Confederate Pension Applications

This list of Grainger Countians’ pension applications based on Confederate service during the Civil War was compiled by the Tennessee State Library & Archives.  The pension files are available on microfilm there.

Pensions:    S = Soldier’s pension           W = Widow’s pension          C = Colored pension

Soldier Name Pension # Unit or Widow
Acuff, Albert S880 26th Inf.
Acuff, John W3326 Acuff, Betsy Emeline
Allen, Robert S2595 9th Bn. (Day’s) Cav.
Allen, Robert W1515 Allen, Vesta
Atkinson, Ben F. S11480 60th Inf.
Atkinson, Ben F. W9469 Atkinson, Cordelia Marcella
Atkinson, James S. S12332 60th Inf.
Barnard, P. B. S4516 5th Cav.
Beeler, Jacob W5881 Beeler, Lucinda Ellender
Berkely, James W. S10955 22nd Va. Bn. Inf.
Berkley, J. W. W4234 Berkley, Mary A.
Blair, Jacob W1393 Blair, Cornelia
Boiles, Jasper W755 Boiles, Naomi E.
Bowers, Thomas S5061 Undetermined
Braaks, Rolin S5881 26th Inf.
Brady, Gilford L. W4001 Brady, Alvarez
Brewer, Anderson S4414 29th Inf.
Brooks, C. B. S8019 3rd (Lillard’s) Mtd. Inf.
Brooks, Rolin S718 26th Inf.
Bruce, D. H. S13400 51st Va. Inf.
Bullen, William S4949 & S3217 37th Inf.
Bullen, William W2261 Bullen, Vina J.
Bunch, David S7530 1st (Carter’s) Cav.
Bunch, David W10930 Bunch, Rebecca
Bunch, Martin S11441 29th Inf.
Burchell, John G. S1349 37th Inf.
Calton, John W. W1773 Calton, Jane
Cardwell, James R. S4217 26th Inf.
Cardwell, James R. W4278 Cardwell, Malissie
Cleveland, A. M. S2932 1st (Carter’s) Cav.
Coffey, Ira S534 26th Inf.
Coffey, John S9188 12th Bn. (Day’s) Cav.
Collins, Griffin S10883 26th Inf.
Collins, Noble W2678 Collins, Jellina
Cooper, Harpeth L. W6157 Cooper, Sarah E.
Cooper, Jonathan N. B. S11362 59th Mtd. Inf.
Crews, J. W. W5040 Crews, Emily
Crews, John W. S10426 37th Inf.
Crosby, George W. W5015 Crosby, Francis E.
Cunningham, Ediom S9322 37th Inf.
Dalton, Colby S6347 26th Inf.
Dalton, Harram S10318 59th Inf.
Dalton, N. P. S10778 12th Bn. (Day’s) Cav.
Dalton, Reuben S506 37th Inf.
Dalton, W. H. S7279 26th Inf.
Dalton, William Nelson W2775 Dalton, Elizabeth
DeVault, Pryor H. W812 DeVault, Mary
Devoult, Prior H. S835 Undetermined
Dixon, Pleasant S4649 18th N.C. Inf.
Dixon, Pleasant W3312 Dixon, Margaret C.
Dotson, Charles W302 Dotson, Mary
Dotson, David N. S418 37th Inf.
Dotson, Joel C. S3201 3rd (Lillard’s) Mtd. Inf.
Dotson, W. B. S2903 12th Inf.
Ellis, Pryor F. W5239 Ellis, Cordelia V.
Farmer, J. H. S11768 1st (Carter’s) Cav.
Foelden, William R. W185 Foelden, Martha
Foster, I. T. S15958 5th Bn. Va. Reserves.
Freeman, Christian S14695 1st (Carter’s) Cav.
Freeman, John W6316 Freeman, Rosamond
Gaines, R. K. S2953 59th Inf.
Gaines, Thomas E. S8535 13th Cav.
Gaines, Thomas Elvin W4357 Gaines, Martha
Garrett, Noah Missing File Regiment not given
Gill, William T. W36 Gill, Elizabeth P.
