Dr. John Blair’s Estate Inventory, 1820

Inventory of Doctor Blair’s estate [written on outside of packet]

April the 22d, 1820 —

An Inventory of the Amount of the Sail of the Personel Estate of Docter John Blair Decd

Joseph Cobb one Black Horse at David Bollings Bid — $45.00

Pharaoh B. Cobb first and second volumes of Mosses Universel Georgraphy at David Bollings bid — 0:8.50

Docter William Couke [?] 2 Volume Western [?] Anattomy — 05.00

Pharaoh B. Cobb one Greek Lexicon at David Bollings Bid — 03:6-1/4

Pharaoh B. Cobb Forgersons lectors [?] at Joseph Cobbs bid 3 Volums — 0.6.50

Joseph Cobb one trunk one Razer Shaving Box and head Brush — 07.00

Elizabeth Cobb one Feather Bed sted & furniture at David Bollings Bid — 30:00

Stephen Cocke one stone Ink Stand — paid — 00:50

Returned to Court by Pharaoh B. Cobb Administrator of the Estate of Doctor John Blair Decd

Pharaoh B. Cobb
Administrator of the Estate of Docter John Blair Decd

Pharaoh B. Cobb 1820 [different handwriting]

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