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Grainger County Veterans of World War I

By , May 18, 2011

This list of Grainger Countians who served in World War I was compiled by the Tennessee State Library & Archives.  The page references in this table are to the original volume in Record Group 36.  Additional details about each veteran are available in records held at TSLA.  Click here to learn more.

Last Name First Name Age or DOB Birth Place Notes Page
Acuff Allen V. 23 Grainger Co., TN 1
Acuff Arthur 24 Powder Springs, TN 1
Acuff Ethan E. 21 Washburn, TN 1
Acuff Hardin 1889 Power Springs, TN 1
Acuff James T. 27 Washburn, TN Dead 41
Acuff Owen R. 27 Grainger Co., TN 1
Acuff Torance A. 1896 Washburn, TN 1
Acuff Willie Clair 1894 Washburn, TN 1
Adams Lee J. 1887 Grainger Co., TN 1
Adams William 1896 Hancock Co., TN 2
Allen Henry C. 23 Idol, TN 2
Anderson Edward M. 23 Lee Springs, TN 2
Arnwine Daniel L. 1896 Liberty Hill, TN 2
Atkins Floy 1891 Powder Springs, TN 2
Atkins Gabe H. 24 Grainger Co., TN 2
Atkins Guy 1899 Tate Springs, TN 2
Atkins Samuel 23 Powder Springs, TN 2
Atkins William, Jr. 22 Idol, TN 3
Bailey Richmond P. 1896 Bakersville, NC 3
Baley Frank 26 Grainger Co., TN Deserted 53
Barnard Henry C. 22 Tazewell, TN Wounded 39
Bates Grover 29 Grainger Co., TN 3
Bates James H. 37 Rutledge, TN 3
Beeler Ambers B. 29 Grainger Co., TN 3
Beeler Bose 1896 Washburn, TN 3
Beeler Charles Lilard 26 Sailor 46
Beeler Daniel S. 27 Washburn, TN 3
Beeler Robert Verlin 24 Sailor 46
Beeler Silas E. 1896 Grainger Co., TN 3
Beets Jenkins P. 1889 Noeton, TN 3
Beets Walter B. 1894 Noeton, TN 3
Berry Horace M. 25 Maynordsville, TN 4
Biddle Frank W. 25 Rutledge, TN 4
Biddle Joseph E. 21 Rutledge, TN Wounded 39
Bishop Robert Taylor 1896 Grainger Co., TN Dead 41
Brabson Thomas 21 Joppa, TN 4
Bradshaw Ben 1895 Blainville, TN 4
Bradshaw Clarence 19 Grainger Co., TN 4
Bray Charles A. 30 Grainger Co., TN 4
Bray John E. 22 Grainger Co., TN 4
Brewer John Allison 22 Grainger Co., TN 5
Brock Walter S. 1895 Grainger Co., TN 5
Brown Garret 1895 Joppa, TN 5
Brown George H. 1896 Strawl, TN 5
Brown John Wells 18 Sailor 46
Brown Ralph 27 Joppa, TN Wounded 39
Bullen Elbert L. 29 Grainger Co., TN 5
Bullin Prior 1896 Grainger Co., TN 5
Bunch Fred E. 1896 Claiborne Co., TN 5
Bunch Joe 1898 Grainger Co., TN Dead 41
Bunch Simon 22 Claiborne Co., TN 5
Cabage Cornelius Bliss 1894 Liberty Hill, TN Officer, USA 43
Cabbage Claudius H. 27 Liberty Hill, TN 6
Cabbage Victor 1885 Liberty Hill, TN Officer, USA 43
Cabbage Willis H. 25 Liberty Hill, TN 6
Cameron Horace C. 24 Rutledge, TN 6
Cameron Hugh 1889 Grainger Co., TN 6
Cameron Jesse James 1896 Grainger Co., TN 6
Cameron Lon C. 21 Talbott, WV 6
Cameron Lonas Hickel 25 Sailor 46
Campbell Ap. 1889 Idol, TN 6
Campbell Charles 1894 Grainger Co., TN 6
Campbell John W. 27 Rutledge, TN 7
Campbell Jospeh(sic) B. 1896 Sneedville, TN 7
Campbell Orville 21 Walkers Ford, TN 7
Canada Judson 24 Lutrell, TN 7
Capps William C. 1897 Grainger Co., TN 7
Capps Willie 22 Liberty Hill, TN 7
Carmichael Martin L. 23 Blaineville, TN 7
Carmichael Robert Duncan 20 Sailor 47
Carpenter William M. 21 Sneedville, TN 7
Clapp James P. 25 Washburn, TN 8
Clark Henry C. 23 Washburn, TN 8
Clement Hugh Tillman 1892 Grainger Co., TN Dead 41
Clevenger Riley R. 1896 Rutledge, TN 8
Cockrum William Orlando 21 Sailor 47
Coffey Benjamin Adam 1896 Idol, TN 8
Coffey Grover C. 28 Grainger Co., TN 8
Coffey James M. 28 Grainger Co., TN 8
Coffey William T. 24 Idol, TN 8
Collins Clyde B. 1896 Rutledge, TN 8
Collins Ernest E. 24 Grainger Co., TN 9
Collins Harrison 25 Idol, TN Wounded 39
Collins Henry S. 1894 Grainger Co., TN 9
Collins James Everett 1896 Grainger Co., TN 9
Collins Javan H. 31 Idol, TN 9
Collins Peter 1894 Claiborne Co., TN 9
Combs George Arvis 1895 Rutledge, TN 9
Combs Haskell A. 1892 Oakland, TN 9
Condry Eugene 29 Idol, TN 9
Cook Hayes 22 Idol, TN 9
Corpening William S. 22 Hartland, NC 10
Cowan Robert Swexson 1892 Knoxville, TN Officer, USA 43
Cruze William F. 29 Rutledge, TN 10
Dailey Alvin 27 Rutledge, TN 10
Dailey Franklin 1897 Rutledge, TN 10
Dailey McKineley 1895 Knoxville, TN 10
Dalton George Samuel 21 Sailor 47
Dalton John H. 26 Idol, TN 10
Dalton John L. 25 Idol, TN 10
Dalton John Willis 1896 Idol, TN 10
Dalton Simeon 28 Grainger Co., TN 10
Dalton Tilman Harrison 1894 Washburn, TN 11
Daniel Basil E. 23 Tate, TN 11
Daniel Clem B. 25 Tate, TN 11
Daniel Ellis P. 23 Grainger Co., TN 11
Daniel John Samuel 1896 Lone Mountain, TN 11
Davis Herbert E. 22 Maynardville, TN 11
Davis Homer 1896 Rutledge, TN 11
Davis Hubert Edwin 1889 Blaineville, TN 11
Davis John E. 1897 Indian Ridge, TN 11
Davis Willis Carl 1896 Jefferson Co., TN 12
Dean Claude R. 21 Crenshaw, AL 12
Dennis John E. 22 Jefferson City, TN 12
Dixon Toba 1895 Rutledge, TN 12
Dotson Herman 25 Tate, TN 12
Doyal Fred J. 1895 Noeton, TN 12
Dunn Sheridan 1893 Grainger Co., TN 12
Dyer Omer Owen 22 Sailor 47
Dyer Vasco Condin 1897 Union Co., TN 12
Edwards Brown 1896 Luther, TN 12
Emert Hugh M. 25 Jefferson City, TN 13
Epperson Charles T. 23 Idol, TN 13
Farmer Charles A. 1894 Rutledge, TN 13
Farmer Daniel 29 Idol, TN 13
Farmer Horace 27 Grainger Co., TN 13
Farrar Everette B. 24 Rutledge, TN 13
Farrow Arnold J. 22 Grainger Co., TN 13
Floyd King J. 22 Rutledge, TN 13
Frazier Frank S. 1896 Grainger Co., TN Dead 41
Frye Lloyd L. 1888 Liberty Hill, TN 13
Frye Robert Dudley 1896 Liberty Hill, TN 14
Fulks Wilbur D. 34 Greene Co., TN 14
Galyon James 25 Rutledge, TN 14
Garrett Hiram Wolfe 22 Sailor 48
Garrett William M. 1896 Tate, TN 14
Gilbert William H. 20 Straw Plains, TN 14
Goin James 22 Tazewell, TN 14
Goin James 22 Tazewell, TN 14
Goins Herman 21 Grainger Co., TN 14
Goins Morton 1888 Idol, TN 14
Goode William H. Rutledge, TN 14
Greeding Wiley F. 1897 Grainger Co., TN 4
Green Jessie C. 1896 Treadway, TN 15
Green Rilay Luther 21 Sailor 48
Greenlee Ernest C. 1896 Rutledge, TN 15
Greenlee Horace Maynard 20 Sailor 48
Greenlee Jesse 21 Sailor 48
Greenlee Jesse M. 1897 Rutledge, TN 15
Griffin Bert 1897 Rutledge, TN 15
Griffith Olen V. 23 Grainger Co., TN 15
Grimes George Elmer 1897 Joppa, TN 15
