Water-Related Features Identified in the GNIS

Geographic features that appear on topographic maps in the United States are listed in an online database maintained by the federal government’s United States Geological Survey and the U. S. Board on Geographic Names.

This entity is usually referred to as USGS. The database is called the Geographic Names Information System, or GNIS. Many genealogists use it frequently to find places, identify the county location, and determine the coordinates.

The following table contains all topographic features in the GNIS identified as being within Grainger County and related to waterways. Places that no longer exist are identified with “(historical).”

The table also includes the latitude and longitude and name of the 7.5′ USGS topographical quadrangle map on which the place is shown.

Please note that this is not a comprehensive list of all water-related topographic features in the county. It is simply the government’s mapping system’s list. Click here to search GNIS for other topographical features or locations.

Bar / Shoals

Name Latitude Longitude Elevation Quadrangle Map
Big Slip 362142N 0832950W 1020 Avondale
Buffalo Shoals 361058N 0833333W 906 Joppa
Combs Shoals 361016N 0833030W 925 Joppa
Coulters Shoals 361642N 0831845W 1073 Bean Station
German Shoals 361747N 0831941W 1073 Bean Station
Harris Shoals 361557N 0831732W 1073 Bean Station
Hunters Shoals 362044N 0833649W 1040 Dutch Valley
Jarnagins Shoals 360643N 0833803W 866 Mascot
Lost Creek Shoals 360906N 0833607W 879 Joppa
Marshalls Shoals 361720N 0831526W 1073 Bean Station
Marshalls Shoals 361557N 0831642W 1073 Bean Station
Mays Ford Shoals 361442N 0832448W 1073 Talbott
Mossy Creek Shoals 360958N 0832936W 1073 Talbott
Nances Shoals 360810N 0833822W 869 Luttrell
Panthers Shoals 361154N 0832657W 1073 Talbott
Sheltons Shoals 361700N 0832003W 1073 Bean Station
Six Shoals 360635N 0834018W 853 Mascot
Smoky Shoals 360958N 0833355W 899 Joppa
Straight Shoals 362121N 0833234W 1020 Dutch Valley


Name Latitude Longitude Elevation Quadrangle Map
Ellis Bridge (historical) 361518N 0833442W 935 Dutch Valley
Evans Ferry Bridge 362403N 0832734W 1020 Howard Quarter
John K Shields Bridge 361007N 0833016W 928 Joppa
Turley Bridge (historical) 361512N 0832348W 1073 Avondale
Walker Bridge 361437N 0833618W 935 Joppa
William P Harrell Bridge 361821N 0832048W 1073 Bean Station

River Bends

Name Latitude Longitude Elevation Quadrangle Map
Byerley Bend 360501N 0834005W 876 Mascot
Condry Bend 362225N 0832907W 1125 Avondale
Mitchell Bend 360600N 0833847W 896 Mascot
Mule Shoe Bend 360804N 0833644W 919 Joppa
Vineyard Bend 360942N 0833507W 965 Joppa

River Fords & Ferries

Name Latitude Longitude Elevation Quadrangle Map
Arnwine Ford (historical) 362205N 0833536W 1020 Dutch Valley
Austin Ferry (historical) 361315N 0832623W 1073 Talbott
Black Fox Ford (historical) 361956N 0833940W 1020 Powder Springs
Cades Ferry (historical) 362427N 0832547W 1027 Howard Quarter
Collins Ford (historical) 361204N 0832703W 1073 Talbott
Collons Ferry (historical) 361205N 0832703W 1073 Talbott
Dyers Ferry (historical) 361004N 0833008W 935 Joppa
Eadie Ford (historical) 362134N 0833244W 1020 Dutch Valley
Evans Ferry (historical) 362403N 0832734W 1020 Howard Quarter
Indian Cave Ferry (historical) 360933N 0833600W 886 Joppa
Long Ferry (historical) 361644N 0831557W 1073 Bean Station
Marshalls Ferry (historical) 361747N 0831935W 1073 Bean Station
Marshalls Ford (historical) 361617N 0831644W 1073 Bean Station
McBee Ford 360614N 0833745W 866 Mascot
Mitchell Ford 360941N 0833951W 935 Luttrell
Nance Ferry 360741N 0833818W 869 Luttrell
Oars Ferry (historical) 360946N 0833143W 909 Joppa
Sheltons Ford (historical) 362141N 0833157W 1020 Dutch Valley
Sheltons Ford (historical) 362140N 0833157W 1020 Dutch Valley
Sheltons Ford (historical) 361703N 0832000W 1073 Bean Station
Smith Ferry (historical) 361045N 0833210W 909 Joppa
Sycamore Ford (historical) 361235N 0832556W 1073 Talbott
Trogdons Ford 361013N 0833344W 899 Joppa
Turley Ferry (historical) 361512N 0832348W 1073 Avondale


