Petitions Regarding the Turnpike Road to Kentucky, 1806

The following two petitions were published by the Tennessee Genealogical Society in its journals as noted below. The transcription you see here was compared to the TGS publication, but it was not compared to the original petition documents. If you can provide corrections or additions to this document, please contact the Webmistress.

This record is torn apart in several places and a few names on the fold of the paper have been lost. Occasionally several signatures are written in the same hand, but no X marks are given. Some names are very faded, some are blotted with ink, and some have been crossed out or removed by erasure. Spellings vary, and i and t are sometimes not dotted or crossed; and like many modern signatures, some are simply illegible. In most cases we have not tried to second-guess, but have copied here the most literal transcription possible for us. BFW

To the Honorable General Assembly of the State of Tennessee:

We the undersigned Citizens of Grainger and Claiborne counties humbly represent that the Turnpike road leading to Kentucky crossing Clinch Mountain at the three stone gap can be much amended by turning to the left at,or near the house of Dawson Cheek on the north side of said Mountain . . . coming . . . present (?) Road at the town of Tazwell [sic], the ground over which the road would pass is much leveller, an excellent and safe ford in Clinch River, clear of rocks, & only one-half mile the furthest, by total measurement.

(Your petitioners further?) represent that the present Road is very broken full of large rocks, a bad narrow ford in said river which compells most of the travellors to ferry the River when it can be forded at the other crossing with perfect safety, the hills are so steep and full of Rocks that it is almost impossible to make a road in many places sufficiently wide for waggons to pass each other should they meet in those narrow places, which are in pl(aces?) at least one (quarter of a mile . . . ?) . . . your honorable body to pass an act authorising the commissioners of said road or a majority of them to view the two roads & direct the road the best way for the public – And your petitioners as in Duty bound will ever pray . . .

Mank Posten Junr George Henderson Ja(?) Maicen (?) [Mason?] William Whitehead
Jacob Cooney Aberhan Haley Wm Bingham Monk Posten Sen
John Allison John Lunpten (?) Wm. (?) Rogers Andrew Mannen
James Conn Wilborn Megee Nathl Austin John Baker
John Hender… Enos Hobbs John Austin Henry Sunpter Sen
Abel Lanham William (torn) Joseph Colper Henrey Sumpten Jun
Benjamin (illegible) Peter Smith John Davis (?) William Sunpten Senr
Anthony Street John Brancecomb William Graham Wm. Mullens
John Coulter Thomas Brancecomb Jos. Campbell Samuel Maure (?)
John Harrison John Joysetch (?) Damon (?) Wynne William Jones
_avis (?) Bra___ Perin Cardwell Thomas Johnston Edward Shipley (?)
_ep White John keef John Gaw Isom Clark
Joseph Hickey thomas keef junr Harrison Akin Ezekiel farmer(?)
Samuel Dotson Junr John Cardwell James Hicky gorge stubblefield
Thomas Dotson Obediah Jinnins (?) William Brawn David Jeffris
Haris Burks (torn) Jinnins (?) Richard Shockley Thomas Jeffris
Samuel Dotson Senr Gibbones Cross Epham Dickings John Brand
John Stratton(?) Willie harper John Jonson Senr Siles S. Clark
Wm. Bingham Edward Webster John Jonson Junr Daniel lebo
Ralph Shelton Joseph Webster George Jinings henry lebo
Marten Bunch William Lea Thomas Greesham Peter hario
Stephen Shelton John (?) Webster Isaac Poster William Stroud
__ George Campbell Rollon Brancecomb William Sunpten (Sumpter ?) Junr.

House of Representatives, July 31st 1806. Read and refered etc. Edw Scott, Clk.

In Senate, July 31st 1806. Read and refered etc. Jno. N. Gamble, Clk

Source: “Ansearchin'” News, Vol. 28, No. 2 (Summer, 1981), pg. 80. No copyright infringement is intended by posting this article here.

19-1-1806 Petition of citizens of Grainger and Claiborne Counties to change the road to Kentucky. The wording of the petition is the same as one published in “Ansearchin'” News, Vol. 28, No.2, page 80, 1981. This is apparently a second copy of the same petition with different signatures attached. No date. 7 pages.

Pleasant Duke Robert Willis John Lay Robt Huddlestone
george willey Samuel Webster Jacob hunbard (Humbard) John Huddlestone
Thomas Turley Peter Harris Rheubin Cofee Martain Thornberry
John McCartey Robert Metheny Richd Walker Charles Matlock
Moses Hodge William Bryan John Arnwine Enouch Winds
Dudley Mayes Alexandreus Callidge David Gentry Thomas James
henry Ivey William Iredel / Tredel John Arnold John ___trad?
James hodges William Bunch Alexander Donelson? Ambose [sic] Goff
Philip Ivy Josier Bryan Henry Baker Thos. Grissom
Monoah Dyer William Jones John Bullard David Collin
Joseph Dania/Davis John Clonch Jason Cloud James Hines?
Walcem/lum (William?) hodge Archd MacDonald Dudley Cox John McBroom
William Johnston William Lay Stephen Smith James Arwine
John Ivy Mary / Meery Littel? James Eaton Levi Collins
John howel Stephen McBroom Henry Medlock Aaron Collins
Thomas Ivey Saml Peery Dannil Beelar Warham Easley
Jesse hodges Benjamin Acof (Acuff) Thomas McBroom David Bunch
Benjamin Ivey John Shropshire

Source: “Ansearchin'” News, Vol. 32, No 3 (Fall, 1985), pg. 106. No copyright infringement is intended by posting this article here.

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