1836 & 1839 Tax List

District No. 3 – 1836 – by Sam’l A. Preston Esq.

Amos, Francis

Alexander, David

Barton, Elijah

Bryant, Thomas

Beets, George

Brooks, Thomas

Brim, Thomas

Bnmil, Alfred

Blairs, James heirs

Blare, Alex’d

Blair, Josiah

Biggs, John

Crosby, George

Crosby, Caleb

Coffman, Barton

Cobb, Joseph

Davis, Elnathan

Easley, Daniel

Flour, John

Grantham, Rich’d

Gray, Nathan

Harris, John

Harris, David

Jonston, Stephen

Jonston, James, Jr.

Jonston, Hardy

Jones, James

Jonston, Isaac

Kirkham, Jacob P.

Long, Robert

Long, G. L.

Long, William

Moffet, William

Mayes, William

Moore, Masstin

McCoy, William

Mayes, James

Millar, James

McAnally, David

McGoldrick, Thos.

McAnally, Charles & Senters heirs

Moore, Richard

Newman, John

Newman, Ayers

Noe, Daniel

Noe, Jacob

Preston, S. A. & Co.

Pilkington, Aaron

Poindexter, John

Rich, Joseph, Esqr.

Rich, Joseph N.

Rich, George W.

Rich, David N.

Rayl, William

Rail, Franklin

Rayl, George

Settles, Isaac

Shorter, Leroy

Spoon, William

Sheays, John

Shields, John’s heirs

Taylor, Hugh O., Sr.

Taylor, John Mrs.

Taylor, Hugh O., Jr.

Taylor, Ahaker A.

Tate, Sam’l B.

Taylor, James

Taylor, Daniel

Turley, John B.

Thompson, William

Williford, William

Yancy, Jane, Mrs.

Yancy, Robert M.

Whitesides, Thomas

Preston, S. A. & Co.

District No. 4 – 1836 – James Lacy, Esqr.

Burnet, David

Bently, John W. C.

Bird, Redman

Bird, Hillard

Bell, Lewis

Boatman, Henry

Bowen, Henry

Bird, James

Burnett, Vardman

Biddle, Charles

Boatman, Ezekiel

Carmichael, Daniel C.

Coffman, Andrew

Cocke, Frederch B. S.

Daniel, William

Daniel, Joseph

Daniel, Marcus

Grove, Reuben, Sr.

Greenlea, John, Sr.

Grove, Reuben, Jr.

Greenlea, Eli

Helton, Alexander

Hopper, Peter

Hopper, Anderson

Hickson, John

Howel, Thomas

Irby, James

Joice, Thomas

Joice, James

Joice, Wortham

Joice, Alexander

Kennon, John, Jr.

Kidwell, Joshua

Lacy, James

Mayes, Henry

Mayes, George

Moody, George

McCasly, Isaac F.

May, Fredarick

McDaniel, William G.

Mayes, John

Mayes, Godwin

McGee, Willie

Mayes, James

Mayes, Edward

Mayes, Rachel

Noe, Jacob

Neel, William

Pembleton, Edmund

Pollard, Samuel, Sr.

Pembleton, Hutson

Pembleton, Richard

Reece, William B.

Roberts, Phillip

Southerland, Thomas

Southerland, James

Stroud, Amos

Solomon, Thomas

Solomon, Godwin

Satterfield, George G.

Satterfield, Levi

Watson, Thomas

Wester, Elias

Western, James

Western, Pleasant

Watson, Godwin

Williams, John C.

Williams, Jonathan

Whiteside, Thomas

Given in Since the 1st Monday of July 1836 and liable to Double Tax

Nicholas Countz

Isiah Holder

John Harbin

George Bunder

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