Cemeteries Identified in the GNIS

Geographic features that appear on topographic maps in the United States are listed in an online database maintained by the federal government’s United States Geological Survey and the U. S. Board on Geographic Names.

This entity is usually referred to as USGS. The database is called the Geographic Names Information System, or GNIS. Many genealogists use it frequently to find places, identify the county location, and determine the coordinates.

The following table contains all topographic features in the GNIS identified as cemeteries within Grainger County. Places that no longer exist are identified with “(historical).”

The table also includes the latitude and longitude and name of the 7.5′ USGS topographical quadrangle map on which the place is shown.

Please note that this is not a comprehensive list of all burial sites in the county. It is simply the government’s mapping system’s list. Click here to search GNIS for other topographical features or locations.

Name Latitude Longitude Elevation Quadrangle Map
Acuff Cemetery 361727N 0833618W 1486 Dutch Valley
Adkins Cemetery 362102N 0832245W 1460 Avondale
Adkins Cemetery 362043N 0832526W 1683 Avondale
Arnwine Cemetery 362153N 0833523W 1060 Dutch Valley
Arnwine Cemetery 361824N 0833644W 1276 Dutch Valley
Atkins Cemetery 361634N 0834020W 1283 Powder Springs
Avondale Cemetery 361812N 0832745W 1129 Avondale
Batman Cemetery 362049N 0832625W 1437 Avondale
Bean Station Cemetery 362031N 0831648W 1145 Bean Station
Bean Station Cemetery 361942N 0832211W 1083 Bean Station
Beckham Cemetery 361457N 0833234W 1355 Joppa
Blue Springs Cemetery 361546N 0833137W 1224 Dutch Valley
Bowen Cemetery 361834N 0832558W 1129 Avondale
Branson Cemetery 361803N 0833459W 1457 Dutch Valley
Bray Cemetery 362123N 0832431W 1542 Avondale
Broken Valley Cemetery 362312N 0832438W 1273 Howard Quarter
Buck Hollow Cemetery 362004N 0832133W 1112 Bean Station
Buffalo Springs Cemetery 361252N 0833354W 1047 Joppa
Cabbage Cemetery 361905N 0834017W 1243 Powder Springs
Caldwell Cemetery 362044N 0831551W 1148 Bean Station
Cedar Grove Cemetery 361539N 0833421W 984 Dutch Valley
Central Point Cemetery 361522N 0832922W 1473 Avondale
Cherry Orchard Cemetery 361510N 0834043W 1414 Powder Springs
Chestnut Grove Cemetery 361907N 0831908W 1270 Bean Station
Clapp Cemetery 361915N 0833438W 1322 Dutch Valley
Clark Cemetery 361632N 0833752W 1325 Powder Springs
Clement Cemetery 362421N 0832429W 1257 Howard Quarter
Cleveland Cemetery 361707N 0833651W 1384 Dutch Valley
Cobb Cemetery 361908N 0832152W 1093 Bean Station
Coffey Cemetery 362436N 0832153W 1145 Swan Island
Coffey Cemetery 362206N 0832247W 1660 Avondale
Collins Cemetery 362358N 0832254W 1273 Howard Quarter
Collins Cemetery 362227N 0832143W 1624 Bean Station
Collins Cemetery 362202N 0832713W 1201 Avondale
Collins Cemetery 361910N 0833511W 1257 Dutch Valley
Collins Cemetery 361318N 0833524W 1270 Joppa
Condry Cemetery 362218N 0832925W 1106 Avondale
