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Colonel John Blair’s Estate Sale Inventory, 1793

By , February 19, 2014

The following document was found filed with the estate inventory/sale for Dr. John Blair, who died in 1820.  Colonel John Blair died in 1793.  Portions of this document were difficult to decipher during transcription.

A List of the Sale of the Estate of Colo John Blear [sic] Decd who died Intestate July 24th [?] 1797

Purchaser Dollars/Cents Item
Sarah Blear 371 0 Negro Jack [?]
do do 246 50 Negro Dice
James Blear Sr [?] 327 50 Negro Molley [?]
Sarah Blear 146 50 Negro Jim
James Blear Jr 158 0 Negro Cayse [?]
Saml Blear 20 50 1 gray horse
Sarah Blear 69 75 1 bay horse
Martin Ashtinson [?] 21 0 1 cow calf & bull
Sarah Blear 20 07-1/2 1 red cow & calf
do do 20 37-1/2 1 white cow & calf
Bond Jesse Cheak 9 0 1 bl____ star___ [?]
Bond Jesse Cheak 9 50 1 red stear
Sarah Blear 2 12-1/2 1 Table
do do 2 51 Chair [?]
do do 2 1 Ax [?]
do do 4 26 1 Large poth
do do 2 1 1 small poth
do do 1 51 1 Dutche Oven
do do 0 63 1 hoe
Ambrose Yancey 1 0 1 Wheel
Sarah Blear 1 70 1 Chest
do do 2 52 pewter [?]
Wm Blear 1 0 1 ___ & coffey poth
Sarah Blear 25 1 1 Bed furniture  & sted
do do 30 1
do do 1 51 1 plough
do do 1 13 1 Looking Glass
do do 0 76 1 Sad Iron
Martin Ashtinson [?] 0 51 Bible
Bartley Marshall 2 65 Martin’s Justice [?]
Jesse James 0 0 1 Laws of Riss [?]
Sarah Blear 0 1 4 Narrows [?]
Jesse James 0 50 1 Sow [?] 6 pigs
Wm Blear 3 0 1 Sawe [?]
Jesse James 7 0- C. Stoke [?]

Transcribed from the original document by Billie McNamara.

Dr. John Blair’s Estate Inventory, 1820

By , February 19, 2014

Inventory of Doctor Blair’s estate [written on outside of packet]

April the 22d, 1820 —

An Inventory of the Amount of the Sail of the Personel Estate of Docter John Blair Decd

Joseph Cobb one Black Horse at David Bollings Bid — $45.00

Pharaoh B. Cobb first and second volumes of Mosses Universel Georgraphy at David Bollings bid — 0:8.50

Docter William Couke [?] 2 Volume Western [?] Anattomy — 05.00

Pharaoh B. Cobb one Greek Lexicon at David Bollings Bid — 03:6-1/4

Pharaoh B. Cobb Forgersons lectors [?] at Joseph Cobbs bid 3 Volums — 0.6.50

Joseph Cobb one trunk one Razer Shaving Box and head Brush — 07.00

Elizabeth Cobb one Feather Bed sted & furniture at David Bollings Bid — 30:00

Stephen Cocke one stone Ink Stand — paid — 00:50

Returned to Court by Pharaoh B. Cobb Administrator of the Estate of Doctor John Blair Decd

Pharaoh B. Cobb
Administrator of the Estate of Docter John Blair Decd

Pharaoh B. Cobb 1820 [different handwriting]

Will of Catharine King Blair

By , February 18, 2014

Spelling and grammar are replicated here as they appear in the original document.  Paragraphs were created here for easier reading.

I Catharine Blair (Widow of James Blair Deceased) of Grainger County in the State of Tennessee, being of sound mind and memory do make and ordain this my last will and Testament, with intent that what property I may be possessed of at the time of my Decease may after my Death be distributed and Applyed in the ways and manner Following To Witt

1st I Give and bequeth unto my son Robert Blair my Negroe woman Named Queen,
I also Give and Bequeth unto Catharine Blair daughter of Robert Blair, my side sadle scarlet cloak and a pot,

I also Give to Robert Blair’s Children two Cows,

Also I give To the Daughters of Robert Blair Two Feather Beds and furniture,
and also all my Wearing Apparel to be given and divided amonst the Children of Robert Blair,
I give unto Samuel Blairs daughter Sally one Black Habbit,

and all my Sheep to be equally divided between my Son Saml Blair and my Grandson James Son of Alexander,

I Give to my Son James Blair one Cow, and the remainder of the Kitchen furniture that has not been specially mentioned above,

and whereas there is Thirty Dollars of my money in the hands of my grandson James Blair, now if the same or any part thereof remain in his hands at the time of my Decease, my will is that it be equally divided between my Sons Alexr, William, James, Robert, Samuel and Solomon

In Witness whereof I have hereunto Set my hand and Seal this fifteen day of November AD Eighteen Hundred and fourteen

Mark of Catharine Blair

Click on the image to view larger version.

