Land-Related Features Identified in the GNIS

Geographic features that appear on topographic maps in the United States are listed in an online database maintained by the federal government’s United States Geological Survey and the U. S. Board on Geographic Names.

This entity is usually referred to as USGS. The database is called the Geographic Names Information System, or GNIS. Many genealogists use it frequently to find places, identify the county location, and determine the coordinates.

The following table contains all topographic features in the GNIS identified as airports, fire departments, towers, tunnels, mines, and parks within Grainger County. Places that no longer exist are identified with “(historical).”

The table also includes the latitude and longitude and name of the 7.5′ USGS topographical quadrangle map on which the place is shown.

Please note that this is not a comprehensive list of all land-related topographic features in the county. It is simply the government’s mapping system’s list. Click here to search GNIS for other topographical features or locations.


Name Latitude Longitude Elevation Quadrangle Map
Hopson Bluff 362105N 0833211W 1188 Dutch Valley
Kitts Point 361003N 0834340W 1998 Luttrell
Race Track Bluff 360820N 0833828W 1030 Luttrell


Name Latitude Longitude Elevation Quadrangle Map
Chestnut Flat 361458N 0833804W 1929 Luttrell


Name Latitude Longitude Elevation Quadrangle Map
Notchy Gap 361959N 0832647W 2028 Avondale
Owl Hole Gap 361405N 0833514W 1184 Joppa
Powder Spring Gap 361428N 0833845W 1765 Luttrell
Thorn Hill Gap 362104N 0832353W 1952 Avondale


Name Latitude Longitude Elevation Quadrangle Map
Clinch Mountain 362400N 0831500W 1978 Swan Island
Copper Ridge 363152N 0830039W 1991 Kyles Ford
Copper Ridge 362429N 0832028W 1873 Swan Island
Beech Ridge 361805N 0831618W 1237 Bean Station
Big Ridge 361957N 0831911W 1608 Bean Station
Collins Ridge 361733N 0831709W 1112 Bean Station
Davis Ridge 362142N 0831619W 1391 Bean Station
Hinds Ridge 361529N 0834828W 1585 Maynardville
Indian Ridge 361102N 0833717W 1430 Joppa
Johnson Ridge 361720N 0831614W 1234 Bean Station
Little Poor Valley Ridge 362123N 0831913W 1752 Bean Station
Little Ridge 361735N 0833904W 1489 Powder Springs
Log Mountain 361820N 0833840W 1795 Powder Springs
Lone Mountain 361811N 0834456W 1824 Powder Springs
McCarty Ridge 361529N 0832547W 1306 Avondale
Mine Ridge 361450N 0832753W 1506 Talbott
Poor Valley Knobs 361448N 0833701W 1263 Joppa
Poor Valley Ridge 361934N 0832541W 1722 Avondale
Richland Knobs 361604N 0833032W 1726 Dutch Valley
River Ridge 362424N 0832500W 1519 Howard Quarter
Skinfoot Ridge 361650N 0832504W 1404 Avondale
War Ridge 362637N 0831634W 1772 Swan Island
Wildcat Spur 361142N 0834232W 1719 Luttrell
Boyd Knob 361943N 0831814W 1588 Bean Station
Burkhart Knob 361153N 0833123W 1512 Joppa
Buzzard Knob 361604N 0833032W 1726 Dutch Valley
Combs Knob 361113N 0833027W 1404 Joppa
Diamond Peak 361829N 0833728W 1676 Dutch Valley
Donehew Head 361233N 0834154W 2110 Luttrell
Garvey Knob 361230N 0833138W 1529 Joppa
Noah Knob 361147N 0833202W 1512 Joppa
Pine Mountain 361652N 0833345W 1322 Dutch Valley
Rhetts View 361021N 0834225W 1640 Luttrell
Rich Hill 360903N 0833706W 1329 Joppa
Roach Knob 361315N 0833119W 1644 Joppa
Stony Point Knob 362214N 0831637W 1824 Bean Station


Name Latitude Longitude Elevation Quadrangle Map
Bunches Trace 361746N 0833229W 1647 Dutch Valley


