Churches Identified in the GNIS

Geographic features that appear on topographic maps in the United States are listed in an online database maintained by the federal government’s United States Geological Survey and the U. S. Board on Geographic Names.

This entity is usually referred to as USGS. The database is called the Geographic Names Information System, or GNIS. Many genealogists use it frequently to find places, identify the county location, and determine the coordinates.

The following table contains all topographic features in the GNIS identified as churches within Grainger County. Places that no longer exist are identified with “(historical).”

The table also includes the latitude and longitude and name of the 7.5′ USGS topographical quadrangle map on which the place is shown.

Please note that this is not a comprehensive list of all religious institutions in the county. It is simply the government’s mapping system’s list. Click here to search GNIS for other topographical features or locations.

Name Latitude Longitude Elevation Quadrangle Map
Adriel Church 361843N 0831721W 1145 Bean Station
Adril Church (historical) 361652N 0831740W 1073 Bean Station
Avondale Church 361829N 0832749W 1125 Avondale
Barnards Grove Church 362051N 0831745W 1122 Bean Station
Bean Station Church 361950N 0832204W 1099 Bean Station
Beech Grove Church 362034N 0832819W 1424 Avondale
Beeler Chapel 361857N 0833712W 1220 Dutch Valley
Black Fox Primitive Baptist Church 361911N 0834026W 1063 Powder Springs
Blackwell Branch Church (historical) 361325N 0832645W 1073 Talbott
Block House Church 360913N 0834230W 994 Luttrell
Blue Spring Church 361539N 0833133W 1204 Dutch Valley
Briar Fork Church (historical) 362058N 0832019W 1076 Bean Station
Bridgeport Church 362054N 0833123W 1112 Dutch Valley
Buffalo Church 361252N 0833352W 1060 Joppa
Byerley Chapel 360605N 0834054W 922 Mascot
Cedar Grove Church 361537N 0833420W 965 Dutch Valley
Cedar Springs Church 362305N 0832226W 1319 Swan Island
Central Church 362033N 0831647W 1148 Bean Station
Central Point Baptist Church 361519N 0832923W 1430 Avondale
Chestnut Grove School 361906N 0831907W 1263 Bean Station
Coffey Chapel 362146N 0832313W 1650 Avondale
Dotson Campground Church 362020N 0832942W 1414 Avondale
Dry Valley Church 362410N 0832503W 1237 Howard Quarter
Dutch Valley Church 362043N 0833359W 1152 Dutch Valley
Elm Springs United Baptist Church of Jesus Christ 362009N 0833600W 1421 Dutch Valley
Fairview Church 361536N 0834213W 1316 Powder Springs
Grace Church 361830N 0832501W 1096 Avondale
Heath Chapel 361706N 0832142W 1099 Bean Station
Helton Springs Church 361721N 0832857W 1053 Avondale
Holston Church 361640N 0832248W 1184 Avondale
Holston Church (historical) 361731N 0832027W 1099 Bean Station
Indian Ridge Baptist Church 361006N 0833631W 1276 Joppa
Joppa United Mthodist Church 361420N 0833659W 981 Joppa
Lake Shore Church 361646N 0832242W 1155 Avondale
Lea Springs Baptist Church 361100N 0834048W 919 Luttrell
Leaven Church 362324N 0832158W 1486 Swan Island
Liberty Church 362427N 0832133W 1191 Swan Island
Liberty Hill Church 361907N 0833735W 1171 Powder Springs
Light House Church 362006N 0832125W 1115 Bean Station
Little Valley Church 361036N 0833956W 1027 Luttrell
Locust Grove Church 361728N 0833706W 1558 Dutch Valley
Mary Chapel 361805N 0832127W 1168 Bean Station
Meadow Branch Church 362124N 0831656W 1178 Bean Station
Mitchell Spring Church 361312N 0833029W 1293 Joppa
Moore Chapel 362057N 0831723W 1181 Bean Station
Mount Eager Church 361815N 0833930W 1171 Powder Springs
Mount Pleasant Church 362204N 0832402W 1421 Avondale
Mountain View Church 362129N 0832009W 1096 Bean Station
Mouth of Richland Baptist Church 360819N 0834006W 902 Luttrell
Narrow Valley Baptist Church 361618N 0832525W 1158 Avondale
New Bethel Church 361252N 0832818W 1089 Talbott
New Blackwell Branch Church 361439N 0832655W 1145 Talbott
New Blackwell Church 361439N 0832654W 1152 Talbott
New Corinth Baptist Church 361204N 0833657W 1322 Joppa
New Hope Church 360851N 0834041W 1053 Luttrell
New Prospect Church 361710N 0832341W 1181 Avondale
Noe Chapel 361722N 0833214W 997 Dutch Valley
Noeton Church 361900N 0831916W 1247 Bean Station
Oak Grove Baptist Church 361754N 0833531W 1424 Dutch Valley
Oak Hill Church 362221N 0832317W 1447 Avondale
Oakland Baptist Church 361039N 0832931W 1132 Talbott
Powder Springs Baptist Church 361521N 0834003W 1266 Powder Springs
Powder Springs Church 361501N 0834037W 1319 Powder Springs
Puncheon Camp Baptist Church 361853N 0833221W 1381 Dutch Valley
Red House Baptist Church 361226N 0833931W 935 Luttrell
Reeds Chapel (historical) 361336N 0832626W 1076 Talbott
Richland Church 361801N 0832743W 1086 Avondale
Riverview Baptist Church 361704N 0832153W 1106 Bean Station
Rock Haven Church 362045N 0832255W 1135 Avondale
Rocky Summit Church 361755N 0831648W 1109 Bean Station
Rutledge Methodist Church 361650N 0833106W 1024 Dutch Valley
Rutledge Presbyterian Church 361652N 0833104W 1037 Dutch Valley
Salem Church 362024N 0833237W 1060 Dutch Valley
Shiloh Church 361211N 0833000W 1286 Talbott
Sunrise Church 361507N 0833540W 1007 Dutch Valley
Tampico Baptist Church 361147N 0833336W 1027 Joppa
Thorn Hill Church 362100N 0832615W 1437 Avondale
Washburn Baptist Church 361726N 0833544W 1440 Dutch Valley

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