1836 & 1839 Tax List

District No. 11 – 1836 – John Latham Esqr.

Adams, Thomas

Adkins, Wright

Allen John

Allen, Thomas

Asbury, James

Adkins, Mereitt, heirs

Adkins, Peter

Adkins, Emanuel

Bullin, James

Bullin, Isaac

Bowman, Jeremiah

Bray, Peter

Bray, Benjamin

Bull, George

Bull, Clabourn

Blackman, William

Barnet, Samuel

Barent, Robert

Bird, James

Bunden, George

Burtons, John heirs

Coffy, Reuben

Coffy, Benjamin

Collins, Aron

Coffy, George

Coffy, Thomas

Collins, Dowel

Cot’, Colley

Coffy, John, Jr.

Coffy, John, Sr.

Collins, Brice G.

Collins, William

Collins, Andrew

Clonch, Daniel

Collins, Larkin

Cardwell, Richard

Craig, Wm. W.

Collins, Moses

Clark, William

Dalton, Reuben

Dalton, Enos

Dalton, Meredith

Dalton, Colby

Dalton, Enoch

Dalton, Carter J.

Dalton, Timothy, Sr.

Dalton, Timothy, Jr.

Dalton, Carters heirs

Dalton, Thomas

Donalson, Daniel

Dalton, Jesse

Dotson, Abner

Dunbar, Samuel

Elder, Andrews heirs

Evans, George H.

Evans, Georges heirs

Epperson, John

Epperson, Thomas

Evans, Hamilton

Farmer, John

Frasher, Bleary

Farmer, Michael

Farmer, Aquilla

Frasher, Alexander

Hayes, Colbert

Hayes, Hiram

Harvy, Lorada

Hayes, William

Hayes, Harman

Hamil, John, Jr.

Hamil, John, Sr.

Hipshear, Henry, Sr.

Hipshear, Henry, Jr.

Hipshear, John

Hipshear, Colbert

Hipshear, Jacob

Hamil, William

Hayes, Thomas

Hipshear, William

Hawn, Johns heirs

Hayes, Thomas, Indian Creek

–ek, John F heirs & John

Jonston, William

Jams, John F.

Jams, William

Jinnings, John P.

Jinnings, Wm. D.

Jinnings, Ryal, Sr.

Jinnings, Ryal, Jr.

Jinnings, George W.

Jinnings, Henry

Jordon, Washington

Latham, Clabourn W.

Latham, John, Jr.

Latham, John, Sr.

Mallicoat, Deadman

Mallicoat, James

Mallicoat, John

Mallicoat, Nathaniel

Murphrey, Robert

McGinnis, Charles

McGinnis, Joseph

Mayes, Peter

McGinnis, Archabald

McAnally, Thomas P.

McAnally, Charles

Mallicoat Deadman

McCoy, William

McCoy, David

McCoy, Claibourn

McAnally, George

McGinnis, Aron

McGinnis, Ann

McKelly, Fryer

Malone, Richard

Mason, Edwin

Mason, Henry

McAnally, Davids heirs

McGinnis, Andrew

McGinnis, Roberts heirs

Mountoun, James

McAnally, Thomas

Nash, Marva

Nash, John

Nash, Thomas heirs

Ogan, Johns heirs

Ollevia, John

Pain, Isaiah

Payn, Aquilla

Payn, Moses

Payn, Williams

Rucker, Colley

Rucker, William

Rucker, John

Rosenbalm, John

Tonner, John

Taylor, Wilboune

Taylor, Pendleton

Taylor, Pulasca

Thacker, Nathaniel

Williams, Goerge

Williams, Henry

Walker, Elisha

District No. 12 – 1836 – Joseph Clark, Esqr.

Acuff, Anderson

Arwine, James

Arwine, Daniel

Acuff, Richard

Acuff, John, Sr.

Arwine, Albaster

Acuff, Benjamin

Akin, Hillis

Akin, Michael

Acuff, Afford

Acuff, Thomas

Acuff, James

Acuff, John, Jr.

Bower, Andrew

Beeler, David

Burnett, Wrenard

Burnet, John

Beelar, Isaac

Bullen, Joseph

Brock, Jehu

Beeler, Joseph, Sr.

Bower, John

Beelar, John, Sr.

Beelar, Peter

Beelar, Jacob

Beelar, Joseph, Jr.

Burnet, Joseph

Bunch, William

Bunch, Armstead

Branson, Benjamin

Beelar, Daniel

Craig, James

Campbell, John

Cleveland, Mouten

the estate of S. S. McPheters

Campbell, Lewis

Clark, Joseph

Clark, John

Clark, William

Dyer, Joel

Dyer, George

Dotson, Samuel, Jr.

Dyer, James

Dotson, William

Dotson, Joel

Dotson, Samuel, Jr.

Dotson, John

Dotson, Samuel, Sr.

Dotson, Clabourn

Dyer, Charlton

Dyer, John

Fry, Benjamin

Fry, Robert

Fry, Addison

Fipps, James

Howeth, James

Harvy, Thomas

Hacker, Julias

Hitch, Loyd

Hitch, Christopher

Hill, Henry

Idle, Adam

Idle, Barnabas

Jones, James

Jinnings, Pleasant

Joseph, January

Lemmons, William

Laffew, Joseph

I.affew, William

Laffew, Elihu

Lewis, Benjamin

Lemmons, Thomas

McPhetridge, William

Mallicoat, William

Mallicoat, John

Morgan, John

Merrit, John

Nicely, Catherine

Nicely, Jonas

Needham, John, Sr.

Nash, Clabourn

Odel, William H.

Robertson, John

Rook, Willis

Rook, Hesekiah

Ruth, Stephen

Shelton, Gabriel

Sellers, David

Thacker, Peter

Teauge, Hester

Vittito, Thomas

Vance, Joseph

Vance, John

Vitteto, William

Watson, Robert W.

Wolfenbarger, Reuben

Wolfenbarger, Tandy

Watson, William

Watson, David

Watson, Pleasant

Wolfenbarger, Peter

Williams, Shadrick

Williams, Reece

Williams, John

Widows Daniel

Washman, Joshua

Williams, Joseph

A List of Taxable property not Given in & Subject to Double Tax in District No. 12 for the year A.D. 1836

Jonston, Thomas

Posey, Hubberd

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