Hubbs, William

Hubbs, John, Sr.

Howerton, William

Howerton, Ira

Hill, Abel

Hickle, John

Hill, John – miner

Hill, John – executor

Hill, John, Jr.

Harleson, Pudemy

Hill, Jesse

Hubbs, John, Jr.

Jackson, Corban

Kitts, Joseph

Lain, William

Lain, John

Lain, Levi

McKinny, John

McMillin, Thomas

Mynatt, William _

Mynatt, Thomas

Merrit, Edward

McBee, William P.

McMillin, John

Norris, George

Norris, Thomas

Norris, William

Norris, William, Jr.

Norris, Janet

Norris, William, Jober

Norris, Blain

Norris, Matthias

Needham, Henry

Norris, Abner

Norris, Garland

Neely, Benjamin

Parker, Pleasant

Peters, John

Peters, Nathaniel

Peters, William

Parker, Samuel

Popejoy, Nathaniel

Robertson, George

Rookard, William

Rookard, Brownbury

Sharp, Amos

Seamore, George

Sailing, John

Seamore, Cardwell

Seamore, Isaac

Satturfield, John

Satturfield, Greenberry

Smith, Josiah

Sharp, William

Vittito, George W.

Vittito, James

Vittito, Elizabeth

Wyrick, Michael

Wyrick, Peter

Watters, Lemuel, Ext.

Wyrick, Henry

Wyrick, Christopher

Watters, Israel

Wyly, Howard

Wyrick, Joseph

Zachery, John

District No. 15 – 1836 – William Colvin, Esqr.

Bledsoe, William

Butcher, Haisten

Buchner, Ezra

Butcher, Ezekiel

Beelar, John

Braden, Edward Sr.

Butcher, Jesse

Braden, Edward, Jr.

Butcher, Isaac B.

Berry, Charles S.

Blackbourn, Thomas

Bowman, John

Bullock, Elijah

Cardwell, Royal

Cook, James

Cook, William, Jr.

Colvin, John

Clouse, Samuel

Cook, Martin

C More, James

Seamore, James

Cook, William, Sr.

Cook. Pleasant

Cook, Marcus

Cardin, John

Cox, Coleman

Carden, Robert

Colvin, Elijah

Cox, John

Cyrus, John

Carden, G. B.

Colvin, William

Dyer, Owen

Davis, James

Davis, William

Evans, Elijah

Evans, Amos

Evans, David

Hamilton, Alex’r, Sr.

Haynes, Cadile

Huddleston, John F.

Hamilton, William

Hamilton, Alex’r, Jr.

Hamilton, Rob’t T.

Huddleston, Robert

Huddlestone, Calvin

Huddlestone, McCampbell

Hurst, Allen

Hundley, James

Harril, Lewis

Hundley, Jerdon

Jonston, James

Johnston, Joah

Jonston, Isams heirs

Kitts, John

Kitts, Solomon

Lambdin, John

Lay, James

Lay, Lewis

Lay, John

Lay, William

Lovel, Jeremiah

McBee, Israel

McBee, Robert

McBee, George H.

Monrow, John

Monrow, Robert

Monrow, Rosanna

McPhetridge, Daniel

Norris, James

Oaks, Isaac

Peters, Hugh H.

Rayley, Vincent

Rayley, Amos

Rayley, Robertson

Swafford, William

Savage, Roddy. H.

Savage, Elisha

Selvage, James

Selvage, Jeremiah

Smith, Josiah

Small, James

Sexton, Overton

Sailing, John

Sailing, James

Smith, Joel

Smith, Benjamin

Smith, Isaac

Smith, Seth s.

Sharp, Peter & Co.

Savage, Jeremiah

Shelton, Eli

Tindal, Henry

Tuttle, James

Tanner, Grills

Vance, Zion

Washam, Thomas

Wyrick, Othniel

Warwick, John P.

Waggonor, Wm. Lewis

Watters, Joel

Warwick, Elias

Walters, Thomas

Waggoner, William, Jr.

Watters, John, Sr.

Williams, William

Williams, Daniel

Willis, Williston

Willis, Levina

Willis, Davison

Wyrick, Jefferson

Watters, John, Jr.

Yeadin, David

Young, William

James D. Owens not Given in & therefore Double Taxed

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