Civil War Reparation Claims

This table contains claims presented to the Southern Claims Commission in Washington, D. C., following the end of the Civil War for losses suffered as a result of military action or uncompensated appropriation of their property by federal troops.

This covers only the first few years of the decade during which the Commission was active. The claim files include detail that can be of genealogical value. Each claimant was required to describe his losses in great detail and to prove his loyalty to the Union. Claim files sometimes included testimony of witnesses (usually neighbors and/or relatives) in support of the alleged losses.

All Southern Claims Commission files are located at the National Archives. Some claims are available on microfilm from the TN State Library & Archives and the LDS Family History Library. Check those catalogues for details.

For more information on the Commission and it’s activities, see Southern Loyalists in the Civil War: the Southern Claims Commission by Gary B. Mills (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1994).

If you have corrections or additions for this list, please contact the Webmistress.

Surname / Organization Given Name(s) County Disposition of Claim
Acuff Rebecca Grainger Barred
Baker John C Union Allowed
Barnard Joseph A Grainger Disallowed
Beals Isaac H Grainger Allowed
Beets George W Grainger Disallowed
Bird John Grainger Allowed
Bird William J Grainger Allowed
Bishop Richard, Estate of Grainger see note
Bradshaw Thomas Grainger Disallowed
Bradshaw Wm H Grainger Barred
Branson Gen Grainger Barred
Branson Saml D Grainger Allowed
Brewster Wm M Claiborne Disallowed
Bridges John Union Allowed
Buckner William P Union Barred
Burk David Claiborne Disallowed
Cameron James Grainger Allowed & Disallowed
Campbell Robert Claiborne Disallowed
Cardwell William Claiborne Allowed
Carpenter James M Claiborne see note
Carr Wm M Claiborne Barred
Chadwick John Y Claiborne Allowed
Clapp Boston Claiborne Disallowed
Cleveland Eliza A Claiborne Allowed
Cloner Andrew Grainger Allowed
Cochram William Grainger Allowed
Coffman Sterling Grainger Allowed
Collins James Grainger Allowed
Colvin William, Estate of Union Disallowed
Coppock William J Union Disallowed
Cowan Hiram, Estate of Claiborne see note
Curl Joshua E Grainger Allowed
Dailey John Grainger Allowed
Dailey Sarah Grainger Barred
Daley Henry Grainger Allowed
Dalton M B [William B] Grainger Allowed
Daniel Marcus L Grainger Allowed
Davis James Grainger Disallowed
Day Ransom Grainger Barred
DeBusk James Claiborne Allowed
Drake J D Claiborne Allowed
Duff James Grainger Allowed
Duncan A J Claiborne Allowed
Dyer Pryor, II Grainger Barred
Easley Alfred Grainger Disallowed
Easley John G Grainger Disallowed
Easly Allen Grainger Disallowed
Easly Henry Grainger Disallowed
Eastridge Ephraim, Estate Claiborne Allowed
Eastridge Hiram Claiborne Allowed
Ely Ellias Claiborne Barred
Emert Daniel M J Grainger Barred
England Valentine Claiborne Allowed
Falps John Claiborne see note
Friar Thomas Claiborne Allowed
Fulton A J Claiborne Allowed
Gilmore Sarah A Grainger Allowed
Godfrey Thomas Grainger Disallowed
Goins Edward Claiborne Allowed
Grainger Poor Farm Grainger Barred
Greenlee George Grainger Barred
Greenlee John Grainger Allowed
Greenlee John Calvin Grainger Barred
Greer Wm Grainger Allowed
Grider Frederick Grainger Allowed
Griffen John Grainger Allowed
Grove Geo H Grainger see note
Hawthorne H T Claiborne Allowed
Haynes Josiah Claiborne Barred
Hayse Wm Claiborne Barred
Heath David N Grainger Disallowed
Helton James Grainger Disallowed
Heninger William W Union Allowed
Hixon James K Grainger Disallowed
Hodges Granville Claiborne Allowed
Hodges Jacob E Grainger Disallowed
Hodges Lewis Claiborne Allowed
Hodges Preston Claiborne Allowed
Howell John H Grainger Disallowed
