Bible of the William & Sally Lane Family

From a document entitled Descendants of William Lane. The author’s name was not included in the document. No copyright infringement is intended by posting the information here for the benefit of researchers.

The following information was copied from the old family Bible which was in the possession of my Grandmother Helen Beatrice Lane Smith, until the time of her death, then it went to my mother Cleo Agnes Smith Lewis, and is now in the possession of my niece Linda Kay Smith, of New Braunfels, TX (2006).

All information in the old family Bible is copied here just as it was written.

Grandfathers age
William Lane was born Dec. the 17th 1778.

Grandmothers age
Saley Hanes was born Dec. the 14th, 1782.

Addison Lane, was born July 4th A.D. 1804
(Note: William Lane and Saley Hanes were parents of Addison Lane)

Sally Dennis, was born Sept.14th A.D. 1805

Addison Lane and Sally Dennis was married October 7 A.D. 1824

(Note: below are listed the children of Addison Lane and Sally Dennis)

Delony Lane, was born August 12th A.D. 1825 and deceased Aug.17 1828.

William Howard Lane , was born January 3rd A.D. 1828 and deceased January 17th at 2, O clock A.M. A.D. 1853 aged 25 years and 14 days.

Eliza Ann Lane, was born February 14th A.D. 1830.

Eliza Ann Lane and Josephus Hornsby was married June 19 A.D. 1850.

John Campbell Lane, was born September 16th A.D. 1832 and deceased August 12th A.D. 1838

James Marion Lane was born October 30th A.D. 1834.

Addison Earldom Lane was born December 3rd A.D. 1837.

Bascom Canon Lane, was born December 26th A.D. 1841 and deceased August 10th 1847.

Florin Douglas Lane, was born April 1st A.D. 1844.

Fernando Gustavess Lane, was born September 8th A.D. 1849.

James M. Lane and Letitia Ann Boyece was married
January 6th A.D. 1859.
Letitia Ann Boyece was born June 21st A.D. 1844

(Note: the names children of James Lane and Letitia Ann Boyce are listed below, all of this information still in family Bible)

William C. Lane was born December the 20 Tuesday evening 1859.

James Florin Lane, was born the 23 of October on Thursday morning 1862.

Alley Orlando Lane, was born March the 30 on Thursday morning 1865 and deceased June the 7, 1866.

Van Oden Lane, was born June the 28, 1868.

Birdie F. Lane, was born Dec. the 10th, 1870.

John Swan Lane was born May 17, 1873.

Helen Beatrice Lane, was born March 23rd 1876.

Ruben Burstein Lane, was born March 1, 1878.

Lucian Johneson Lane, was born August the 6, 1883.

(Note: other information shown in Bible, is below:)

Faney Powel was born January the 14th, 1852.

Fernando Lane and F. Powel was married Aug. the 29, 1869.

Elizabeth Gilbert was born March the 1, 1847.

F. D. Lane and Elizabeth Gilbert was married Nov. the 2, 1870.

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