Name Latitude Longitude Elevation Quadrangle Map
Cherokee Dam 360958N 0832955W 1083 Talbott
Corbin Dam 361536N 0833534W 945 Dutch Valley
Highland Springs Cove Dam 361324N 0833836W 991 Luttrell
Lea Lake Dam 361119N 0834143W 1010 Luttrell
Morgan Lake Dam 361536N 0833436W 994 Dutch Valley
Wayland Lake Dam 361106N 0854224W 1004 Baxter
Wolfe Dam 361842N 0832924W 1152 Avondale


Name Latitude Longitude Elevation Quadrangle Map
Byerley Island 360646N 0834029W 869 Mascot
Calf Island 360624N 0833739W 892 Mascot
Gilmore Island 361057N 0833326W 935 Joppa
Julian Nance Island 361026N 0833347W 902 Joppa
McBee Island 360625N 0833755W 902 Mascot
Nances Island 360800N 0833828W 892 Luttrell
Payne Island (historical) 361657N 0831855W 1073 Bean Station
Smoky Island 360958N 0833421W 896 Joppa
Snaggy Island 360726N 0833939W 879 Mascot
Sycamore Island (historical) 362154N 0833141W 1020 Dutch Valley
Sycamore Island (historical) 361640N 0831853W 1073 Bean Station
Tarr Island (historical) 361040N 0832803W 1073 Talbott
Turley Island (historical) 361557N 0832250W 1073 Avondale

Lakes & Ponds

Name Latitude Longitude Elevation Quadrangle Map
Cave Pond 361413N 0832920W 1207 Talbott
Corbin Lake 361536N 0833534W 945 Dutch Valley
Corbin Lake (historical) 361542N 0833538W 948 Dutch Valley
Highland Springs Cove Lake 361324N 0833836W 991 Luttrell
Lea Lake 361119N 0834143W 1010 Luttrell
Long Pond (historical) 361025N 0832918W 1073 Talbott
Morgan Lake 361536N 0833436W 994 Dutch Valley
Norris Lake 361327N 0840529W 856 Norris
Paskell Pond (historical) 361237N 0833624W 1214 Joppa
Wayland Lake 361106N 0854224W 1004 Baxter
Wolfe Lake 361842N 0832924W 1152 Avondale


Name Latitude Longitude Elevation Quadrangle Map
Little Jump Rapids 360815N 0833642W 876 Joppa


Name Latitude Longitude Elevation Quadrangle Map
Annex Spring 362131N 0832047W 1138 Bean Station
Black Sulfur Spring 361840N 0832747W 1112 Avondale
Blackwell Spring 361323N 0832654W 1073 Talbott
Blue Spring 361557N 0833244W 968 Dutch Valley
Buffalo Spring 361248N 0833349W 1020 Joppa
Free Stone Spring 361840N 0832744W 1135 Avondale
Heath Spring 361712N 0832143W 1073 Bean Station
Heatherly Spring 360851N 0833810W 909 Luttrell
Indian Cave Spring 360940N 0833602W 1001 Joppa
Iron Water Spring 361840N 0832746W 1109 Avondale
Lithia Spring 361842N 0832747W 1106 Avondale
May Spring 361239N 0832753W 1073 Talbott
Mitchell Spring 361317N 0833015W 1296 Joppa
Nuckles Spring 362107N 0832315W 1788 Avondale
Phillips Spring 361354N 0832910W 1234 Talbott
Red Sulfur Spring 361843N 0832748W 1106 Avondale
Rocky Spring 362030N 0831732W 1076 Bean Station
Russel Spout Spring 361638N 0832708W 1414 Avondale
Sulphur Spring 361425N 0833714W 945 Joppa
Sulphur Spring 361043N 0834117W 909 Luttrell
Sycamore Spring 361408N 0833413W 1214 Joppa
Turley Spring 361450N 0832508W 1073 Talbott
White Sulfur Spring 361839N 0832743W 1106 Avondale


