Bible of the White Family of Thorn Hill

From a document entitled Descendants of Benjamin (s/o John) Coffey. The author’s name was not included in the document. No copyright infringement is intended by posting the information here for the benefit of researchers.

White Family Bible. Originally owned by John White, present owner Mrs. W. M. McDaniel, Thorn Hill, Tennessee. Copied by Johnny Atkins, Bean Station, Tennessee, Oct 14, 1937.

John White born April 23, 1843
Orreneney M.V. White born July 1, 1841
John C Coffey born July 14, 1801
Wilum P. Coffey born April 13, 1814
Margaret C. White born 1871
Masley P. White born December 3, 1875
Mary L. White born September 10, 1880
Wm. Mc. Daniel born February 1, 1861
Emuline MC. Daniel born August 10, 1890
John Mc. Daniel died February 5, 1889
Peter White died January 24, 1892
Casaill Coffey died September 7, 1882
Mary L. White died June 26, 1894
Nancy Coffey died November 2, 1860
Harriet Mc Daniel died April 1891

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