Godwin, John P. W4017 Godwin, Susan
Goins, G. W. S8686 26th Inf.
Goins, George W. W4066 Goins, Liddie J.
Gray, Pleasant J. W329 Gray, Martha A.
Green, William C. S927 26th Inf.
Greer, John M. W4380 Greer, Mahala
Grossclose, Solomon S3061 4th Va. Inf.
Hammock, Sterling S207 26th Inf.
Hammock, William S2185 1st Cav.
Harrell, Calvin S. S9755 12th Cav.
Harrell, Calvin Scot W3443 Harrell, Martha
Harvey, Thomas S2921 12th Cav.
Hayes, Barnet S684 26th Inf.
Hayes, Barnett W4936 Hayes, Ruthy M.
Hayes, H. E. S7153 2nd (Ashby’s) Cav.
Hayes, Henderson E. W5822 Hayes, Angeline
Hayes, Robertson W3178 Hayes, Lydia
Heacker, W. J. S13836 2nd (Ashby’s) Cav.
Hill, Alfred H. S6808 31st Inf.
Hipsher, George S416 Undetermined
Hipsher, George W. S1357 12th Cav.
Hipsher, George Washington W838 Hipsher, Nancy M.
Hipsher, William L. W6787 Hipsher, Delpha
Hodge, James S8207 7th Cav.
Hodges, W. B. S8030 26th Inf.
Jarnigan, Aaron W595 Jarnigan, Nancy
Johnson, James R. S6695 19th Inf.
Johnson, James R. W6340 Johnson, Elizabeth Ann
Johnson, W. T. W8160 Johnson, Sallie J.
Johnson, William T. S14799 2nd (Ashby’s) Cav.
Jones, Isaac S12489 45th Va. Inf.
Jorden, Jackson S10704 12th Bn. (Day’s) Cav.
Kingsalver, John W748 Kingsalver, Malinda J.
Kirkham, William J. S11835 59th Inf.
Kitts, John S2843 26th Inf.
Kitts, John W7427 Kitts, Vina
Lakins, W. M. S536 26th Inf.
Lathim, Claiborne W. S1039 20th Inf.
Lawrence, James W4163 Lawrence, Mary
Lipps, Jacob W. S14207 10th Ky. Mtd. Inf.
Livingston, G. W. S14257 62nd N.C. Inf.
Loftice, Warren S2602 59th Inf.
Long, Daniel W. S9623 59th Inf.
Long, John S12175 2nd (Ashby’s) Cav.
Long, John W8389 Long, Sarah A.
Long, John W989 Long, Susanna E.
Long, Robert L. S14969 59th Inf.
Lowe, A. T. S5172 2nd (Ashby’s) Cav.
Lowe, J. M. S10088 59th Inf.
Lowe, John M. W6924 Lowe, Angie L.
Majors, James P. W605 Majors, Sarah
Mallicoat, J. D. S9119 37th Inf.
Mallicoat, John Daniel W5364 Mallicoat, Rachel M.
Mason, John S1215 19th Inf.
McBee, John W. S2488 22nd (Barteau’s) Cav.
McClarty, J. C. S204 59th Inf.
McConnell, Isaac S2979 16th Bn., (Neal’s) Cav.
McConnell, Sam H. S10205 16th Bn., Cav.
McGoldrick, Thomas S10419 37th Inf.
McMiller, Alvis S15319 1st (Carter’s) Cav.
Meek, W. H. W1527 Meek, Alice E.
Miller, Stephen S824 60th Inf.
Miller, Stephen W115 Miller, Amanda J.
Morrell, James B. S12027 Unassigned (Nitre Bureau)
Morrell, James B. W3566 Morrell, Mary
Morrell, John M. S2833 26th Inf.
Murray, J. B. S14821 2nd (Ashby’s) Cav.
Murray, Joseph C. Sr. S12335 2nd (Ashby’s) Cav.