Hammack James P. 25 Liberty Hill, TN 15
Hammer Bernie Wallace 18 Sailor 48
Hammer James Albert 22 Rutledge, TN Dead 41
Harbin Granville 1895 Grainger Co., TN 15
Harbin McPherson 23 Grainger Co., TN Deserted 53
Harrell James Clyde 1895 Claiborne Co., TN 15
Harrell Napoleon B. 27 Noeton, TN 16
Harrell Otis 1895 Noeton, TN 15
Harris Marion Lee 25 Noeton, TN 16
Harvey Robert 23 Hancock Co., TN 16
Harvey Samuel T. 21 Grainger Co., TN 16
Hayes William 19 Grainger Co., TN 16
Hayworth Melvin C. 24 Blaineville, TN 16
Hedge Sam C. 26 Noeton, TN 16
Heim Andrew U. 21 Rutledge, TN 17
Helton Ernest K. 26 Grainger Co., TN 17
Helton Herbert 19 Washburn, TN Deserted 53
Henry Dale M. 24 Grainger Co., TN 17
Henry Doyle Cullen 1897 Idol, TN 17
Henry Ex Arnold 1896 Rutledge, TN 17
Henry Uret 30 Grainger Co., TN 17
Higgs Claude E. 22 Joppa, TN 17
Higgs John P. 25 Grainger Co., TN Dead 42
Hinshaw Henry G. 21 Grainger Co., TN 17
Hipsher Bryan 1897 Idol, TN 18
Hipsher Garrett 21 Grainger Co., TN 18
Hipsher Lee 1890 Grainger Co., TN 18
Hipsher Sherman 22 Idol, TN 18
Hodge Bert 29 Washburn, TN 18
Hodges Thomas A. 29 Tate Springs, TN Dead 42
Hodges William McKinley 21 Sailor 48
Hoffner Walter Blackburn 1896 Rutledge, TN 18
Holder Buford 18 Grainger Co., TN 18
Huff John Harrison 1874 Sevier Co., TN Officer, USA 43
Hughes Joseph A. 35 Luville, TN 18
Hurst Floied J. 21 Washburn, TN 19
Hurst George Rector 26 Claiborne Co., TN 19
Idol Jacob Herschel 1889 Grainger Co., TN Officer, USA 44
Ingram Fred Jackson 23 Sailor 49
Janeway Joseph Leslie Lee 1894 Grainger Co., TN 19
Jarnagin William F. 1894 Joppa, TN 19
Jenkins James R. 19
Johnson George F. 1897 Hancock Co., TN 19
Johnson James Andrew 1896 Powder Springs, TN 20
Johnson Mack 21 Grainger Co., TN 20
Jones Coran K. 25 Liberty Hill, TN 20
Jones William R. 29 Grainger Co., TN 20
Joyce Jesse Orvell 1896 Rutledge, TN 20
Keck James L. 23 Powder Springs, TN Dead 42
Kee Frederick 1894 Rutledge, TN 20
Kee William E. 1897 Rutledge, TN 20
Kelley Benjamin Elbert 18 Sailor 49
Kenley Charles A. 23 Rogersville, TN 20
Kidwell John McKinley 21 Sailor 49
Kingsolver Ernest C. 27 Washburn, TN 21
Kitts Herman Hughes 1897 Grainger Co., TN 21
Kitts Hubert 21 Powder Springs, TN Wounded 39
Kitts Robert J. 1894 Maynardsville, TN 21
Knight Fred 21 Rutledge, TN 21
Kyle Rube 1889 Rutledge, TN 21
Lamb James N. 1893 Hancock Co., TN 21
Lamb Roby H. 29 Hancock Co., TN 21
Lamb William T. 27 Hancock Co., TN 21
Lambdin James Hubert 1893 Powder Springs, TN 21
Lambdin Jerry Elmer 1889 Rutledge, TN 21
Lampkin Henry H. 22 Rutledge, TN 22
Lea Harry L. 1897 Joppa, TN 22
Ledgerwood Fred F. 18 Rutledge, TN 22
Lee Charles 21 Grainger Co., TN 22
Long Clarence 1895 Rutledge, TN 22
Long Edward P. 1894 Tate Springs, TN 22
Long Willie W. 29 Grainger Co., TN 22
Majors James B. 24 Grainger Co., TN 23
Mallicoat Joel 22 Grainger Co., TN 23
Manley Hobart Leslie 21 Sailor 49
Maples Charles D. 1896 Rutledge, TN 23
Maples Luther 22 Rutledge, TN 23
Mayes George A. 24 Grainger Co., TN 24
Mayo William A. 21 Robertson Co., TN 24
Mays James H. 22 Rutledge, TN 24
McAnally Irl K. 1888 Grainger Co., TN 22
McDaniel William Rubert 1892 Rutledge, TN 22
McDonald Barnie Langford 1879 Huntsville, TN Officer, USA 44
McElhaney George D. 19 Rutledge, TN 22
McGhee Carl Lee 1896 Rutledge, TN 23
McGhee Paul 1897 Tate Springs, TN 23
McGinis John H. 1895 Rutledge, TN 23
McGinnis Pryor 1896 Rutledge, TN 23
Mckinney Bernard S. 1896 Leas Spring, TN 23
Merritt James R. 30 Washburn, TN 24
Mills Charley 1897 Hancock, TN 24
Mills George 1892 Hancock Co., TN 24
Mills John 1897 Hancock Co., TN 24
Mincy Elbert 1897 Liberty Hill, TN 24
Mitchell Frederic E. 30 Blaineville, TN 24
Moody Hugh Frank 1893 Rutledge, TN 25
Moore Robert Jennings 1896 Straw Plains, TN 25
Moore Roy S. 26 Moorsburg, TN 25
Morgan Thurl 22 Rutledge, TN 25
Morgan William Alonzo 1897 Grainger Co., TN 25
Mullins Burlie C. 1895 Powder Spring, TN 25
Munsey James H. 23 Liberty Hill, TN 25
Munsey Jerry 31 Grainger Co., TN 25
Murph Lewis 25 Rutledge, TN 26
Myers George Herman 1896 Grainger Co., TN 26
Nicely Alonzo C. 23 Washburn, TN 26
Noe Henry Burl 1897 Noeton, TN 26
Noe Roy 23 Taitestine, TN 26
Norvell Henry Oren 23 Sailor 49
Odom Hiram H. 21 Grainger Co., TN 26
Odom James A. 1887 Charlotte, NC 26
Ogle LeRoy 24 Morgan Co., TN 26
Olofsson Olof N. 1893 Knoxville, TN 27
Owen Oliver Francis 28 Haywood Co., NC 27
Owens John Claud 1891 Rutledge, TN 27
Owens Orville Lee 1890 Rutledge, TN 27
Patterson Charlie 1886 Rutledge, TN 27
Patterson Clarence 1897 Grainger Co., TN 27
Patterson Clyde M. 25 Grainger Co., TN 27
Patterson Thomas Franklin 1894 Grainger Co., TN 27
Pemberton Charlie Spurgeon 1897 Rutledge, TN Marine 45
Perrow Wade Hampton 1896 Walton, TN 28
Peters Kinard 1894 Sneedville, TN 28
Phillips Hugh K. 21 Rutledge, TN 28
Pigg William Marion 1897 Knox Co., TN 28
Proctor Herman Bascom 1895 Liberty Hill, TN 28
Proctor John H. 24 Grainger Co., TN 28
Proffitt Calvin Augustus 23 Sailor 50
Ralen Creed 22 Crosby, TN 28
Renfro John Wallace 1897 Grainger Co., TN 28
Rich Bruce John 26 Tate, TN 28
Rich John H. 22 Noeton, TN 28
Rich Mack 22 Noeton, TN 29
Ritter Boyd Edward 22 Sailor 50
Ritter Enoch L. 1893 Washburn, TN 29
Roach Carl 24 Grainger Co., TN 29
Roach Ernest Sylvanis 22 Lee Springs, TN 29
Roach Geo V. 23 Rutledge, TN 29
Roach Robert T. Rutledge, TN 29
Roberts Arnold 1897 Grainger Co., TN 29
Roberts William O. 25 Grainger Co., TN 29
Russell William R. 1896 Treadway, TN 30
Samsel Herbert W. 25 Tate, TN 30
Satterfield James P. 21 Grainger Co., TN Wounded 39
Satterfield Lloyd 1897 Liberty Hill, TN 30
Satterfield William L. C. 27 Grainger Co., TN 30
Scarce Marshall Sherman 22 Sailor 50
Schultz Earl Kidwell 1892 May Springs, TN 30
Seal Robert O. 23 30
Seymour Herbert T. 1897 Chesney(?) Co., TN 30
Seymour LeRoy L., Jr. 1896 Liberty Hill, TN 30
Sherer Charlie 1887 Lynchburg, VA 31
Sheridan Lewis E. 1895 Maynardsville, TN 31
Shields Arthur Joseph 20 Sailor 50
Shockely Theopolis 21 Idol, TN 31
Shockley Morris 1891 Idol, TN 31
Shropshire Arthur Bradley 21 Sailor 50
Sinard Hobart 22 Noeton, TN Dishonorable 