Catharine [Her Mark] Blair {seal}

Signed Sealed published and Declared in presence of

Thos Henderson
Jno Boyd [?]

Transcribed from the original document by Billie McNamara.

Will of James M. Leach

By , February 13, 2014

This document is interesting because it refers to his pending claim for land in payment for service in the Mexican War.

Recorded 10 March 1849

I James M. Leach do make and publish this as my last will and tstament, hereby revoking and making void all other wills by me at any time made.

First, I direct that my funeral expenses and all my debts be paid as soon after my death as possible, out of any moneys that I may die possessed of, or may first come into the hands of my executrix.

Secondly I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Mary Leach my land Scrip or land claim for my servises [sic] as a volenteer [sic] in the war with Mexico and all my property and effects of every kind; (Except my wearing clothes)

Thirdly I give and bequeath to my two brothers Abraham Leach and John Leach my wearing clothes to be equally divided between the said Abraham Leach and John Leach.

Lastly I do hereby nominate and appoint my beloved wife Mary Leach my executrix; and that the county Court require no Security of my executrix.

In witness whereof I do, to this my will Set my hand and Seal This 16th day of September 1848

James M. Leach {seal}

Signed, Sealed and published in our presence and we have Subscribed our names hereto in the presence of the testator this 16th day of September 1848

Jas Salling
Calvin Huddleston
John C. Baker

There is a small notation beside the names of Salling and Baker, in a different handwriting.  The date 5th March 1849 appears in the same handwriting.  In context, it likely means Salling and Baker appeared at Court on the 5th of March to prove the will so it could be entered into probate.

Transcribed by B. McNamara from the original document, on file in the Grainger County Archives.

Record Transcriptions in the USGenWeb Archives

By , June 18, 2011

Note:  Cemeteries and Census transcriptions are in separate posts on this Web site.  Please use the "search" feature.


Court Minutes


Military Records





Wills Found in Court Files

By , May 24, 2011

The table below contains a list of Wills that were located by Grainger County Archives staff while processing estate settlement case files from the Courts. Because these Wills were exhibits, they must remain in the case files rather than being commingled with the Will files.

If you would like to obtain a copy of one of the Wills listed below, please contact the Grainger County Archives for cost and other details. The Archives’ e-mail link is in the Contact Us menu on this page.

