1836 & 1839 Tax List

District No. 9 – 1836 – James Moore, Esqr

Atkinson, William L.

Atkinson, Elizabeth & children

Bryan, John

Bryan, Elizabeth

Bowen, Ahab

Bowen, Reece

Blair, Johns, heirs

Cobb, Joseph

Collins, Duncan

Conn, Thomas H.

Conn, James

Conn, M. E.

Conn, Wm. J. & M. J.

Collins, Griffin

Cumming, John

Cobb, Fredarick

Crawford, Sarah

Campbell, Robert

Collins, Edmund

Cooke, Thomas S.

Crews, John B.

Carmichael, Samuel

Code, John

Davis, James

Duff, Hugh

Dinsmore, Moses

Eaton, James

Eaton, John W.

Easley, Waarham

Flanagin, James

Gray, Henderson

Gill, Thomas

Godwin, William

Godwin, Jacob

Godwin, Jarret

Hightown, William

Hodge, John

Hodges, Phillip

Holt, David

Harris, Thomas

Henderson, Stephen

Haney, George

Holstein, Peter

Henderson, Nancy

Henderson, E. J.

Hany, John

Henderson, Thomas

Jonston, Thomas

Jack, Elizabeth

Long, Levi

Long, Lawson R.

Levingston, G. A.

Long, Reuben

Lafferty, James

Lafferty, John

Lebow, Isaac

Lebow, John

Long, Lawson

Long, Abel

Moore, McNess

Montgomery, John

Moore, Elizabeth

Moore, James

Moore, Mastin

Moody, Henry

Moody, John

Millen, Absalom

Moore, John

Mayes, John

Mayes, John

Mayes, William, Sr.

Mayes, William, Jr.

Murry, William

Middleton, Jsoeph S.

McConnel, Abraham

McCollum, Wm.

Oakly, John

Oliver, Willson

Oliver, John

Perry, Nathan

Pemberton, Hudson

Partin, Winsten

Partin, Lewis

Proffit, Joseph

Prott, John

Phillips, John

Prince, John

Roberts, John T.

Rogers, William

Rush, thomas

Reed, Jeremiah

Senters, heirs & C. McAnally

Sampsel, Mary

Stratton, William

Staley, Coonrod

Stratton, Maddison

Stratton, Dixion

Shipley, Shilvey

Shipley, Solomon S.

Sampsils, Peter

Solomon, Godwin

Senter, P. M.

Senters, heirs

Senter, N. A.

Senter, Elizabeth guardian

Senter, Elizabeth

Tomason, Elisha

Tate, William T.

Tate, Samuel B.

Tate, William T. adm’t

William, William F.

Williams, Etheldrid

Whiteside, Thomas

Young, Thomas J.

District No. 10 – 1836 – John T. Curie

Alsup, Henry

Brabston, John

Brabston, Vincent

Brown, James

Brown, William

Brown, George W.

Brown, Harrison

Butler, Stephen

Bridgeman, Martin

Biba, Joshua

Bunch, Samuel

Counts, Nicholas, Sr.

Counts, Henry

Clay, William

Crouse, Mathias

Crouse, John

Curie, John T.

Craighead, Benjamin

Cocke, Win. E.

Cocke, Wm. M.

Cocke, John, guardian

Coosa, William

Colison, Samuel

Dyer, Wm. S.

Dyer, Isaac

Dyer, William A.

Dyer, William, Sr.

Dyer, Willson

Dyer, John

Darting, George

Duff, Robert

Easley, John

Easley, Mary

Eaton, Robert D.

Cardwell, Daniel heirs

Dunavant, John

Ford, Benjamin

Fulkason, Abraham

Flora, Isaac

Green, Archabald P.

Gill, Samuel

Hightower, Epaphroditus

Hancock, John Sr.

Hancock, John, Jr.

Humberd, Wm. F.

Hinds, Wm. B.

Hinds, Harrison

Houston, Hugh

Hull, Isaac

Jarnagin, Chesley

Jarnagin, Jeremiah

Jarnagin, John

Jarnagin, Noah

Jarnagin, George R.

Harnagin, Pashil L.

Jarnagin, Thomas

Jarnagin, Chester

Jarnagin, Asa

Jones, Hugh

Tack, J. F. heirs

Kline, Jacob

Kline, John L.

Kitts, Peter

Long, John

Long, Jacob

Lemmons, William

Lemmons, Cralua [?]

McBroom, Thomas

Maples, William

Maples, James

Millar, Thomas

Massengill, James

McGoldreck, James

Modoy, Wm. M.

McElhany, Hugh

Morgan, John

Moyes, George

McFarland, James

McFarland, Benjamin F.

Mitchel, Robert

Mitchel, Andrew J.

McClary, James

Norton, William

Newman, Joseph

Nance, Clemment

Parrish, Dempsey

Phillips, William

Peck, Benjamin

Rice, James

Ray, Iessee

Scruggs, Rufus

Stout, Solomon

Shipley, Edward

Shirley, Balser

Shirley, Valentine

Smith, John

Smith, William

Smith, Eli

Smith, John W.

Thompson, Mary

Williamson, William

Witcher, Clabourn

Worley, Joseph

Williams, Etheldred

Williams, James

Williams, Richard

Green, thomas

Cheek, James

heirs of John Brown, dec’d – lying adjoning the lands of William E. Cocke on the south side of poor Vally [sic] knobs south of Richland creek adjoining the lands of Thomas McBroom & Wm. E. Cock

Millar, Levi – Lying in poor Vally [sic] on the waters of Buffeloe hide

Cheshire, Thornton – lying in the Richland knobs joining the lands of Isaac Dyer & others

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