Singleton Oscar 25 Grainger Co., TN 31
Skeen Herman Elmore 1897 Luttrell, TN 31
Slatton Grover 27 Claiborne Co., TN 31
Slatton Robert E. 24 Grainger Co., TN 31
Smith Clyde V. 23 Knoxville, TN 32
Smith Joseph 24 Jefferson Co., TN Wounded 40
Smith Raymon S. 25 Powder Springs, TN Wounded 40
Smith Wesley Guy 1897 Rutledge, TN 32
Smith William 1895 Blainville, TN 32
Spencer Don Allison 1897 Henrietta, TX Officer, USA 44
Spoon Pryor Elmer 27 Rutledge, TN 32
Staley William A. 27 Grainger Co., TN 32
Stalsworth Henry 1897 Grainger Co., TN 32
Stewart Lee C. 1895 Jappo, TN 32
Stewart Lewis 1892 Joppa, TN 32
Stratton Willie 23 Rutledge, TN Dead 42
Stubblefield Lewis C. 28 Turleys Mill, TN 32
Suffridge Sill R. 21 Liberty Hill, TN 33
Talley Frank 23 Grainger Co., TN 33
Tate William H. 1896 Rutledge, TN 33
Taylor Grover 21 Sailor 51
Taylor Olbart F. L. 23 Pennsylvania Co., TN(?) 33
Thomas Horace 25 Grainger Co., TN 33
Tidwell Robert S. 28 Grainger Co., TN 33
Travis David 1891 Jefferson City, TN 33
Tunmire William D. 20 Hancock Co., TN 33
Turner Earl W. 25 Grainger Co., TN 34
Vann J. Edgar 22 Rutledge, TN 34
Vaughn Chas. Trophas 1894 Treadway, TN 34
Vaughn Sterlin 22 Idol, TN Dead 42
Vineyard Arthur 1887 Knoxville, TN 34
Vittetoe Joel Rector 1891 Washburn, TN 34
Waddell Leroy 25 Paint Rock, NC 34
Waldroop John Aubrey 30 Sailor 51
Walker Spurgeon 1897 Grainger Co., TN 34
Wallace James G. 1899 Idol, TN 34
Waller James Vallen 23 Washburn, TN 34
Welch Herbert 1897 Grainger Co., TN 34
Welch James William 27 Sailor 51
Welch Leslie 23 TN 35
Wester Robert Clem 1897 Tate, TN 35
Whitehead James H. 28 Grainger Co., TN 35
Whiteside Mack 1895 Tate, TN 35
Wilder John E. 1891 Morristown, TN 35
Wilder William 27 Hancock Co., TN Wounded 40
Wilfe John Torrence 1891 Grainger Co., TN 36
Wilfenbarger Parlin Alfred 23 Idol, TN 36
Williams Earnest 30 Crosby, TN Wounded 40
Williams Enoch Houston 1896 Liberty Hill, TN 35
Williams Horace 1896 Jefferson Co., TN 35
Williams Joseph C. 23 Jefferson Co., TN 35
Williams Roy B. 1896 Rutledge, TN 36
Wilmath John 22 Idle, TN 36
Wilmot Burl H. 22 Rutledge, TN 36
Windom Clifton Guin 29 Noeton, TN 36
Wolfenbarger Charles Andy 27 Grainger Co., TN 37
Wolfenbarger Joseph R. 1888 Washburn, TN 36
Wolfenberger Earnest 1897 Grainger Co., TN 36
Worthington John 27 Sailor 51
Wright Frank T. 22 Tate, TN 37
Wright Garet H. 1897 Jefferson City, TN 37
Wright Henry C. 22 Jefferson City, TN 37
Wright James S. Grainger Co., TN Dead 42
Wright Thompson 1895 Idol, TN 37
Wright Will 1889 Yorkville, SC 37
Yadon Oscar L. 29 Liberty Hill, TN 37
Yates Fred 1891 Rutledge, TN 37
Yates Rutherford 1895 Rutledge, TN 38
Young Isaac Leroy 19 Sailor 52
Young Richard 29 Idol, TN 38
Zachary Hubert L. 23 Powder Springs, TN 38

Confederate Pension Applications

By , May 18, 2011

This list of Grainger Countians’ pension applications based on Confederate service during the Civil War was compiled by the Tennessee State Library & Archives.  The pension files are available on microfilm there.