Condry Cemetery 362024N 0832814W 1440 Avondale
Corbin Cemetery 361552N 0833856W 1257 Powder Springs
Dalton Cemetery 362343N 0832229W 1631 Swan Island
Dalton Cemetery 362121N 0832951W 1197 Avondale
Dalton Cemetery 362034N 0831947W 1106 Bean Station
Davidson Cemetery 362249N 0832315W 1460 Howard Quarter
Davis Cemetery 360931N 0834157W 948 Luttrell
Dodson Cemetery 361756N 0831713W 1089 Bean Station
Dotson Cemetery 362020N 0832949W 1476 Avondale
Dyer Cemetery 361528N 0833443W 1024 Dutch Valley
Epperson Cemetery 362400N 0832522W 1266 Howard Quarter
Fairview Cemetery 361537N 0834211W 1286 Powder Springs
Farmer Cemetery 362017N 0832706W 1535 Avondale
Floyd Cemetery 361958N 0832508W 1102 Avondale
Ford Cemetery 361725N 0831826W 1129 Bean Station
Frazier Cemetery 360728N 0834055W 1040 Mascot
Garrett Cemetery 362029N 0831830W 1096 Bean Station
Gilmore Cemetery 361110N 0833317W 1024 Joppa
Greenlee Cemetery 361418N 0832734W 1309 Talbott
Grove Cemetery 361558N 0832721W 1352 Avondale
Hammer Cemetery 361455N 0833133W 1266 Joppa
Hammer Cemetery 361341N 0832816W 1171 Talbott
Hammock Cemetery 361835N 0833951W 1365 Powder Springs
Harrell Cemetery 361827N 0832047W 1102 Bean Station
Harris Cemetery 361820N 0831951W 1112 Bean Station
Heath Chapel Cemetery 361706N 0832127W 1073 Bean Station
Helton Cemetery 361728N 0832358W 1253 Avondale
Helton Springs Cemetery 361720N 0832859W 1079 Avondale
Higgs Cemetery 361423N 0833528W 1106 Joppa
Hipsher Cemetery 362217N 0832615W 1148 Avondale
Hodges Cemetery 361434N 0833218W 1286 Joppa
Holston Cemetery 361639N 0832247W 1171 Avondale
Hopson Cemetery 362113N 0833246W 1106 Dutch Valley
Hopson Cemetery 361816N 0833657W 1247 Dutch Valley
Idol Cemetery 362203N 0832403W 1427 Avondale
Indian Ridge Cemetery 361005N 0833636W 1247 Joppa
Jarnagin Cemetery 361149N 0834019W 935 Luttrell
Jim Walker Cemetery 361435N 0833629W 955 Joppa
Johnson Cemetery 361847N 0833530W 1365 Dutch Valley
Johnson Cemetery 361536N 0833933W 1309 Powder Springs
Johnson Cemetery 361526N 0833946W 1253 Powder Springs
Joppa Cemetery 361418N 0833707W 988 Joppa
Kidwell Cemetery 361619N 0832946W 1312 Avondale
Kincaid Cemetery 362133N 0832520W 1447 Avondale
Kitts Cemetery 361841N 0833315W 1470 Dutch Valley
Lamb Cemetery 362144N 0832344W 1627 Avondale
Lathin Cemetery 362126N 0832438W 1473 Avondale
Lea Springs Cemetery 361048N 0834100W 965 Luttrell
Little Valley Cemetery 361037N 0833957W 1020 Luttrell
Mallicoat Cemetery 362337N 0832336W 1263 Howard Quarter
Marys Chapel Cemetery 361804N 0832125W 1178 Bean Station
Mason Cemetery 361856N 0833742W 1224 Powder Springs
Massengill Cemetery 361213N 0833314W 1070 Joppa
McConnell Cemetery 361837N 0832523W 1135 Avondale
McGinnis Cemetery 362149N 0832753W 1102 Avondale
McGinnis Cemetery 361857N 0832153W 1119 Bean Station
McGinnis Harrell Cemetery 362030N 0832923W 1529 Avondale
McKinney Cemetery 361738N 0834049W 1263 Powder Springs
McKinney Cemetery 360916N 0834252W 978 Luttrell
McKinney Cemetery 360611N 0834021W 945 Mascot
