Death of Walter M. Cocke

Walter M Cocke, the brilliant attorney, died of heart failure at 8:10 o’clock last night at his room at the New Schubert Hotel.

The Cocke family has figured prominently in the early history of the state. His great-grandfather, William Cocke, was one of the representatives from Sullivan County, who met with representatives from Washington and Greene counties at Jonesboro, August 23, 1783 for the purpose of forming an independent association, the plan of which was drawn by Messrs. Cocke and Hardin. He was a member of the House of Representatives which met at Knoxville in 1794 and of the convention which met at the above place in 1796. He and William Blount were elected the first United States Senators for Tennessee… The grandfather of Walter, William E Cocke, was born in Grainger County and practiced law and medicine there until his death. Mr. Cocke’s father was a native of Grainger County and came to Knox County in 1852.

His uncle, Mr. Warham Easeley, who lives at Rutledge was telegraphed of the affair, but it will be impossible to hear from him before sometime this forenoon. Having been an orphan from a child, this uncle raised him and it was thought best to obtain his wishes as to the disposition of the remains.

Knoxville Daily Journal – Sunday, August 12, 1894

Transcribed by Robert McGinnis and used by permission.

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