Pensions:    S = Soldier’s pension           W = Widow’s pension          C = Colored pension

Soldier Name Pension # Unit or Widow
Acuff, Albert S880 26th Inf.
Acuff, John W3326 Acuff, Betsy Emeline
Allen, Robert S2595 9th Bn. (Day’s) Cav.
Allen, Robert W1515 Allen, Vesta
Atkinson, Ben F. S11480 60th Inf.
Atkinson, Ben F. W9469 Atkinson, Cordelia Marcella
Atkinson, James S. S12332 60th Inf.
Barnard, P. B. S4516 5th Cav.
Beeler, Jacob W5881 Beeler, Lucinda Ellender
Berkely, James W. S10955 22nd Va. Bn. Inf.
Berkley, J. W. W4234 Berkley, Mary A.
Blair, Jacob W1393 Blair, Cornelia
Boiles, Jasper W755 Boiles, Naomi E.
Bowers, Thomas S5061 Undetermined
Braaks, Rolin S5881 26th Inf.
Brady, Gilford L. W4001 Brady, Alvarez
Brewer, Anderson S4414 29th Inf.
Brooks, C. B. S8019 3rd (Lillard’s) Mtd. Inf.
Brooks, Rolin S718 26th Inf.
Bruce, D. H. S13400 51st Va. Inf.
Bullen, William S4949 & S3217 37th Inf.
Bullen, William W2261 Bullen, Vina J.
Bunch, David S7530 1st (Carter’s) Cav.
Bunch, David W10930 Bunch, Rebecca
Bunch, Martin S11441 29th Inf.
Burchell, John G. S1349 37th Inf.
Calton, John W. W1773 Calton, Jane
Cardwell, James R. S4217 26th Inf.
Cardwell, James R. W4278 Cardwell, Malissie
Cleveland, A. M. S2932 1st (Carter’s) Cav.
Coffey, Ira S534 26th Inf.
Coffey, John S9188 12th Bn. (Day’s) Cav.
Collins, Griffin S10883 26th Inf.
Collins, Noble W2678 Collins, Jellina
Cooper, Harpeth L. W6157 Cooper, Sarah E.
Cooper, Jonathan N. B. S11362 59th Mtd. Inf.
Crews, J. W. W5040 Crews, Emily
Crews, John W. S10426 37th Inf.
Crosby, George W. W5015 Crosby, Francis E.
Cunningham, Ediom S9322 37th Inf.
Dalton, Colby S6347 26th Inf.
Dalton, Harram S10318 59th Inf.
Dalton, N. P. S10778 12th Bn. (Day’s) Cav.
Dalton, Reuben S506 37th Inf.
Dalton, W. H. S7279 26th Inf.
Dalton, William Nelson W2775 Dalton, Elizabeth
DeVault, Pryor H. W812 DeVault, Mary
Devoult, Prior H. S835 Undetermined
Dixon, Pleasant S4649 18th N.C. Inf.
Dixon, Pleasant W3312 Dixon, Margaret C.
Dotson, Charles W302 Dotson, Mary
Dotson, David N. S418 37th Inf.
Dotson, Joel C. S3201 3rd (Lillard’s) Mtd. Inf.
Dotson, W. B. S2903 12th Inf.
Ellis, Pryor F. W5239 Ellis, Cordelia V.
Farmer, J. H. S11768 1st (Carter’s) Cav.
Foelden, William R. W185 Foelden, Martha
Foster, I. T. S15958 5th Bn. Va. Reserves.
Freeman, Christian S14695 1st (Carter’s) Cav.
Freeman, John W6316 Freeman, Rosamond
Gaines, R. K. S2953 59th Inf.
Gaines, Thomas E. S8535 13th Cav.
Gaines, Thomas Elvin W4357 Gaines, Martha
Garrett, Noah Missing File Regiment not given
Gill, William T. W36 Gill, Elizabeth P.
Godwin, John P. W4017 Godwin, Susan
Goins, G. W. S8686 26th Inf.
Goins, George W. W4066 Goins, Liddie J.
Gray, Pleasant J. W329 Gray, Martha A.
Green, William C. S927 26th Inf.
Greer, John M. W4380 Greer, Mahala
Grossclose, Solomon S3061 4th Va. Inf.
Hammock, Sterling S207 26th Inf.
Hammock, William S2185 1st Cav.
Harrell, Calvin S. S9755 12th Cav.
Harrell, Calvin Scot W3443 Harrell, Martha
Harvey, Thomas S2921 12th Cav.
Hayes, Barnet S684 26th Inf.
Hayes, Barnett W4936 Hayes, Ruthy M.
Hayes, H. E. S7153 2nd (Ashby’s) Cav.
Hayes, Henderson E. W5822 Hayes, Angeline
Hayes, Robertson W3178 Hayes, Lydia
Heacker, W. J. S13836 2nd (Ashby’s) Cav.
Hill, Alfred H. S6808 31st Inf.
Hipsher, George S416 Undetermined
Hipsher, George W. S1357 12th Cav.
Hipsher, George Washington W838 Hipsher, Nancy M.
Hipsher, William L. W6787 Hipsher, Delpha
Hodge, James S8207 7th Cav.
Hodges, W. B. S8030 26th Inf.
Jarnigan, Aaron W595 Jarnigan, Nancy
Johnson, James R. S6695 19th Inf.
Johnson, James R. W6340 Johnson, Elizabeth Ann
Johnson, W. T. W8160 Johnson, Sallie J.
Johnson, William T. S14799 2nd (Ashby’s) Cav.
Jones, Isaac S12489 45th Va. Inf.
Jorden, Jackson S10704 12th Bn. (Day’s) Cav.
Kingsalver, John W748 Kingsalver, Malinda J.
Kirkham, William J. S11835 59th Inf.
Kitts, John S2843 26th Inf.