Year Surname Given Name(s)
1913 Acuff Harriet
1895 Acuff J. H.
1806 Aday Walter
1885 Aikin Willis
1807 Archer John
1865 Arnwine Daniel
1907 Atkins John S.
1905 Atkins Lewis
1866 Atkins Lewis
1822 Atkinson William
1877 Bassett William B.
1915 Beeler Daniel
1875 Beeler Daniel
1909 Beeler Isaac
1875 Beeler Jacob
1862 Beeler John, Sr.
1846 Beeler Joseph
1877 Bird Nancy C.
1909 Bird Sarah H.
1910 Bird William
1910 Bird Woodson
1848 Blackburn Sterling
1814 Blair Catherine
1832 Blair James, Jr.
1890 Boseman Jerucia A. Renfrow
1910 Brabson J. B.
1847 Braden Edward
1895 Briscoe J. W.
1912 Bruce D. H.
1913 Bryan Arthur F.
1875 Bryan Joseph
1859 Bryan Nancy
1836 Bull George
1867 Bullen James
1822 Bunch John, Sr.
1852 Burgess Abigail
1840 Burkett George
1910 Byerly James S.
1902 Byerly Martin
1808 Callison James, Sr.
1914 Cameron D. D.
1859 Campbell Isabel
1885 Campbell Rose Anne
1899 Cannaday James H.
1913 Cardwell James R. & Malissa
1844 Chandler Daniel
1848 Churchman Elizabeth
1874 Churchman James L.
1873 Churchman Joseph B.
1850 Clay Rebecca
1842 Clay William
1850 Cody Pierce
1854 Coffee George
1844 Coffman Andrew
1914 Coram John R.
1797 Counce Nicholas, Sr.
1836 Counts Rachel
1903 Crumley William
1859 Curl John T.
1861 Curl Susannah
1906 Dail N. G.
1856 Dalton Carter T.
1903 Dalton David
1834 Dalton Meredith
1909 Dalton Tandy W.
1842 Daniel Joseph
1857 Davidson Malinda
1855 Davis Isaac, Sr.
1910 Davis Sarah E.
1842 DeVault John
1860 Dotson Samuel, Sr.
1914 Duff W. H. H.
1857 Duncum Benjamin
1844 Dyer Anderson T.
1894 Dyer Booker
1844 Dyer Charlton
1871 Dyer Charlton
1840 Dyer George
1826 Dyer James, Sr.
1870 Dyer Thomas
1839 Dyer William
1841 Dyer William
1828 Dyer William, Sr.
1848 Easley Daniel
1907 Easley M. E.
1829 Easley Miller W.
1814 Eaton Jannet
1807 Elliot Benjamin
1912 Evans Jesse
1842 Fields Robert
1817 Finley Leroy
1829 Firestone Eve
1836 Gains Robert
1914 Gammons J. W.
1850 Garretson Job
1846 Gill Thomas
1878 Ginnings G. W., Sr.
1891 Goforth John A.
1850 Goins Daniel
1848 Graham Margaret C.
1889 Greenlee John
1878 Greer William
1859 Haley Claiborne
1852 Hamilton Alexander, Sr.
1829 Hamilton William, Sr.
1879 Hammers Abraham
1846 Hammers Enos
1910 Hammers Robert
1844 Hankins Edward
1886 Hankins James H.
1833 Hankins William, Jr.
1901 Harrell Martha
1830 Harrelson William
1858 Harris Isaac
1867 Harris John
1915 Henderson G. Mc.
1849 Henderson Mary Susan
1846 Henderson Thomas
1849 Henderson William Y.
1849 Hickman John
1900 Hinshaw N. E.
1859 Hodges Edward
1812 Hodgin John
1914 Hooker Elzira
1869 Hopson Caroline
1842 Huddleston Robert
1839 Imes John
1858 Jackson John B.
1848 James William
1814 James William
1812 James William, Sr.
1847 Janeway David
1866 Jarnagin Jeremiah, Sr.
1873 Jarnagin Nelson
1884 Jennings Royal
1874 Johnson Claiborne
1849 Johnson Stephen
1838 Johnson Thomas
Year Surname Given Name(s)
1915 Jones G. W.
1856 Jones James
1910 Jones Samuel
1867 Keirsey Agnes H.
1865 Key Uriah
1912 Lay Jacob, Sr.
1871 Legg Sarah
1858 Lloyd Thomas
1893 Long Elizabeth
1874 Long John, Sr.
1897 Long William P.
1895 Lowe Isaac M.
1888 Lowe Mary Jane
1883 Maget Calvin
1898 Manley Absalom
1901 Maples James B.
1909 Maples Thomas J.
1904 Mason William
1834 Massengill Michael
1866 Massengill Robert
1814 Massengill Solomon
1844 Mayes Dudley
1842 Mayes James
1891 McAnally Jesse C.
1877 McAnally Susan C.
1860 McBee Silas
1910 McCarty J. C.
1912 McConnell Caroline G.
1900 McConnell William
1884 McDaniel Eli
1884 McGinnis Robert
1915 McKinney S. W. & Julia A.
1865 McKinney Seth W.
1902 Meyers Carter
1869 Mills James
1913 Mitchell Araminta
1887 Mitchell Elijah
1895 Mitchell G. B.
1860 Mitchell Greenberry, Sr.
1903 Mitchell Isaac
1915 Mitchell James H.
1899 Mitchell James M.
1868 Mitchell Jubal
1867 Mitchell William
1911 Mitchell William H.
1848 Monroe Robert, Jr.
1836 Monroe Robert, Sr.
1845 Moore Magnes
1914 Moore Melvina
1913 Morrell J. M.
1855 Morris Caroline M.
1829 Moyers Frederic
1903 Moyers Joseph
1890 Mullins Archibald
1834 Mumpower Jonathan
1879 Nance Calvin B.
1907 Nance Mary S.
1914 Nance Reubin D.
1874 Needham Henry
1851 Needham John
1856 Nicely Katherine
1856 Noe John, Sr.
1858 Noe Margaret
1822 Norris Jeremiah
1881 Ogan Peter
1854 Ore Joseph
1895 Overbay Gabriel, Sr.
1911 Parrott A. T.
1873 Parrott Joseph H.
1911 Paschal Alice
1850 Peck Benjamin
1841 Peck Mary
1915 Perrin J. H.
1912 Phillips W. T.
1915 Pierce Mary E.
1855 Powell George
1840 Purkeypile Michael
1898 Read Mary A.
1860 Renfro John
1891 Rich David Nelson
1853 Rich Joseph, Sr.
1899 Roach Drewry & Milly
1873 Roach John
1914 Roberts Elias, Sr.
1834 Satterfield Elizabeth
1848 Satterfield Green B.
1895 Scalf Richard
1840 Scruggs Rufus M.
1907 Shields A. X.
1907 Shields Annie E.
1907 Shields L. H.
1837 Smith Josiah
1854 Smith William C.
1836 Stiffy Ruth
1898 Stone Eleasabeth
1885 Stroud Mary
1894 Stroud Thomas
1876 Sunderland James
1869 Tate David
1891 Tate David A.
1838 Tate David, Sr.
1910 Tate Edward M.
1870 Tate Edward, Sr.
1865 Tate Samuel B.
1899 Tate William B., Sr.
1836 Taylor Daniel, Sr.
1857 Taylor Elizabeth
1911 Taylor Thomas H.
1912 Tomlinson John W.
1907 Tomlinson Thomas
1897 Turley Daniel
1915 Vineyard G. B.
1914 Vineyard Hiram M.
1887 Vineyard Jacob
1914 Vineyard James H.
1903 Vineyard Nancy
1900 Vineyard P.
1914 Vineyard Susan
1849 Waggoner William, Sr.
1859 Watson David
1899 Wells Ellington
1834 West Samuel
1870 West Thomas R., Sr.
1910 Wester Nancy A.
1851 Whiteside Thomas
1806 Widner Lewis
1846 Williams Ethelred
1860 Williams Henry
1838 Williams William
1872 Williamson William
1862 Wolf Adam, Sr.
1854 Wolfenbarger Rebecca
1860 Wright John
1842 Wright Robert L.
1852 Wyrick Phillip
1871 Yates James
1915 Yates William
1874 Zackary Addison