Murray, Joseph Cobb W6796 & W8096 Murray, Rachel Elizabeth
Myers, John N. S6986 59th Inf.
Myers, William A. W1148 Myers, Lavina
Mynatt, George W. S1797 Ramsey’s Battery, Art.
Nicely, Calaway S6819 2nd Cav.
Nicely, James P. E. S10831 2nd (Ashby’s) Cav.
Nicely, John S. W668 Nicely, Mary
Northern, Davis S11992 2nd (Ashby’s) Cav.
Northern, Davis W10230 Northern, Nancy Holston
Owens, John F. W72 Owens, Margaret J.
Parker, William Haynie W9453 Parker, Dora
Parrish, Abram S12989 6th N.C. Inf.
Paschal, James S1255 Undetermined
Pemberton, Caloway W5228 Pemberton, Rachel Manerva
Perrin, J. A. S5993 59th Inf.
Perrow, C. H. S12454 8th Va. Cav.
Proffitt, J. M. S3022 61st Inf.
Purkypile, Christopher S1447 59th Inf.
Qualls, George M. S3655 37th Inf.
Richards, Columbus W949 Richards, Mazy J.
Riddle, Ephram Perkins W9415 Riddle, Martha Jane
Rose, Thomas W. W1665 Rose, Mariah
Samsel, Joseph S13173 Lynch’s Battery, Lt. Art.
Samsel, Joseph W. W8013 Samsel, Sarah Alice
Scott, William M. S7888 63rd Inf.
Sexton, W. D. S13917 51st Va. Inf.
Sexton, William D. W9298 Sexton, Virginia Susan
Seymore, George B. S10832 2nd (Ashby’s) Cav.
Sharp, Peter C. S12430 2nd Cav.
Shelton, Anderson S4750 29th Inf.
Shelton, Anderson W7315 Shelton, Mollie
Shelton, B. F. S11958 2nd (Ashby’s) Cav.
Shumate, Lemuel S2342 1st (Carter’s) Cav.
Simmamon, William Brownlow W7409 Simmamon, Elizabeth
Sinard, J. H. S5229 6th Ga. Cav.
Sinnamon, W. B. S4661 1st (Carter’s) Cav.
Stephens, Edward S11945 1st East Tenn.Cav.
Stephens, Edward W4326 Stephens, Isabell
Stephens, John H. S938 12th Cav.
Stepp, Nathan S4637 44th Va. Inf.
Stinett, James L. S9771 18th Miss. Inf.
Stratton, G. W. W4294 Stratton, Margaret
Stubblefield, James S4398 37th Inf.
Stubblefield, William W5203 Stubblefield, Mary E.
Taylor, A. M. S10422 59th Mtd. Inf.
Tidwell, Robert S. S13015 69th N.C. Inf.
Tilley, John G. S974 1st Ky. Cav.
Tilley, John G. W3694 Tilley, Sarah C.
Vandergriff, Linsey S5976 1st (Carter’s) Cav.
Vineyard, Hiram M. S3460 1st (Carter’s) Cav.
Vineyard, Hiram M. W5232 Vineyard, Martha E.
Vineyard, William S13074 12th Bn. (Day’s) Cav.
Wade, General Jackson W10630 Wade, Nancy Catherine
Waller, L. F. W1766 Waller, E.M.
Wells, Ellington W6685 Wells, Elizabeth E.
Wilder, Thomas S4718 5th (McKenzie’s) Cav.
Williams, Benjamin S9471 1st (Carter’s) Cav.
Williams, Frederick S6386 37th Inf.
Wolf, E. H. S10917 26th Inf.
Wood, W. H. S1327 62nd Ga. Inf.
Worthington, Shubal G. W468 Worthington, Mary A.
Wyatt, James A. S10487 37th Inf.
Wyatt, James Alexander W5027 & W4781 Wyatt, Martha Jane
Wyatt, Richard F. S9292 37th Inf.
Wyrick, James A. S14586 2nd (Ashby’s) Cav.
Yaden, T. H. S3000 37th Inf.

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