Huddleston John F, Sr Union Allowed
Huddleston Lafayette Union Disallowed
Jarnagin Nelson Grainger Allowed
Jarnagin Russell Grainger Disallowed
Jennings D F Claiborne Allowed
Jennings Robert Grainger Allowed
Johnson Claibourn Grainger Barred
Jones Daniel Claiborne Allowed
Jones Eli A Grainger Allowed
Jones Elijah Grainger Allowed
Jones Furney D Claiborne Allowed
Jones J B Grainger Allowed
Jones Wm Grainger Barred
Karr John H Grainger Disallowed
Kelly Mack Claiborne Allowed
Kibert John Claiborne Barred
Kidwell Henderson Grainger Allowed
Kitts Henry Grainger Allowed
Lay James Claiborne Barred
Lea Harmon G Grainger Barred
Lee James Grainger Barred
Linn Amelia Grainger see note
Long James Grainger Disallowed
Long John Grainger Disallowed
Long John D Grainger Disallowed
Long Levi Grainger Allowed
Long Wm P Grainger Disallowed
Manly Absalom Grainger Allowed
Manly Wilson Grainger see note
Mansfield John Grainger Allowed
Mayes John Grainger Allowed
Mayse James D Claiborne Barred
Mayse Sterling Claiborne Barred
McAlhany Hugh Grainger Allowed
McDaniel Eli Grainger Allowed
McDaniel John Claiborne Barred
McDaniel Wm B Claiborne Allowed
McDaniel Wm G Grainger Disallowed
McStone Wm, Estate of Grainger Allowed
Miller John Grainger Disallowed
Mincy Samuel Grainger Barred
Mink James E Claiborne Allowed
Mitchell Aquilla Grainger Allowed
Mitchell G B [Greenbury] Grainger Disallowed
Mitchell James H Grainger Allowed
Mitchell John Grainger Allowed
Moody Thomas B Grainger Disallowed
Morgan J M Grainger Barred
Morgan John K Grainger Barred
Morrison James H S Claiborne Allowed
Murrell M R Grainger Disallowed
Nance P P Grainger Barred
Needham Geo B Grainger Disallowed
Needham Nancy Grainger Allowed
Noe James C Grainger Disallowed
Parker Wm Claiborne Barred
Parrott Joseph, II Grainger Allowed
Patterson James Grainger Allowed
Patterson Samuel Grainger Disallowed
Patterson Thomas, Estate Grainger Disallowed
Patterson Wm II Claiborne Allowed
Poor Baxter M Claiborne Allowed
Rector Wm K Claiborne Allowed
Renfro H J Grainger Allowed
Rentfro James H Grainger Allowed
Rentfro Jerusha Grainger Barred
Rich George W Grainger Allowed
Rich Joseph Grainger Allowed
Rich Josiah N Grainger Allowed
Richardson James Claiborne Allowed
Roach John Grainger Allowed
Roach William S Grainger Allowed
Roberts John C Claiborne Disallowed
Roberts Phillip Grainger Barred
Routh Ellen Grainger Allowed
Samsel Elizabeth Grainger Disallowed
Scott Hamilton S Claiborne Barred
Sewell Gaston, Estate of Claiborne Allowed
Seymour Margaret Union Disallowed
Sharp Francis Union Allowed
Shelton Jacob Grainger Allowed
Shields Samuel Grainger Allowed
Shirley Patrick A Grainger Barred
Shropshire James Grainger Disallowed
Shultz George Claiborne Disallowed
Smith Charles C Grainger Allowed
Smith John A Union Disallowed
Standefer Isaiah Claiborne Disallowed
Standefer Joseph Claiborne Barred
Stone Michael H Grainger Disallowed
Stone Robert Claiborne Barred
Stroud Thomas Grainger Allowed
Tapp Isaac Claiborne Disallowed
Tate David N Grainger Disallowed
Trent Wm G Grainger Barred
Vandergriff James Grainger Allowed
Vermillion Isaac N Claiborne Barred
Vineyard G B Grainger Disallowed
Vineyard Jacob Grainger Allowed
Walker James G Grainger Allowed
Walker Thomas, Estate Grainger Disallowed
Wallace Riley Grainger Allowed
Walters Israel Grainger Allowed
Warenell Charles Grainger Disallowed
Watson Goodwin Grainger Disallowed
West John N Grainger Allowed
West Samuel Grainger Allowed
West William C Grainger Allowed
Westar Elias Grainger Allowed
Wester James L Grainger Allowed
Wester Wm C Grainger Disallowed
White Stephen Grainger Allowed
Williams Silas H Claiborne Barred
Wolfenbarger Peter Union Allowed
Yoakum Aaron Claiborne Disallowed
Yoakum George Claiborne Allowed
Zachery Gilbert Grainger Allowed

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