Meadow Branch Cemetery 362126N 0831656W 1175 Bean Station
Meeks Cemetery 361915N 0831644W 1099 Bean Station
Mitchell Cemetery 361143N 0833455W 1178 Joppa
Mitchell Cemetery 360911N 0833951W 951 Luttrell
Moody Cemetery 361330N 0832809W 1106 Talbott
Moores Chapel Cemetery 362056N 0831723W 1168 Bean Station
Mouth of Richalnd Cemetery 360812N 0833957W 958 Luttrell
Moyer Cemetery 361902N 0833714W 1283 Dutch Valley
Murray Cemetery 361900N 0831914W 1270 Bean Station
Murray Cemetery 361825N 0832124W 1076 Bean Station
Nance Cemetery 361054N 0833422W 1119 Joppa
Narrow Valley Cemetery 361616N 0832524W 1145 Avondale
Neal Cemetery 361505N 0834034W 1342 Powder Springs
Needham Cemetery 361724N 0833850W 1325 Powder Springs
Needham Cemetery 361618N 0834128W 1368 Powder Springs
Needham Cemetery 361502N 0834037W 1329 Powder Springs
New Adriel Cemetery 361845N 0831723W 1142 Bean Station
New Blackwell Cemetery 361441N 0832652W 1138 Talbott
New Corinth Cemetery 361204N 0833700W 1296 Joppa
New Prospect Cemetery 361711N 0832342W 1191 Avondale
Oakland Cemetery 361038N 0832931W 1129 Talbott
Overbay Cemetery 361912N 0831839W 1243 Bean Station
Perrin Hollow Cemetery 360854N 0833817W 1010 Luttrell
Red House Cemetery 361232N 0833921W 965 Luttrell
Rhea Cemetery 362131N 0832430W 1509 Avondale
Richland Cemetery 361753N 0832821W 1073 Avondale
Riddle Cemetery 362203N 0832809W 1063 Avondale
Ritter Cemetery 362122N 0833247W 1066 Dutch Valley
Roberts Cemetery 361908N 0833213W 1421 Dutch Valley
Rocky Summit Cemetery 361754N 0831650W 1106 Bean Station
Rucker Cemetery 362158N 0832323W 1535 Avondale
Rucker Cemetery 361821N 0833411W 1526 Dutch Valley
Rutledge Cemetery 361652N 0833105W 1033 Dutch Valley
Rutledge Cemetery 361650N 0833107W 1024 Dutch Valley
Samsel Cemetery 361841N 0831733W 1155 Bean Station
Scott Cemetery 361611N 0833817W 1322 Powder Springs
Seymoure Cemetery 362051N 0833346W 1106 Dutch Valley
Shields Cemetery 361915N 0832348W 1119 Avondale
Shiloh Cemetery 361212N 0832959W 1289 Talbott
Shipe Cemetery 360732N 0834226W 1125 Luttrell
Simmons Cemetery 362006N 0833141W 1552 Dutch Valley
Sitton Cemetery 361459N 0832721W 1214 Talbott
Slave Cemetery 362142N 0832520W 1358 Avondale
Stalsworth Cemetery 361012N 0833624W 1302 Joppa
Stone Cemetery 360833N 0833644W 997 Joppa
Stone Cemetery 360757N 0834007W 879 Luttrell
Sunrise Cemetery 361507N 0833539W 1004 Dutch Valley
Talley Cemetery 361130N 0833448W 1201 Joppa
Tampico Cemetery 361148N 0833336W 1010 Joppa
Thomas Cemetery 361748N 0834109W 1414 Powder Springs
Vineyard Cemetery 360942N 0833843W 1158 Luttrell
Warter Cemetery 361540N 0834204W 1302 Powder Springs
West Cemetery 361600N 0832841W 1506 Avondale
White Cemetery 362144N 0832320W 1699 Avondale
Whitehead Cemetery 361903N 0832445W 1129 Avondale
Williams Cemetery 361919N 0832246W 1096 Avondale
Yates Cemetery 361048N 0833524W 1043 Joppa
Young Cemetery 361339N 0833007W 1381 Joppa
Zachary Cemetery 361656N 0833923W 1335 Powder Springs

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