1836 & 1839 Tax List

The following list was transcribed several years ago, and the original source has been lost. No copyright infringement is intended by publishing it here. If you can identify the original source, we would be grateful for the information.

The normal returns, and those not filed and therefore liable for double taxes, are mostly in alpha order in the original transcription by district. The original returns are available on microfilm at the LDS Family History Library (Film #464,105).

These data were machine-converted from a printed transcription of the original, so errors are likely. Although this is a transcript of a transcript, we hope you will be able to locate your ancestors.

If you have corrections to this document, please contact the Webmistress.

In the list below, most of the tax records are for 1836. However, two of the districts — 5 and 6 — are for the year 1839. Perhaps the original transcriber didn’t have access to, or couldn’t read, those two districts for 1836.

The list is large, so it has been divided into multiple pages on this Web site.  You will find the Page Links at the bottom of each section.

State of Tennessee Grainger County

County Court August Term 1836

Ordered by the Court that the County Tax for the year 1836 be Ten Cents to the Value of each Hundred Dollars Twenty Five Cents on each White Poll and Five Dollars on each Store and that a part of that Sum be for the payment of those Jurors who have or may be Summoned as Tallimen and detained more than one day twenty one of the acting Justices being present and voting in the affirmative.

A True Copy from the records in my office.

Given under my hand at Office in Rutledge the 6th Day of August 1836
E. Tate Clk.

District No. 1 – 1836 – by Jesse Riggs

Boatwright, John

Boatwright, James

Bull, Elisha

Boatman, George, Jr.

Boatman, Henry, Jr.

Burgess, Stephen

Booz, Obadiah

Chancy, John

Cox, John

Cartwright, William

Cox, Solomon

Cole, Israel

Clackson, James M.

Cain, Thomas

Coffman, Andrew, Sr.

Cain, Hugh, Sr.

Cole, Perrin

Coffman, Barton

Darnald, Early

Darnold, Lewis

Darnold, James

Eastes, John, Sr.

Easterly, John

Bastes, William

Eastes, John C.

Eastes, Elizabeth

Garretson, John

Grantham, Willis

Gentle, George

Gray, Thomas

Garretson, Job

Gass, James

Holstein, James

Hensley, Robert

Harrison, John –

Holstein, Henry

Helton, William

Holland, Joseph

Jimmiason, John

Knight, James

Keen, Eli

Livingston, Samuel

Livingston, David

Long, Robert

Long, Jesse

Livingston, Jacob

Labour, Joseph

Millar, Moses

McAllister, James

McAnally, John

McAnally, Andrew J.

McCarvy, Benjamin

Millar, Wesley

Mlles, A. Q.

Moffet, John S.

Noe, Sterling

Noe, David

Noe, Nicholas

Noe, John J.

Noe, Daniel

Orr, William

Patteson, Joseph Wm.

Patterson, Simmon

Perhapile, Daniel

Perkapile, Isaac

Perkapile, Michael

Pullin, Leroy

Rogers, Joseph

Robertson, Benjamin

Robertson, Thomas, Jr.

Rogers, William

Robertson, Harrison

Robertson, Henry

Reece, Isaiah

Robertson, George

Riggs, Joseph

Robertson, Thos. Sr.

Riggs, Nenian

Reece, Thomas

Riggs, Ellis

Robertson, John

Reece, George G.

Reece, Wm. A.

Reed, Charles

Riggs, I. & R.

Shipley, Vance

Shipley, Thos

Shannon, John

Shields, James

Stubblefield, Wyatt

Shepherd, David

Stroud, Christopher

Shannon, Joseph

Shields, D. & M.

Taylor, Richard

Taylor, Reden

Taylor, Hughs O. Jr.

Wright, Isaac

Whinsy, John

Williams, Joseph

Walker, John

Whiteside, Thomas

Yates, Samuel

District No. 2 – 1836 – by John Ivey, Revenue Commissioner

Brooks, Charles

Beets, Joseph

Boyd, James B.

Biber, Prior

Baker, William

Bettis, Samuel

Boatman, Henry

Brooks, Nathaniel

Carmichael, Daniel C.

Carmichael, heirs of Duncan

Carmichael, James, Jr.

Carmichael, James, Sr.

Causon, John E.

Cowen, Walter D.

Cox, John, Sr.

Chaney, James

Cox, Benjamin

Cox, John, Jr.

Daniel, D. Joseph

Daniel, James

Daniel, John

Denniston, Robert

Denniston, James

Dennison, John

Denson, John

Elledge, John B.

Evans, William

Gowen, Sally

Glossup, Zachariah

Grantham, Willis

Harris, William

Helton, John

Holland, Joseph

Helton, Alexander

Helton, James

Hazelwood, Joshua

Hodges, Eli

Howel, Caleb

Howel, Jesse

Howel, Thos. K.

Hopkins, Thos by J. Boyd agent

Howel, Agness widow

Holt, John, Sr.

Holt, John, Jr.

Ivy, Thomas

Ivey, Benjamin, Sr.

Ivey, Henry

Ivey, John H.

Ivy, Fielding H.

Ivey, Benjamin, Jr.

Ivey, John, Sr.

Jefferes, Payton J.

Kidwell, John

Livingston, Jesse

i hie, Nathaniel

Mayes, Dudley

Mayes, Green B.

Mayes, Edward

Mays, Elizabeth by Dudley

Millikan, William, Sr.

Millikan, James

Millikan, David

Meek, John

Morris, Shadwick

Morris, John

Morris, James

McGill, William

McGill, Rowland

McGill, Libourn

Mathis, John

Noe, John, Sr.

Noe, Joseph, Sr.

Noe Jonathan

Noe, David valued by Corns.

Piott, John

Poindexter, John

Price, Godwin

Perry, Thomas

Rail, Samuel

Rail, William by Samuel

Rice, Presley

Rice, Barney

Rice, David

Riggs, Joseph

Riggs, Lewis

Spoon, John, Jr.

Spoon, John, Sr.

Stroud, Thomas

Smith, Barnett

Smith, Moses

Stephins, Silas B.

Shipley, Nathan

Turner, Parkal

William, Francis

Williams, Jesse

Williams, William

Williams, Thomas

Williford, Simmeon

Young, Francis

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