Kitts, John W7427 Kitts, Vina
Lakins, W. M. S536 26th Inf.
Lathim, Claiborne W. S1039 20th Inf.
Lawrence, James W4163 Lawrence, Mary
Lipps, Jacob W. S14207 10th Ky. Mtd. Inf.
Livingston, G. W. S14257 62nd N.C. Inf.
Loftice, Warren S2602 59th Inf.
Long, Daniel W. S9623 59th Inf.
Long, John S12175 2nd (Ashby’s) Cav.
Long, John W8389 Long, Sarah A.
Long, John W989 Long, Susanna E.
Long, Robert L. S14969 59th Inf.
Lowe, A. T. S5172 2nd (Ashby’s) Cav.
Lowe, J. M. S10088 59th Inf.
Lowe, John M. W6924 Lowe, Angie L.
Majors, James P. W605 Majors, Sarah
Mallicoat, J. D. S9119 37th Inf.
Mallicoat, John Daniel W5364 Mallicoat, Rachel M.
Mason, John S1215 19th Inf.
McBee, John W. S2488 22nd (Barteau’s) Cav.
McClarty, J. C. S204 59th Inf.
McConnell, Isaac S2979 16th Bn., (Neal’s) Cav.
McConnell, Sam H. S10205 16th Bn., Cav.
McGoldrick, Thomas S10419 37th Inf.
McMiller, Alvis S15319 1st (Carter’s) Cav.
Meek, W. H. W1527 Meek, Alice E.
Miller, Stephen S824 60th Inf.
Miller, Stephen W115 Miller, Amanda J.
Morrell, James B. S12027 Unassigned (Nitre Bureau)
Morrell, James B. W3566 Morrell, Mary
Morrell, John M. S2833 26th Inf.
Murray, J. B. S14821 2nd (Ashby’s) Cav.
Murray, Joseph C. Sr. S12335 2nd (Ashby’s) Cav.
Murray, Joseph Cobb W6796 & W8096 Murray, Rachel Elizabeth
Myers, John N. S6986 59th Inf.
Myers, William A. W1148 Myers, Lavina
Mynatt, George W. S1797 Ramsey’s Battery, Art.
Nicely, Calaway S6819 2nd Cav.
Nicely, James P. E. S10831 2nd (Ashby’s) Cav.
Nicely, John S. W668 Nicely, Mary
Northern, Davis S11992 2nd (Ashby’s) Cav.
Northern, Davis W10230 Northern, Nancy Holston
Owens, John F. W72 Owens, Margaret J.
Parker, William Haynie W9453 Parker, Dora
Parrish, Abram S12989 6th N.C. Inf.
Paschal, James S1255 Undetermined
Pemberton, Caloway W5228 Pemberton, Rachel Manerva
Perrin, J. A. S5993 59th Inf.
Perrow, C. H. S12454 8th Va. Cav.
Proffitt, J. M. S3022 61st Inf.
Purkypile, Christopher S1447 59th Inf.
Qualls, George M. S3655 37th Inf.
Richards, Columbus W949 Richards, Mazy J.
Riddle, Ephram Perkins W9415 Riddle, Martha Jane
Rose, Thomas W. W1665 Rose, Mariah
Samsel, Joseph S13173 Lynch’s Battery, Lt. Art.
Samsel, Joseph W. W8013 Samsel, Sarah Alice
Scott, William M. S7888 63rd Inf.
Sexton, W. D. S13917 51st Va. Inf.
Sexton, William D. W9298 Sexton, Virginia Susan
Seymore, George B. S10832 2nd (Ashby’s) Cav.
Sharp, Peter C. S12430 2nd Cav.
Shelton, Anderson S4750 29th Inf.
Shelton, Anderson W7315 Shelton, Mollie
Shelton, B. F. S11958 2nd (Ashby’s) Cav.
Shumate, Lemuel S2342 1st (Carter’s) Cav.
Simmamon, William Brownlow W7409 Simmamon, Elizabeth
Sinard, J. H. S5229 6th Ga. Cav.
Sinnamon, W. B. S4661 1st (Carter’s) Cav.
Stephens, Edward S11945 1st East Tenn.Cav.
Stephens, Edward W4326 Stephens, Isabell
Stephens, John H. S938 12th Cav.
Stepp, Nathan S4637 44th Va. Inf.
Stinett, James L. S9771 18th Miss. Inf.
Stratton, G. W. W4294 Stratton, Margaret
Stubblefield, James S4398 37th Inf.
Stubblefield, William W5203 Stubblefield, Mary E.
Taylor, A. M. S10422 59th Mtd. Inf.
Tidwell, Robert S. S13015 69th N.C. Inf.
Tilley, John G. S974 1st Ky. Cav.
Tilley, John G. W3694 Tilley, Sarah C.
Vandergriff, Linsey S5976 1st (Carter’s) Cav.
Vineyard, Hiram M. S3460 1st (Carter’s) Cav.
Vineyard, Hiram M. W5232 Vineyard, Martha E.
Vineyard, William S13074 12th Bn. (Day’s) Cav.
Wade, General Jackson W10630 Wade, Nancy Catherine
Waller, L. F. W1766 Waller, E.M.
Wells, Ellington W6685 Wells, Elizabeth E.
Wilder, Thomas S4718 5th (McKenzie’s) Cav.
Williams, Benjamin S9471 1st (Carter’s) Cav.
Williams, Frederick S6386 37th Inf.
Wolf, E. H. S10917 26th Inf.
Wood, W. H. S1327 62nd Ga. Inf.
Worthington, Shubal G. W468 Worthington, Mary A.
Wyatt, James A. S10487 37th Inf.
Wyatt, James Alexander W5027 & W4781 Wyatt, Martha Jane
Wyatt, Richard F. S9292 37th Inf.
Wyrick, James A. S14586 2nd (Ashby’s) Cav.
Yaden, T. H. S3000 37th Inf.

