1836 & 1839 Tax List

District No. 5 – 1839 – William Mayes, Esqr.

Berket, George

Cannon, John

Cody, Pierce

Cardwell, John

Crews, Nimrjd

Clark, Johns

Crafford, William

Cardwell, Robert

Cardwell, Rob’t, Guardian

Cardwell, Rob’t Jr.

Curchman, Joseph B.

Cockeurn, Massay, adm’r & Co.

Connt;,, Martha & Nancy

Collison, Samuel

Collison, John

Combs, Joseph

Daniel, Isaac

Eaton, Daniel

Eaton, William

Eaton, James

Farley, Richard E.

Furgason, Mary

Freeman, William

Farrer, Stephen

Greenlea, John

Gallian, James

Gowforth, Cornelius

Gray, John

Gray, Sarah

Greenlea, James

Hodges, Philip

Hodges, Jesse

Hodges, William

Hodges, James

Hodges, Edward

Hammer, Enos, Jr.

Hammer, William

Hammer, Enos, Sr.

Hammer, Zachariah

Hammer, Abraham

Joice, John

James, William

James, James

Jones, Samuel

Kennon, James

Kindar, Jacob, Sr.

Kindar, John

Leffew, Hiram

McAnall, James K.

Morgan, Allen D.

Mallicoat, James

Millikan, William

McDaniel, James

Morgan, Chisley

Mayes, William

Owens, Alpheus

Ore, Joseph

Pollard, Samuel M.

Pollard, James

Phillips, Joel

Phillips, Isaac

Roach, William

Roch, Green

Stubblefield, Robert

Smith, Dixon

Snyder, Philliip

Smith, William

Satterfield, Matthew

Tate, George W.

Tate, Edward

Tate, Edward, Exact, & Co.

Tate, David, Jr.

Tate, David N.

Williams, Rufus

Williams, Rabecka

Williams, Thomas

Williams, William

Willis, Sarah

Williams, Pleasant

Kitts, David returned as not Given an & Double Taxed

District No. 6 – 1839 – John Boiles, Esqr.

Alsup, Henry

Acuff, Charles

Acuff, Jeremiah

Bridgeman, Nascissa F.

Bowers, James

Bodes, John

Cocke, Wm. M.

Cox, Edmund D.

Cotner, Martin

Cameon, Hasdin

Cotner, Elizabeth

Cotser, Jackson

Chishim, Thorton

Cates, Charles

Cockaum, David

Cheshsie, Thomas

Cockrum, Massy

Crain, John

Cotner, Sterling

Davis, Thomas

Davis, John, Jr.

Davis, Samuel

Davis, John, Sr.

Dyer, Thomas

Davis, James

Duglas, John

Ezell, Jesse

Ezell, George

Fielding, William

Gillmore, William

Gibson, Sarah

Gillmore, Thomas

Griffin, Jacob

Gibson, Lindsey

Gillmore, Hugh

Hancock, James

Kersey, John W.

Kersey, Agness, Sr.

Key, Urifah

Kenny, Lewis

Loyd, Robert

Loyd, Thomas

Low, Abner

McDaniel, Eli

Mallicoat, Sterling

Mallicoat, James, Sr.

McDaniel, John

Massengill, Robert

Noe, Joseph

Noe, Nicholas

Noe, Solomon

Patterson, Gilbert

Pashil, Joshua

Ray, Thomas, Sr.

Ray, James R.

Ray, Robert

Roach, Afford

Roach, John

Ray, Thomas

Roch, Drury

Roch, Absalom

Ray, Sterling

Ray, Joseph J.

Timmons, James, Jr.

Sparkman, William, Sr.

Sparkman, William, Jr.

Simmons, James, Sr.

Simmons, John

Sanders, Harman

Satterfield, Levi

Smith, William

Smith, Samuel [?], Sr.

Sparkman, Henderson

Tate, David, Sr.

Tate, Samuel B.

West, Thos., Jr.

Watson, James

Watson, Sarah

Wright, Samuel

Witcher, Lacy

West, Samuel

West, Alexander

West, Elizabeth

West, Thomas, Sr.

West, Edward

West, James T.

Yates, Reuben

Sparkman, John

The following Taxable property & polls Returned by the Said Revenue Commissioner for Double Tax for the year 1836.

Arnett, Jacob

Manly, David

Musren, Wm.

Ore, Joseph

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