Miscellaneous Features Identified in the GNIS

Geographic features that appear on topographic maps in the United States are listed in an online database maintained by the federal government’s United States Geological Survey and the U. S. Board on Geographic Names.

This entity is usually referred to as USGS. The database is called the Geographic Names Information System, or GNIS. Many genealogists use it frequently to find places, identify the county location, and determine the coordinates.

The following table contains all topographic features in the GNIS identified as airports, fire departments, towers, tunnels, mines, and parks within Grainger County. Places that no longer exist are identified with “(historical).”

The table also includes the latitude and longitude and name of the 7.5′ USGS topographical quadrangle map on which the place is shown.

Please note that this is not a comprehensive list of all miscellaneous topographic features in the county. It is simply the government’s mapping system’s list. Click here to search GNIS for other topographical features or locations.


Name Latitude Longitude Elevation Quadrangle Map
Landing at River’s Edge Airport 360841N 0833614W 981 Joppa

Fire Departments

Name Latitude Longitude Elevation Quadrangle Map
Bean Station Volunteer Fire Department 362033N 0831700W 1145 Bean Station
Blaine Volunteer Fire Department 360806N 0834300W 1037 Luttrell
Grainger County Rescue Squad 361645N 0833118W 997 Dutch Valley
Rutledge Volunteer Fire Department 361631N 0833047W 1083 Dutch Valley
Thorn Hill Volunteer Fire Department 362201N 0832404W 1424 Avondale
Washburn Volunteer Fire Department 361726N 0833542W 1434 Dutch Valley

Lookout Towers

Name Latitude Longitude Elevation Quadrangle Map
Avondale Lookout Tower 361936N 0832832W 2480 Avondale


Name Latitude Longitude Elevation Quadrangle Map
Oakman Tunnel 362146N 0833300W 1106 Dutch Valley


Name Latitude Longitude Elevation Quadrangle Map
Mitchell Quarry 361424N 0833557W 991 Joppa


Name Latitude Longitude Elevation Quadrangle Map
Buffalo Springs Game Farm 361231N 0833351W 1165 Joppa
Buffalo Springs State Game Farm 361225N 0833345W 1145 Joppa
Grainger County Park 362035N 0831951W 1099 Bean Station
Grainger County Park 361250N 0832812W 1089 Talbott
Harrell Park 361812N 0831953W 1096 Bean Station
Rutledge Recreational Park 361636N 0833030W 1096 Dutch Valley

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