TN Civil War Sesquicentennial

By , May 16, 2011

Many organizations have planned a large number of events to span 2011-2015 in recognition of the Civil War’s Sesquicentennial.

The Tennessee State Library & Archives has a Web site with a great deal of information and numerous links.

TN State Library & Archives Digital Collections

By , May 16, 2011

TN Genealogical Society Articles

By , May 16, 2011

These articles are specific to Grainger County, and many can be viewed on-line at the TGS Web site.

Click here to search the articles for locations, surnames, or items of interest.

1799 petition to improve Holston River navigation, four other petitions, Vol. 39 (1992)

1799 tax list; 1800 petition; 1810-12 unpaid taxes, Vol. 28 (1981)

1801 petitions for new county, Justice of the Peace replacement, Vol. 40 (1993)

1803 petitions for new Justice of the Peace, return of surplus county funds, Vol. 42 (1995)

1805 tax list, Vol. 19 (1972)

1806-07 petitions, Vol. 32 (1985) and Vol. 33 (1986); 1809 petition, Vol. 34 (1987)

War of 1812 pensioners, Vol. 7 (1960)

1816 unpaid taxes, Vol. 43 (1996)

1824-60 grantees and locators, index, Vol. 10 (1963)

1833 Common School census, Vol. 46 (1999)

Civil War disabled fund, Vol. 47 (2000)

Revolutionary War Soldiers Buried in Grainger County

By , May 14, 2011

The following list contains the names and brief descriptions of the 61 Revolutionary War Soldiers believed to have been buried in Grainger County. The list was compiled by regional Cemetery Historian, Robert McGinnis.  Mr. McGinnis’ 4 volumes of Grainger County cemetery transcriptions are available from him.  See the e-mail link in the Contact Us menu.

