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Lt. Col. Lawrence Charles Brinkman, USMC (Ret.)

By , February 24, 2016

Lawrence Charles was born April 24, 1942, in Stafford, Kansas, to Elmer and Eva Brinkman.

Eva Maude Odom was born in in 1907, possibly in Hawkins or Hancock County, the daughter of Sanford Ellis Odom (1888–1946) and  Leona E. Livingston (1883–1945).  The Odom family settled in Noeton by 1910.  Eva (later Marie) graduated from nurses’ training at Fort Sanders Hospital in Knoxville in 1933.  She married Elmer Brinkman, of Kansas, and moved there by 1940.  In 1944, Eva married Guy Kreie in Oklahoma and relocated there.  She died in Oklahoma in 1958.

Lawrence Charles Brinkman

Photo from obituary

Lawrence Brinkman passed away December 21, 2005, in Bakersfield, California. He is survived by his wife of 33 years, Maria Brinkman; daughter and son-in-law, Georgia and Joe Rickard; daughter and son-in-law, Joanna and Chris Byrd; daughter and son-in-law, Jan and Jay Herrmann; daughter and son-in-law, Jenna and Justin Hardin; daughter and son-in-law, Julie and Kynan Chambers; son, John Brinkman; grandchildren, Christopher, Michael, Nicole, Kevin, Alex, Lauren, Malachi, Summer, Trey and Max.

Larry joined the United State Marine Corps in 1960, and the decision to do so went on to pave the path he would follow for the rest of his life. In Vietnam, Larry rose to the rank of Platoon Sergeant in Hotel Company, 2nd Battalion, 9th Marines. He led his men through some of the most intense battles in the Demilitarized Zone in 1966 and 67 against NVA ambushes and the daily sound of artillery. When asked if he was afraid of dying, his reply was No, because I am a Christian.

Larry’s military career continued to flourish after Vietnam. He joined the Officer Candidate School for Military Police and Corrections. Larry went on to run several different military correctional facilities across the United States and abroad. When Larry retired in 1987, he had advanced to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel with the Legion of Merit, two Meritorious Service Awards, two Navy Achievement Awards, served as Chairman of the ACA Military Corrections Committee and was awarded the Austin MacCormick Award by the ACA Military Committee. He also received his Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice Administration from Park College, Missouri and graduated from the prestigious FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia.

As a civilian, Larry continued to serve the public as a warden at numerous state and private correctional facilities across the United States and in Australia. He was also appointed Inspector General for the Department of Public Safety for the state of Hawaii from 1990-1992. In 2001, Larry was given international recognition for his work and dedication when he received the Warden of the Year award before retiring in 2003.

In addition to his successful career as a Marine and Warden, Larry was a family man with a strong sense of tradition and raised his family in the faith of God. He remained passionate throughout life about his health, earning several body-building titles, including “Mr. San Diego” and “Armed Forces Master Champion.” In addition, he was featured in FLEX magazine and made an appearance with Clint Eastwood in Heartbreak Ridge. An avid car enthusiast, Larry took great pride in making his 89 Turbo Trans Am unbeatable and all his cars spotlessly clean.

Larry was a man of great faith, courage, compassion, intelligence, and honor. His personality was so vibrant and warm that his presence, especially his smile, would fill a room the moment he entered. Men and women from many different walks of life and generations consider him a hero, a role model but most importantly a friend. The people who knew him, the country he loved and the world in general are all a little more empty without him. We have all lost a great man and will miss him dearly. Semper Fi.

Visitation for Lawrence Charles Brinkman will be held at Basham Funeral Care (3312 Niles Street) on Thursday, December 29, 2005, from 3:00-9:00 P.M. Funeral services will be held at Kern Christian Center (4701 Gosford Road) on Friday afternoon, December 30, 2005 at 2:00 P.M. Pastor Billy Rash will officiate. For additional service or floral delivery information, please contact Basham Funeral Care at 873-8200. Basham Funeral Care

Published in Bakersfield Californian on Dec. 28, 2005

“Surviving History” — Highly Regarded Book on Harris Family of Bean Station

By , April 18, 2015

Mascaro Book CoverRenowned local historian Robert McGinnis highly recommends Marilyn Mascaro’s book about the family of B. Y. Harris.