Name Latitude Longitude Elevation Quadrangle Map
Annex Creek 362131N 0832012W 1089 Bean Station
Bethel Branch 361218N 0833319W 974 Joppa
Blackwell Branch 361315N 0832650W 1073 Talbott
Briar Fork 362023N 0832000W 1073 Bean Station
Buffalo Creek 361131N 0833348W 906 Joppa
Buffalo Hide Creek 361504N 0833522W 938 Dutch Valley
Bullrun Creek 355947N 0840915W 797 Lovell
Cedar Springs Creek 362400N 0832331W 1063 Howard Quarter
Clinch River 355148N 0843155W 741 Bacon Gap
Cool Branch 362045N 0833647W 1020 Dutch Valley
Cracker Creek 362126N 0833151W 1020 Dutch Valley
Dotson Creek 362010N 0833006W 1214 Dutch Valley
Dutch Valley Creek 362129N 0833248W 1020 Dutch Valley
Edderson Branch 361939N 0833107W 1306 Dutch Valley
Flat Creek 360323N 0834440W 823 Mascot
Forked Deer Creek 362234N 0832633W 1020 Howard Quarter
Fox Creek 361954N 0833944W 1020 Powder Springs
Frost Branch 360958N 0834103W 909 Luttrell
Gap Branch 361924N 0832207W 1073 Bean Station
German Creek 361747N 0831942W 1073 Bean Station
Higgs Branch 361440N 0833606W 935 Joppa
Highland Springs Branch 361328N 0833800W 919 Luttrell
Hogskin Creek 361943N 0833842W 1020 Powder Springs
Holston River 355733N 0835101W 814 Shooks Gap
Honey Creek 361601N 0832325W 1073 Avondale
Indian Creek 362231N 0832650W 1020 Howard Quarter
Joe Mill Creek 362332N 0832434W 1050 Howard Quarter
Lambdin Branch 361410N 0832514W 1073 Talbott
Lea Creek 361019N 0834058W 902 Luttrell
Leas Creek 361006N 0834113W 896 Luttrell
Lick Branch 360947N 0834010W 919 Luttrell
Little Creek 361219N 0834429W 1053 Luttrell
Machine Branch 362335N 0832427W 1053 Howard Quarter
May Spring Branch 361227N 0832707W 1073 Talbott
McCarty Branch 361422N 0832532W 1073 Talbott
Meadow Branch 362039N 0831808W 1076 Bean Station
Mill Spring Branch (historical) 361658N 0832122W 1073 Bean Station
Miller Branch 362130N 0832012W 1086 Bean Station
Notchy Creek 362201N 0832801W 1030 Avondale
Nuckles Branch 362040N 0832257W 1099 Avondale
Puncheon Camp Creek 362010N 0833006W 1214 Dutch Valley
Ray Creek 361857N 0832130W 1073 Bean Station
Richland Creek 360736N 0834001W 869 Luttrell
Rocky Branch 361726N 0832906W 1040 Avondale
Rucker Branch 362237N 0832408W 1283 Howard Quarter
Shields Creek 361855N 0832358W 1073 Avondale
Smith Branch 361058N 0834036W 909 Luttrell
Smith Hollow Branch 361103N 0833936W 997 Luttrell
Spout Spring Branch 360937N 0833958W 889 Luttrell
West Branch 361045N 0833209W 909 Joppa
Wildcat Branch 361832N 0831937W 1079 Bean Station
Williams Creek 361956N 0833852W 1020 Powder Springs

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