If you have corrections or additions for this list, please contact the Webmistress.

Abbott, John Born circa 1748 died May 10 1828, burial location unknown: Sergeant in the NC Continental Line. Pension List of 1818.
Antrican, Francis Born Hillsborough, NC circa 1762, Revolutionary War Soldier
Atkinson, William Born circa 1755 died before 1821, burial location unknown: Enlisted in Cumberland County, Virginia under Capt. Kirkpatrick in the 8th Virginia Regiment under Col. Gaskins and Col. Posey.
Bean, George Dates unknown, burial location unknown: Watauga Rifleman under Col. Sevier. Settled at Bean Station in 1792.
Bean, William Born Pennsylvania circa 1720 died May 1782, Captain Watauga Rifleman under Col. Sevier 1776 – 1780. founder of Bean Station.
Beeler, Joseph Born July 5 1762 died August 22 1845, buried in Liberty Hill Cemetery (Beeler’s Chapel): grave DAR marked; Served at King’s Mt.
Bethell, John Isham Born Henrico County, Virginia December 15 1755 died December 17 1848, burial location unknown: Private in Company of Capt. Prosser, Regiment of Col. Woodson Virginia Line
Blair, John Died May 14 1793, buried at Bean Station, possibly in Cobb Cemetery: grave unmarked; Lieutenant Colonel under Col. Gilbert Christian at King’s Mt. and in attack on Tellico Indians in 1780.
Bowen, Henry Dates unknown, Revolutionary War Soldier, Will in Grainger County March 26 1806.
Bowen, John Born Augusta County, Virginia circa 1766, died 1819, buried in Hammers cemetery south of Rutledge: grave unmarked; Private under Lieutenant Reece during war, one of three men of this name who fought at King’s Mt.
Brochus, John Born circa 1741, burial location unknown, Served in Virginia Line. age 77 years in Pension List of 1818 of Grainger County.
Cabbage, Adam Born Chester County, Pennsylvania April 1755 died March 17 1844, buried in Cabbage family cemetery at Black Fox: grave DAR marked; Private in Company of Capt. Clark, Regiment of Muhlenburg Virginia Line.
Cabbage, John Born February 24 1758 died January 8 1852, buried in Cabbage family cemetery at Black Fox: grave DAR marked; Private in Capt. Marshall’s Regiment of Col. Bird’s Virginia Militia.
Chamberlain, Jeremiah Born Ireland 1740 died 1830, buried in Chamberlain family cemetery which was removed during construction of Cherokee Dam, graves are now buried in Martha Sunderland Cemetery in Hamblen County: grave marked; Served with Col. John Sevier in 1781 on expedition against Chickamauga Tories.
Clay, William Born Chesterfield County, Virginia August 11 1760 died August 4 1841, buried in family cemetery on farm at Red House, cemetery now destroyed: grave marker no longer found; Enlisted in Chesterfield County in 1776 and again in Amelia County in 1781. Was at the Siege of Yorktown.
Coffee, Benjamin Born Spotsylvania County, Virginia circa 1747 died January 4 1834, buried near Indian Creek near the Clinch River and Hancock County line. Served in the NC Militia. Was at King’s Mt.
Collins, Lewis Born circa 1753, Soldier in Revolutionary War, age 87 in 1840 Census of Grainger County.
Counce, Nicholas Born circa 1750, Served in the NC Line. age 82 years in the 1832 Pension List of Grainger County.
Ellis, Joseph Born circa 1763, Revolutionary War Soldier: age 77 years in 1840 census of Grainger County.
Estes, John Born Louisa County, Virginia October 14 1751, Enlisted from Halifax County, Virginia February 9 1777 in 9th Virginia Regiment, at Battle of Brandywine: aged 82 years in 1832 Pension List of Grainger County.
Grantham, Richard Born March 16 1754 died June 22 1846, buried in family cemetery on land which was flooded during the construction of Cherokee Dam: grave left undisturbed with marker, marker has since disappeared. Enlisted in 1st SC Regiment under Col. Pinckney.
Hightower, Epaphroditus Died February 13 1819, buried in the Clay family cemetery, now destroyed. Revolutionary War Soldier. In 1818 Pension List of Grainger County.
Hill, Joab Unknown, Revolutionary War Soldier: in Grainger County in 1799.
Hines, James Dates unknown, Served in the Virginia Line: in 1818 Pension List of Grainger County.
Howell, Benjamin Born Granville County, Virginia March 10 1753, Served in the NC Line, aged 81 years in the 1832 Pension List of Grainger County.
James, John Frederick Dates unknown, Served in Maryland Continental Line: In 1818 Pension List of Grainger County.
Jennings, Royal Born Henrico County, Virginia circa 1762 died February 1 1839, buried in family cemetery, but grave was later moved to Locust Grove Cemetery: grave unmarked; Enlisted as Private in 1779 under Capt. Dudley Basdel and Col Fleming, at Battle of Camden and Siege of Yorktown.
Lane, James Born circa 1744, Service in the Virginia Line: age 88 in the 1832 Pension List of Grainger County.
Lloyd, Thomas S. Born North Carolina December 26 1763 died April 15 1857, buried in family cemetery on State Route 92 near Shiloh: grave marked; Appointed Lieutenant in 1781 in NC Brigade.
Long, John Born Londonderry, Ireland circa 1737 died circa 1826, buried Bethesda Cemetery in Hamblen county: grave DAR marked; Served under Col. Shelby, fought at King’s Mt.
McAnally, David Born Albemarle County, Virginia August 15 1748 died December 24 1835, burial located unknown, Enlisted under Capt. John Higginbotham, guard to British prisoners taken under Burgoyne at Albemarle barracks, Col. Taylor in command, joined army against Cornwallis and served 9 months.
McGinnis, Edward Born circa 1759 died circa 1817, buried in grave inside the walled Latham Cemetery at Thornhill: grave unmarked; Revolutionary War Soldier who fought in the Battle of Cowpens and at the Battle of Ticonderoga.
Massengill, Michael Born Northampton County, NC March 1 1756 died October 1834, buried in private cemetery on Owl Hole Gap Road: grave DAR marked; Served under Capt.’s Womack, Shelby, bean and Burnett and Col.’s Clark, Shelby and Williams, age 78 in the 1832 Pension List of Grainger County.
Midkiff, Josiah [Isaiah] Born circa 1758, Served in Virginia Line, age 74 years in 1832 Pension List of Grainger County.
Moody, George Born Bedford County, Virginia circa 1760 died October 25 1840, originally buried in Moody family cemetery, grave relocated to New Blackwell Branch Baptist Church Cemetery during construction of Cherokee Dam: grave unmarked; Served as Private under Capt. Everett Meade in 2nd Virginia Regiment under Col. Alexander Spotswood.
Morgan, Valentine Born circa 1759, Served in the North Carolina Line, age 73 years in the 1832 Pension List of Grainger County.
Morris, William Born circa 1736, Served in North Carolina Line, In 1818 Pension List of Grainger County.
Nunn, Wharton Born circa 1755 died circa 1842, Served in the Virginia Line.
Payne, Isaac Born Maryland circa 1735 died circa 1827, Served as Soldier or Patriot in Revolutionary War in North Carolina.
Perrin, Joseph died circa 1808, Served in Revolutionary War 1776 – 1781, was a member of the expedition against the Cherokee Indians in 1780.
Poindexter, Chapman Born circa 1759 died May 21 1851, Enlisted in Louisa County, Virginia under Capt. John Saunders, served in Battle of Guilford Courthouse and Camden. Age 74 years in 1832 Pension List of Grainger County.
Rucker, Colby Born in Culpepper County, Virginia April 10 1760 died January 20 1852, buried in the Rucker family cemetery on Coffey Chapel Road: grave DAR marked; Served in NC Militia.
Russell, George Born Virginia circa 1740 died circa 1797, Served as a Captain of a Washington County Company under Col. John Sevier.
Sellers, James Born circa 1757, Served in NC Line. age 75 years in 1832 Pension List of Grainger County.
Shannon, William Born Chester County, Pennsylvania, Enlisted from Cumberland County, Virginia under Capt. Brady in Pennsylvania Company, served in Pennsylvania Militia: age 77 in 1832 Pension List of Grainger County.
Stone, Robert Born Halifax County, Virginia circa 1760 died circa 1844, buried possibly in Stone cemetery near Holston River: grave unmarked; Patriot, known to have rendered aid to the cause.
Stone, William Born in Amelia County, Virginia circa 1742 died after 1813, Served in Capt. Bean’s Company of Territorial Militia.
Tanner, John Born circa 1759, Revolutionary War Soldier: In 1840 census of Grainger County.
Tate, David Born Augusta County, Virginia circa 1759 died August 7 1838, originally buried in the Chamberlain Cemetery, but grave was relocated to the Martha Sunderland Cemetery in Hamblen County during the construction of Cherokee Dam: Enlisted in Botetourt County, Virginia in 1780, served until 1782 under Capt. Ballard Smith and Col’s. Buford and Campbell. At Battle of Ninety-Six and Eutaw Springs.
Taylor, Daniel Born Powhatan County, Virginia August 13 1761 died November 25 1834, buried in the Livingston Cemetery below Bean Station: grave DAR marked; Served as a Private under Capt. Thomas Bush and Col. Abraham Penn, was at the Battle of Shallow Ford of the Yadkin.
Taylor, James Born Virginia February 28 1731 died April 4 1815, buried in the Livingston cemetery below Bean Station: grave unmarked; Served as Private in Virginia Militia.
Thompson, James Died circa 1807, Served in Capt. James Adams Company of Cumberland County, Pennsylvania Militia. Will probated in Grainger County May 1807.
Treace, Michael Born circa 1757, Revolutionary War Soldier: age 75 years in the 1832 Pension List of Grainger County.
Vandigriff, Jacob Born circa 1758, Served in Virginia Militia: age 74 years in 1832 Pension List of Grainger County.
Vineyard, John Born Maryland circa 1750 died July 21 1834, buried in old Vineyard Cemetery near Little Valley Road: grave DAR marked; Served under Thomas Gaddis in Virginia, A D C to General Wayne.
Welch, Robert Born circa 1758, Served in Virginia Militia: pensioned in Grainger County, 1834.
Williams, Shadrack Born September 10 1762 died July 15 1839, Served in Virginia Line: age 72 in 1832 Pension List of Grainger County.
Williams, Willoughby Born Dobbs County, NC circa 1756 died June 6 1802, died in Grainger County enroute to Davidson County. Enlisted as Private in 1776 under Col. Abraham Shepherd in NC Regiment, was at Battle of Cowpens.
Williford, Jacob Born circa 1754, Served in the NC Line, age 78 in 1832 Pension List of Grainger County.
Wolfenbarger, Peter Born circa 1751 died circa 1833, buried in the Clapp family cemetery North of Clinch Mt: grave DAR marked; Private Virginia Militia.
Yancy, Ambrose Born circa 1763, served in Virginia Line: age 69 in 1832 Pension List of Grainger County.