Robert said he couldn’t put the book down, and that the research — especially the documentation — was excellent.  So, if you have ancestors in the Bean Station area, this may be of interest.

Click here to learn more about the book (link takes you to

Historic Joseph Cobb House

By , February 13, 2014

House Built in Grainger Six Years After County’s First Settlement

by C. C. Justus

Built only six years after the first settlement in Grainger county, a historic house is now one of the old landmarks in that section.  It was constructed of hewn logs and weatherboard by Joseph Cobb, whose wife was a niece of William Bean, said to have been the first white settler in Tennessee.

Joseph Cobb HouseThe mother of the present register of deeds, J. J. Brady, was born in this house seventy years ago, now it’s part of the burnaby condos for sale, you can get his house by contacting their agency.

Brady and Sheriff J. H. Whitehead, who now live in the house are among the few democrats who have held county offices in Grainger.

Two hundred yards from the house is a giant cedar tree, large enough in pioneer days to hide an Indian, who was shot out with a rifle.

The Beans owned the lands of the historic site.

[Click the image for a larger version.]

Source:  Unidentified newspaper clipping, dated 10 Feb 1924.  Submitted by James Cook.

Collins & Cook Family Record

By , February 13, 2014

JoAnne and Harrell Brogan found several photos, a Bible, and a family record in an old book in a house at Cook School on Indian Creek many years ago.

The items have been donated to the Grainger County Archives.

The book is entitled Memorial Address Life and Character of James A. Garfield President of the United States by James G. Blaine February 27th 1882.  The book was donated to the Grainger County Archives.

Information in the book is in a variety of handwriting styles.  The details are transcribed below:

First page (inside front cover)

State of Tennessee County grainger [sic]

Elizabeth Collins her Book this march [sic] the 26 1886

Sam [?]

Wm H Collins and Martha M. jackson [sic] was maried [sic] march [sic] the 5 day 1884

Wm H Collins was born in the year of our lord 1858 feb [sic] the 16 day

M C H Collins was born in the year olf our lord July the 17 day 1888

Ray Fredric [sic] Cooke [sic] Born Apr 15 1928

Second page (front flyleaf)

Nuton [sic] Franklin Collins was born in the year of our lord 1885 june [sic] the 5 day

William Harrison Collins was born in the year of our lord 1888 january [sic] the 16 day

Eliza Emaline Collins was born in the year of our lord 1891 august [sic] the 12 day

Mary Alus [sic] Collins was born in the year of our lord august [sic] the 16 day 1873

Hayes Jackson Collins was born in the year of our lord 1895 august [sic] the 23 day

Grainger County

Third page (front flyleaf)

Wm H Cook Departed this life January 16 1920

Martha M Cook Deaparted [sic] this life March 5 1896

Lucy E Collins Departed this life Nov 2 1922

Mary E Collins Deciest [sic] July 5 1921

Herald H. Hipshir [sic] Borned Nov. 15, 1927

John T. Dalton Departed this life July 11 1928

Henry Cooke Departed this life July 12 1930

Fourth page (front flyleaf)

Emma Collins was born Aug 12 1891

Madline [sic] dide [sic] January the 7 1907

Wm F Cook dide [sic] march [sic] the 13 1909

Elizabeth Collins dide [sic] february [sic] the 21 1911

Jonathan Cook Departed this life Feb 19 1917

Catherine Cook Departed this life Oct. 16, 1913

Rhoda Cook Departed this life Jan. 11, 1917

Oct [?] 16 1925 Rosa E. Cooke [sic]

Fifth page (front flyleaf)

Jhon [Thom?] R Cooke departed this life March 28 1932

J. A. Singleton Departed this life Aug. 31, 1934

Pretica [?] Anne [?] Cook borned [sic] Jan 11 1933 Middletown, Ohio

Roy Fedric [sic] Cook born April 15, 1928 Middletown Ohio

P R Cooke [sic] Departed this life Sept 9 1939

Herald [sic] H Hipshire Born tuesday [sic] 9.30 oclock Nove. [sic] 15, 1927 Thorn Hill Tennessee

P R Cooke depatrded [sic] this life Sat Sept 9, 1989

John A Collins departeded [sic] this life Jan. 9, 1927

Sixth page (front flyleaf)

John A [O?]

