1836 & 1839 Tax List

District No. 13 – 1836 – William Sharp, Esqr.

Atkins, Lewis

Atkins, Morris

Atkins, Stephen

Acuff, Benjamin

Acuff, Clabourn

Atkins, Moses B.

Atkins, Nathan

Branson, John

Baker, Hiram

Bullard, John

Barnett, John

Brock, Moses

Beelar, Woolleny

Beelar, Jacob

Brock, James

Burnet, Presley

Brock, George

Butcher, Jacob

Cheeks, Williams, heirs

Carter, William

Cook, Menten

Clark, Edward

Cabbage, Jacob

Culvehouse, Lewis

Capps, Joab, Sr.

Capps, David

Capps, John, Jr.

Chandler, John

Capps, Joab, Jr.

Capps, William

Cabbage, Adam

Davis, Isaac

Dolton, Carter T.

Iolton, David

Dail, Abner

Dail, Reuben Mc.

Dennis, Eli

Dennis, John, Sr.

Dennis, John, Jr.

Dvis, Isaac

Dennis, William

Dale, Abel

Dyer, Isaac B.

Ellis, Lewis

Fields, Robert

Graves, Anthonly

Gowforth, Isaac

Gray, Moses

Gray, William

Hickman, John

Hollinsworth, Wm.

Hammock, John

Haynes, Abraham

Hammock, Daniel

Haynes, Sterling

Haynes, Williams heirs

Hammock, Sarah

Hill, William

Idol, William

Jonston, Clabourn

Kelly, Joseph

Keen, Francis

Keck, Ca–an

Long, John

Lowe, Jacob

Martin, William

McMahan, Alexander

Monrow, Lea A.

Moulder, John

Moore, Feildon L.

McCubbins, Pheba

Mullins, Archabald

Mullins, Barnet L.

Moulder, George

Monrow, Mack

McBee, William P.

McBee, John

McBee, Silas

Nash, Deadman

Needham, John

Nicely, John

Nicely, David

Nicely, Mitchell

Nicely, George

Nicely, William

Nicely, James

Nicely, Nicholas

Nall, Williams heirs

Needham, Henry

Sharp, William

Sharp, Moses

Sellers, John

Spiers, Ruth

Sellers, James

Starnes, James H.

Smith, Joseph

Sellers, Reuben

Vandagriff, James

Vandagriff, Gilbert

Vandagriff, George

Vandagriff, Jacob

Wyrick, Eli

Wyrick, Solomon

Weymuis, Valentine

Wagner, Thomas

Walters, John

Wyrick, William

Walters, Abner

Willis, John

Wyrick, Samuel

Wyrick, Phillip

Yeaden, Thomas

Yeaden, William P.

Yeaden, Joseph, Jr.

Yeaden, Joseph, Sr.

Yeaden, Jacob

Yeaden, William

Yeaden, David

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