Photos Used in Headers on This Site

One of our visitors asked for identification of the photos used in the header images on this site.  Below is a list.

  • Barn wall with yellow wildflowers.  Location and photographer unknown.
  • Red barn with quilt square against background of hills.  Location and photographer not known.
  • Grainger County current Courthouse, Rutledge.  Photographer not known.
  • Large farm with multiple buildings and big, red barn.  Source:  East Tennessee Development District.  Location and photographer unknown.
  • Field with mountains in distance and rolled bales of hay.  Location and photographer unknown.
  • Cemetery with tree trunks and old markers (mostly field stones).  Hipshire Cemetery.  Photographer unknown.
  • Brick wall with pink dogwood blossoms at left.  Olde Jail in Rutledge.  Photographer James Cook.
  • Lake with roadway on bank.  Cherokee Lake, looking toward Jefferson City.  Photographer James Cook.
  • White church with covered picnic area.  Joppa Baptist Church.  Photographer unknown.
  • Lake with knobs on each side and bridge in distance.  Cherokee Lake from the top of Clinch Mountain on U. S. 25E near the Veteran’s Overlook.  Photographer unknown.
  • Gap in Clinch Mountains with road going through.  US Highway 25E, looking South, at the top of the Clinch Mountains.  Photographer James Cook.
  • Brick wall with barred windows.  Olde Jail, Rutledge.  Photographer James Cook.
  • Various images of tomatoes.  Locations and photographers not known.  Grainger County is nationally known for its tomatoes and holds a celebratory festival each Summer.
  • Stained-glass window.  Located in the Library of the Narrow Ridge Earth Literacy Center in Washburn.  Photographer unknown.  Click here to view the full window.
  • Wheelbarrow of pumpkins.  Location and photographer unknown.
  • Miscellaneous stringed musical instruments.  Locations and photographers unknown.  Grainger County is well-known for its connection to Appalachian music.
  • Wagon wheel with hay.  Location and photographer unknown.  Grainger County is still a very rural area, and artifacts like this are a common sight.
  • Rusty, steel bridge.  Located on TN Highway 375, crossing German Creek.  Built in 1941.  Photographer unknown.
  • Black-and-white wooden bridge.  Bridge across the creek at Powder Springs.  Source:  American Memory Collection, Library of Congress.
  • Mountains in the Fall, one with with fenced cemetery in left corner.  Ab Acuff Cemetery between Puncheon Camp and Washburn.  Photographer Trapper Wyatt.
  • Woman wearing bonnet with three children.  Hattie Acuff, her daughter Eula Rucker, and Eula’s children Charlie and Roberta,  all of Washburn, about 1925.
  • Washburn baseball team about 1920.  Photographer unknown.
  • Group of people, one woman wearing large fur collar.  Residents of the Washburn area in April, 1924.  Occasion and identities unknown.  Assistance with identification would be appreciated!  Photographer unknown.  Large, high-resolution scan is available from the Webmistress.
  • Hunting dogs in woods.  Belonged to William Acuff in 1931.  Location and photographer unknown.
  • Group of adults and children by white clapboard building.  Probably students and teachers at Washburn Elementary about 1910.  Identities of individuals unknown.  Assistance with identification would be appreciated!  Photographer unknown.  Large, high-resolution scan is available from the Webmistress.

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