Petition to Sell Land of J. L. Jarnigan, Deceased

By , May 22, 2011

Grainger County Court: Petition to sell land, J G Walker and J D Curl, administrators of J L Jarnigan, dec’d. N R Davis and wife and others, On motion and by order of the court at the July term 1861, it appearing that N R Davis and William N Jarnagin and Newton Jarnagin, three of the defendants in said cause are non-residents of the State of Tennessee, it is ordered that they appear at our next county court to be held for said county at the Courthouse in Rutledge on the first Monday in November, next, then and there to plead, answer or demur to Plantiff’s bill or the same will be taken as confessed by them and set for hearing. R P Moore, Clerk

Source: The Daily Southern Chronicle, Saturday, August 21, 1863

Transcribed by Robert McGinnis and used with his permission.

Index to Wills, 1856-1917

By , May 18, 2011

This list of individuals with Wills microfilmed on LDS Family History Library Film # 968,595 was compiled by Kim Woodhouse while doing personal research. Some corrections were noted below in square brackets ([]) by the Webmistress.

Acuff Harriet

Acuff J H

Acuff Peter

As?ine [Arnwine?] Danl

Atkins John S

Atkins Lewis

Atkins Lewis

Atkin Willis

Bassett W B

Beelen [Beeler] Jacob

Beeler Daniel

Beeler Isaac

Beeler Isaac

Beeler Isaac

Beeler Jacob

Bird Nancy C

Bird Rosa M

Bird Sarah H

Bird William

Bird Woodson

Bozeman J A

Brabson J B

Briscow J W

Bruve D H

Bryan Arthur F

Bryan Joseph

Bryan Nancy

Bullen James

Bullen John

Byely [Byerley] Martin

Byerley James S

Cacke [Cocke] Wm E

Callins [Collins] Dunkin

Cameron D D

Campbell Isbael

Campbell Joseph

Campbell Levi

Cannada Jas H

Cardwell James R

Carl John T

Carmichael James Senr

Carmichael James T

Cate Risben [Reuben]

Churchman J B

Churchman J L

Clark Dorcus

Claud Matilda

Cody W?

Coffey Elijah

Coffey Ira

Collins Needham

Combs Wm ?