Name Latitude Longitude Elevation Quadrangle Map
Baker Hollow 361554N 0833903W 1260 Powder Springs
Bates Hollow 361611N 0833302W 968 Dutch Valley
Black Fox Hollow 361836N 0834121W 1063 Powder Springs
Black Fox Valley 361815N 0834228W 1129 Powder Springs
Blowing Spring Hollow 361801N 0833725W 1253 Dutch Valley
Bob Hollow 361526N 0833932W 1230 Powder Springs
Boyd Knob Hollow 361830N 0831754W 1073 Bean Station
Briar Hollow 362133N 0832010W 1093 Bean Station
Broken Valley 362132N 0832836W 1270 Avondale
Buck Hollow 361952N 0832133W 1073 Bean Station
Buffalo Hollow 361218N 0833320W 974 Joppa
Bullen Valley 362210N 0832816W 1033 Avondale
Bullen Valley 362106N 0833112W 1020 Dutch Valley
Christian Hollow 361551N 0832457W 1073 Avondale
Clinch Valley 361235N 0834442W 1076 Luttrell
Cracker Neck Valley 362102N 0833114W 1020 Dutch Valley
Dark Hollow 361708N 0833214W 991 Dutch Valley
Donehew Hollow 361308N 0834248W 1129 Luttrell
Dry Valley 362239N 0832647W 1024 Howard Quarter
Dungeon Hollow 361248N 0833856W 925 Luttrell
Dutch Valley 362129N 0833248W 1020 Dutch Valley
Guzzle Hollow 361913N 0834014W 1037 Powder Springs
Happy Hollow 361426N 0832555W 1073 Talbott
Hensley Hollow 362244N 0832528W 1224 Howard Quarter
Heyes Hollow 362105N 0833316W 1053 Dutch Valley
Hogskin Valley 361943N 0833842W 1020 Powder Springs
Indian Creek Valley 362231N 0832649W 1020 Howard Quarter
Jackson Hollow 362438N 0832136W 1158 Swan Island
Kettle Hollow 361622N 0832742W 1247 Avondale
Laurel Hollow 361150N 0834144W 971 Luttrell
Little Poor Valley 362126N 0832011W 1099 Bean Station
Little Potato Valley 361555N 0834123W 1319 Powder Springs
Livingston Hollow 361218N 0833305W 988 Joppa
Merritt Hollow 361533N 0833940W 1237 Powder Springs
Miller Hollow 362126N 0832011W 1099 Bean Station
Mooresburg Valley 361901N 0831641W 1073 Bean Station
Munsey Hollow 361727N 0833938W 1289 Powder Springs
Narrow Valley 361548N 0832505W 1073 Avondale
Newman Hollow 361809N 0831927W 1073 Bean Station
Owl Hollow 362219N 0832711W 1027 Avondale
Owl Pen Hollow 361847N 0834114W 1040 Powder Springs
Perrin Hollow 360845N 0833808W 883 Luttrell
Poor Valley 361043N 0834110W 932 Luttrell
Potato Valley 361320N 0834625W 1181 Graveston
Promised Land Hollow 361106N 0833931W 1017 Luttrell
Richland Valley 361010N 0834128W 919 Luttrell
Shackle Hollow 361048N 0833205W 925 Joppa
Shields Cove 361104N 0834146W 919 Luttrell
Silo Hollow 361444N 0834049W 1191 Luttrell
Smith Hollow 361102N 0833930W 1027 Luttrell
Spencer Hollow 360942N 0833954W 909 Luttrell
Spoon Hollow 361414N 0832925W 1247 Talbott
Sugar Hollow 361907N 0831923W 1227 Bean Station
Sulphur Springs Hollow 361850N 0832400W 1073 Avondale
Tate Hollow 361245N 0833234W 1033 Joppa
Wallop Hollow 362045N 0833647W 1020 Dutch Valley
Wildcat Hollow 361812N 0831944W 1073 Bean Station


Name Latitude Longitude Elevation Quadrangle Map
Chestnut Grove 361906N 0831908W 1280 Bean Station

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