Newt Cooke died June 20, 1942

Emma Hipshir [sic] ” [died] Aug. 3, 1942

Bill Dalton ” [died] Aug 29 1942

George Jackson ” [died] Sept. 6, 1942

Seventh page (reverse of title page?)

Herald H. Hipsher was born Nov. 15, 1927

Eighth page (back flyleaf)

Lizzie E Cook died September 6, 1940

John R Cook died March 27, 1932

William Grant Collins departed this life March 25, 1941

J. W. Stapleton departed this life March 5 1942

Newt Cooke died June 20 1942

Emma Hipsher ” [died] Aug. 3, 1942

Bill Dalton ” [died] Aug. 29, 1942

George Jackson ” [died] Sept. 6, 1942

J. W. Fauqhuer [sic] ” [died] Sept. 22, 1942

Ninth page (back flyleaf)

Rhoda Cook died January the 11 1917

Morgan [?] H Emma C married April 13, 1924

Newton F Cooke [sic] and Mattie Brogan was married Jan. 16, 1937

Birdie Cooke [sic] and A. T. Green was married Feb. 15, 1939

Tenth page (inside back cover)

Nuton [sic] Collins his Book an [sic] his name

State of Tenn Couny [sic] Grainger

Click here to view the original record pages and the Indian Creek Photo Gallery

Elizabeth Cook Collins’ Bible

By , February 13, 2014

JoAnne and Harrell Brogan found several photos, a Bible, and an old book containing a family record in a house at Cook School on Indian Creek many years ago.

The items have been donated to the Grainger County Archives.

An on-line family tree identifies the Bible’s owner as Elizabeth Rader Koch (Cook), born 20 Jun 1830 in Morganton, Burke Co., North Carolina; died 07 Jan 1912 in Grainger County.  She married Jesse Collins on 09 January 1853 in Hancock County.  He was killed in the Civil War.

The family information page from the Bible is transcribed below:

Elizabeth Collenses Bible February the 1st day 1855 (could be 1856)

Jonathan Riley Collens was Born December the 29th 1855 (corrected)

Mary Elizabeth was Born December the 4 1857

William Henry C was Born February the 16th 1859

Peter Rosancrants Collens was born Augusth [sic] the 19th 1862

Click here to view the original Bible page and the Indian Creek Photo Gallery

Cook, Collins & Mystery Photos from Indian Creek

By , February 13, 2014

JoAnne and Harrell Brogan found several photos a family Bible in a house at Cook School on Indian Creek many years ago.

They appear to be from descendants, relatives, and friends of William F. Cook, Elizabeth Cook Collins, Jonathan Cook, and others.

The items have been donated to the Grainger County Archives.

If you can identify anyone in the photos, please Contact Us (link in menu at right).

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Marriage of William Burges and Mrs. Abigail Fields (1850)

By , February 11, 2014

The following marriage notice appeared in the March 27, 1850, issue of the Raleigh Register newspaper in Raleigh, NC.  Capt. William BURGES, age 79, married Mrs. Abigail FIELDS, age 82, in Raleigh.  The Rev. B. K. Cunningham performed the ceremony.


Contributed by Taneya Koonce.

Mrs. Sarah Ann Darting of Rutledge, 113 Years Old in 1946

By , February 4, 2014

A policy of always being “up and doing” enabled her to attain her present age, says Mrs. Sarah Ann Darting (Granny Dutton), near Rutledge, who was registered for a sugar ration book as being 113 years old.