Civil War Reparation Claims

By , May 11, 2011

This table contains claims presented to the Southern Claims Commission in Washington, D. C., following the end of the Civil War for losses suffered as a result of military action or uncompensated appropriation of their property by federal troops.

This covers only the first few years of the decade during which the Commission was active. The claim files include detail that can be of genealogical value. Each claimant was required to describe his losses in great detail and to prove his loyalty to the Union. Claim files sometimes included testimony of witnesses (usually neighbors and/or relatives) in support of the alleged losses.

All Southern Claims Commission files are located at the National Archives. Some claims are available on microfilm from the TN State Library & Archives and the LDS Family History Library. Check those catalogues for details.

For more information on the Commission and it’s activities, see Southern Loyalists in the Civil War: the Southern Claims Commission by Gary B. Mills (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1994).

If you have corrections or additions for this list, please contact the Webmistress.

Surname / Organization Given Name(s) County Disposition of Claim
Acuff Rebecca Grainger Barred
Baker John C Union Allowed
Barnard Joseph A Grainger Disallowed
Beals Isaac H Grainger Allowed
Beets George W Grainger Disallowed
Bird John Grainger Allowed
Bird William J Grainger Allowed
Bishop Richard, Estate of Grainger see note
Bradshaw Thomas Grainger Disallowed
Bradshaw Wm H Grainger Barred
Branson Gen Grainger Barred
Branson Saml D Grainger Allowed
Brewster Wm M Claiborne Disallowed
Bridges John Union Allowed
Buckner William P Union Barred
Burk David Claiborne Disallowed
Cameron James Grainger Allowed & Disallowed
Campbell Robert Claiborne Disallowed
Cardwell William Claiborne Allowed
Carpenter James M Claiborne see note
Carr Wm M Claiborne Barred
Chadwick John Y Claiborne Allowed
Clapp Boston Claiborne Disallowed
Cleveland Eliza A Claiborne Allowed
Cloner Andrew Grainger Allowed
Cochram William Grainger Allowed
Coffman Sterling Grainger Allowed
Collins James Grainger Allowed
Colvin William, Estate of Union Disallowed
Coppock William J Union Disallowed
Cowan Hiram, Estate of Claiborne see note
Curl Joshua E Grainger Allowed
Dailey John Grainger Allowed
Dailey Sarah Grainger Barred
Daley Henry Grainger Allowed
Dalton M B [William B] Grainger Allowed
Daniel Marcus L Grainger Allowed
Davis James Grainger Disallowed
Day Ransom Grainger Barred
DeBusk James Claiborne Allowed
Drake J D Claiborne Allowed
Duff James Grainger Allowed
Duncan A J Claiborne Allowed
Dyer Pryor, II Grainger Barred
Easley Alfred Grainger Disallowed
Easley John G Grainger Disallowed
Easly Allen Grainger Disallowed
Easly Henry Grainger Disallowed
Eastridge Ephraim, Estate Claiborne Allowed
Eastridge Hiram Claiborne Allowed
Ely Ellias Claiborne Barred
Emert Daniel M J Grainger Barred
England Valentine Claiborne Allowed
Falps John Claiborne see note
Friar Thomas Claiborne Allowed
Fulton A J Claiborne Allowed
Gilmore Sarah A Grainger Allowed
Godfrey Thomas Grainger Disallowed
Goins Edward Claiborne Allowed
Grainger Poor Farm Grainger Barred
Greenlee George Grainger Barred
Greenlee John Grainger Allowed
Greenlee John Calvin Grainger Barred
Greer Wm Grainger Allowed
Grider Frederick Grainger Allowed
Griffen John Grainger Allowed
Grove Geo H Grainger see note
Hawthorne H T Claiborne Allowed
Haynes Josiah Claiborne Barred
Hayse Wm Claiborne Barred
Heath David N Grainger Disallowed
Helton James Grainger Disallowed
Heninger William W Union Allowed
Hixon James K Grainger Disallowed
Hodges Granville Claiborne Allowed
Hodges Jacob E Grainger Disallowed
Hodges Lewis Claiborne Allowed
Hodges Preston Claiborne Allowed
Howell John H Grainger Disallowed
Huddleston John F, Sr Union Allowed
Huddleston Lafayette Union Disallowed
Jarnagin Nelson Grainger Allowed
Jarnagin Russell Grainger Disallowed
Jennings D F Claiborne Allowed
Jennings Robert Grainger Allowed
Johnson Claibourn Grainger Barred
Jones Daniel Claiborne Allowed
Jones Eli A Grainger Allowed
Jones Elijah Grainger Allowed
Jones Furney D Claiborne Allowed
Jones J B Grainger Allowed
Jones Wm Grainger Barred
Karr John H Grainger Disallowed
Kelly Mack Claiborne Allowed
Kibert John Claiborne Barred
Kidwell Henderson Grainger Allowed
Kitts Henry Grainger Allowed
Lay James Claiborne Barred
Lea Harmon G Grainger Barred
Lee James Grainger Barred
Linn Amelia Grainger see note
Long James Grainger Disallowed
Long John Grainger Disallowed
Long John D Grainger Disallowed
Long Levi Grainger Allowed
Long Wm P Grainger Disallowed
Manly Absalom Grainger Allowed
Manly Wilson Grainger see note
Mansfield John Grainger Allowed
Mayes John Grainger Allowed
Mayse James D Claiborne Barred
Mayse Sterling Claiborne Barred
McAlhany Hugh Grainger Allowed
McDaniel Eli Grainger Allowed
McDaniel John Claiborne Barred
McDaniel Wm B Claiborne Allowed
McDaniel Wm G Grainger Disallowed
McStone Wm, Estate of Grainger Allowed
Miller John Grainger Disallowed
Mincy Samuel Grainger Barred
Mink James E Claiborne Allowed
Mitchell Aquilla Grainger Allowed
Mitchell G B [Greenbury] Grainger Disallowed
Mitchell James H Grainger Allowed
Mitchell John Grainger Allowed
Moody Thomas B Grainger Disallowed
Morgan J M Grainger Barred
Morgan John K Grainger Barred
Morrison James H S Claiborne Allowed
Murrell M R Grainger Disallowed
Nance P P Grainger Barred
Needham Geo B Grainger Disallowed
Needham Nancy Grainger Allowed
Noe James C Grainger Disallowed
Parker Wm Claiborne Barred
Parrott Joseph, II Grainger Allowed
Patterson James Grainger Allowed
Patterson Samuel Grainger Disallowed
Patterson Thomas, Estate Grainger Disallowed
Patterson Wm II Claiborne Allowed
Poor Baxter M Claiborne Allowed
Rector Wm K Claiborne Allowed
Renfro H J Grainger Allowed
Rentfro James H Grainger Allowed
Rentfro Jerusha Grainger Barred
Rich George W Grainger Allowed
Rich Joseph Grainger Allowed
Rich Josiah N Grainger Allowed
Richardson James Claiborne Allowed
Roach John Grainger Allowed
Roach William S Grainger Allowed
Roberts John C Claiborne Disallowed
Roberts Phillip Grainger Barred
Routh Ellen Grainger Allowed
Samsel Elizabeth Grainger Disallowed
Scott Hamilton S Claiborne Barred
Sewell Gaston, Estate of Claiborne Allowed
Seymour Margaret Union Disallowed
Sharp Francis Union Allowed
Shelton Jacob Grainger Allowed
Shields Samuel Grainger Allowed
Shirley Patrick A Grainger Barred
Shropshire James Grainger Disallowed
Shultz George Claiborne Disallowed
Smith Charles C Grainger Allowed
Smith John A Union Disallowed
Standefer Isaiah Claiborne Disallowed
Standefer Joseph Claiborne Barred
Stone Michael H Grainger Disallowed
Stone Robert Claiborne Barred
Stroud Thomas Grainger Allowed
Tapp Isaac Claiborne Disallowed
Tate David N Grainger Disallowed
Trent Wm G Grainger Barred
Vandergriff James Grainger Allowed
Vermillion Isaac N Claiborne Barred
Vineyard G B Grainger Disallowed
Vineyard Jacob Grainger Allowed
Walker James G Grainger Allowed
Walker Thomas, Estate Grainger Disallowed
Wallace Riley Grainger Allowed
Walters Israel Grainger Allowed
Warenell Charles Grainger Disallowed
Watson Goodwin Grainger Disallowed
West John N Grainger Allowed
West Samuel Grainger Allowed
West William C Grainger Allowed
Westar Elias Grainger Allowed
Wester James L Grainger Allowed
Wester Wm C Grainger Disallowed
White Stephen Grainger Allowed
Williams Silas H Claiborne Barred
Wolfenbarger Peter Union Allowed
Yoakum Aaron Claiborne Disallowed
Yoakum George Claiborne Allowed
Zachery Gilbert Grainger Allowed

Private Acts: Militia

By , May 8, 2011

For many years during the early portion of Tennessee’s history, the county units of the state militia were a vital part of the peace keeping and law enforcement arm of the state, being subject to call when certain conditions existed.

Those acts once affecting Grainger County, which related to the militia and to other law enforcement agencies other than the sheriff, are mentioned below in chronological order.

  1. Acts of 1803, Chapter 1, provided for the better establishment and regulation of the militia of the state. The militia of Grainger County composed the seventh regiment of the state.
  2. Acts of 1815, Chapter 119, provided for the better establishment and regulation of the militia of the state. The militia of Grainger County composed the seventh regiment of the state.
  3. Public Acts of 1819, Chapter 68, revised and amended the militia laws of the state. The militia of Grainger County composed the seventh regiment of the second brigade and held regimental musters on the second Saturday in the month of October.
  4. Public Acts of 1826, Chapter 69, revised and amended the militia laws of the state. The militia of Grainger County composed the seventh regiment of the second brigade and held regimental musters on the second Saturday in the month of October.
  5. Public Acts of 1835-36, Chapter 21, divided the militia of the state into companies, battalion, regiments, brigades and divisions. The militia of Grainger County composed the fifteenth and sixteenth regiments. In addition, the militia of Grainger County was placed in the third brigade, second division.
  6. Acts of 1839-40, Chapter 56, revised the militia laws of the state. The militia of Grainger County composed the fifteenth and sixteenth regiments of the third brigade.
  7. Public Acts of 1861, Chapter 1, revised the militia laws of the state. The militia of Grainger County composed the fifteenth and sixteenth regiments of the third brigade.

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