Corum John A

Corum Thornton

Creed Tabitha G

Curl Susannah

Dail N G

Daltan Colby

Dalton David

Dalton Elizabeth

Dalton Taudy N

Darting [Darling?] G W

Datton [Dalton] Carter T

Davis Sarah E

Dodson Samuel

Dodson S E P

Duff W H H

Duncomb Benjamin

Dyer Booker

Dyer Charlton

Dyer James Senr

Dyer Thomas

Dyer W B

Easley Mrs. M E

Easley Warham

Ellis Emma

Evans Jesse

Farmer Abedenga

Feguson Ellender

Felps Ann

Fract Jane

Fulton James

Gammon J W

Goforth J A

Goins Daniel

Goins George

Goins Julia

Graham Francis A

Greenlee John

Greer Wm

Grove Malissa G

Grove Susan E

Grove W G

Haferson ?eanaline

Haley Claibours

Hammer Robert

Hammers Abraham

Hams Isaac

Harrill Martha

Harris Jno

Harris John

Hawkins James H

Hazlewood John

Heath Martha Ann

Henderson G Mc

Henshaw Sarah C

Hickman Polly

Hinshaw Anna

Hinshaw N E

Hipsher Jacob

Hipshire Emily

Hissher? [Hipshire] Jane

Hodge Nancy

Hodges Edward

Holder James Alfred

Hooker Elizabet

Hummr? Enos

Jackson J B

Janes James

Jarnagan John

Jarnagin Wm W

Jarnigan C G

Jarnigan Jerimiah

Jarnigin Ailson

Jennings G W

Johnson Claiborn

Jones George W

Jones G W

Jones Saml

Jones Samuel

Jones William

Jraunigo? [Jarnigan] Ray

Keen Davis

Keirsey Agnes H

Kinsey Sarah

Kinslaud William

Kirsey Agness

Kitts Nancy

Kitts Nancy

Laive I M

Laive? L W

Lay Jacob Sr

Lee Henry

Lee Pierson

Legg Sarah

Lloyd Thomas

Lonas Comfort Knox

Long Elizabeth

Long John

Long Wm P

Louderback Alfred

Lowe Mary J

Manley Absolem

Maples J B

Maples T J

Mason William

Massengill Robt

Massengill S S

McAnally Jesse C

McAnally Susan

McBee Sally

McBee Sarah

McBee Silas

McCall Hugh C

McCarty J C

McConnell Caroline

McConnell William


McDaniel Eli

McGinnis Aaron

McGinnis R E

McGunnis [McGinnis] Robert

McKiney Seth

McKiney Seth

McMillin Thomas

Miliken Elihugh

Milligan Jerry

Mills James

Mitchell Arawinta [Araminta]

Mitchell Elijah

Mitchell G B

Mitchell G P

Mitchell Greenbery

Mitchell J H?

Mitchell J S F

Mitchell Jubal?

Mitchell L H

Mitchell W H

Mitchell William

Mitchell Wm

Moody John

Moody John

Moody Thomas B

Moone Jno B

Morrell J B

Morrell J M

Mossengill Robert

Mullins Archibald

Muncy Jese

Myers Joseph

M?ueraham Louis

Nance C B

Nance John

Nance John Jr

Nance Mary S

Nance P P

Nance Reuben D

Neadham Henry

Needham Louisa

Nicely Katharine

Noe John

Noe John Senr

Noe Margaret

Norbon [Norton] George

Parrott A T

Parrott J H

Paschal Alice

Patterson Sarah E

Peck Beu of Joseph Bryan

Perrin J H

Perrin J N

Perry J M

Pierce Mrs Mary E

Pryde John

Read Willie B

Reed Mary A

Renfro John

Roach Absolem

Roach Alfred

Roach D?erory

Roach John

Roberts Elias

Roberts John T

Robertson John

Rucker Ruth

Russell J A

Seymon G B

Shannon Joseph

Shields A X

Shields James T

Shields Miss Annie E

Shields Miss L H

Shipe Jameson

Shirley George A

Shirly Patrick A

Shockley Harriet

Slames ? Jas H

Stone Elizabeth

Stroud Thos

Sullivan W F

Sunderland James

Sunderland Mary C

Talley Wiley & Martha

Tate David

Tate David A

Tate Edward

Tate E M

Tate Samuel

Tate Samuel N

Tate Wm B

Taylor Elizabeth

Taylor Thomas H

Tilley Lewis

Tomlinson John W

Tomlinson Thos

Trotter Elizabeth

Turley David

Vance John

Vineyard ? P

Vineyard G B

Vineyard Hiram

Vineyard Jacob

Vineyard J H

Vineyard John

Vineyard Presbon

Vineyard S C

Vineyard Sterlin & Rosanner

Wagoner Wm L

Walfunborger [Wolfenbarger] Wm

Watson David

Wells Ellington

Wells Ellington

Weslie J B

Weslim ? Pleast

West J T

West Thos

Wester John H

Wester Nancy A

Western W R

Whiteside David

Whiteside David

William Henry

Williams Henry

Williamson William

Wolf Adams

Wolfirelorger [Wolfenbarger] Wm

Word John N

Wright John

Wrijah [Wright?] Keys?

Yates James

Yates William

Zackey Addison

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