Records to indicate her exact age are not available, but her family and friends declare it is well established that she is well over 100 years of age.  The family Bible has the birth of her late husband, John Darting, as Jan. 9, 1822.  The date was written in purple ink (pokeberry juice) with a goose quill.

Though Mrs. Darting is only 28 miles from Knoxville, she has not been there since she passed through the city in a covered wagon when she was a small child “going from Virginy to Alabam.”

A daughter and granddaughter have tried to persuade her to accompany them to Knoxville in their automobiles but she said she didn’t have time as she had “to be up and doing.”

She recalls that a sister died on the covered wagon trip from Virginia to Alabama and was buried on Lookout Mountain.

Mrs. Darting came to Grainger County from Sullivan County 75 years ago as a bride, and still has seed potatoes from slips she brought with her.

She began housekeeping near where she now lives.  Later she bought a small tract of land, paying $300 purchase price in cash which she carried in a flour sack, with no coin higher than a 50-cent piece included in the total.

Mrs. Darting remembered how she saved the money for the land from income she obtained through washing clothes at 25 cents a day and selling dried fruit at two to three cents a pound, and occasionally selling eggs and other farm products.

When she moved 60 years ago to the house where she now lives, she continued to walk from two to five miles and wash at 25 cents a day until a short time ago.

She attributes her long life to the fact that she had to be “up and doing” and to keeping her feet “warm and dry.”

Always she has worn brogans and homemade wool stockings.

Now, her chief joy is the companionship of a dog given her 10 years ago by a grandson and a chicken given her at Easter by a granddaughter.

Source unidentified.  The newspaper clipping was found in the “Grainger County” vertical files at McClung Collection.

World War II Veterans’ Histories

By , January 24, 2014

In 1996, the Tennessee State Library and Archives began collecting information about World War II veterans.  The information is kept for research and learning purposes at the state archives.

Many World War II veterans’ records were lost when a federal building in St. Louis burned in the 1970’s.   The State Library & Archives recognized the need for an information survey to replace those records.   A similar project for the state’s Civil War veterans provided a unique window into the past.

Participation was sought from veterans who were living in Tennessee at the time of WWII or who resided in the state in 1996.   Relatives were encouraged to complete forms for deceased veterans.

Commenting on the project, former State Librarian Edwin S. Gleaves said, “Ths project exists to honor the memory and valor of service by the veterans of Tennessee while preserving that legacy for future generations.  The contributions of all our veterans, men and women, are important in the history of Tennessee and the U. S.”

Approximately 7,500 questionnaires were returned.  They are contained in Record Group 237, which is divided into five series:

  • Series I contains approximately 7,500 completed questionnaires arranged alphabetically.
  • Series II consists of photographs, copies of veterans’ discharge/separation papers, diaries and memoirs, clippings, books, and related military service materials.
  • Series III contains donor agreements that transfer ownership of supplemental materials to TSLA.
  • Series IV is the office files of the project coordinator.
  • Series V has a small file of World War II questionnaires from an earlier survey.

Click here to view the detailed Finding Aid for this record group (in PDF format).

Byrd/Noe Family Reunion

By , December 19, 2012

From the Standard Banner newspaper calendar:

The descendants of Abraham Bird (1845-1913) and Sarah Catherine Noe Bird (1846-1903), of Grainger County, will gather for a reunion on Saturday, October 29 (2011).  The reunion will begin at 11 a.m. with lunch being served at noon at the old New Market School cafeteria.

Abraham and Sarah’s children included John Preston Byrd, Airy C. Byrd, Mary Nancy Byrd, Samuel M. Byrd, Rachel Adeline Byrd, David A. Byrd, Catherine Byrd, George W. Byrd, and James Lee. Byrd.

All relatives are invited to attend and bring a covered dish and drinks.  Plates, napkins, flatware, and cups will be provided.  Family members are also encouraged to bring family history and photos.

For more information or directions, call Kim at (865) 924-7082.

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