Daniel Beeler, Convicted Murderer

Daniel Beeler, sentenced to be hanged, November 20th, in Grainger county for the murder of Sheriff Greenlee of that county, was seen at the jail last night by a Journal reporter. By conversing with Beeler the following was learned.

Beeler was twenty-two years of age, August 19, 1890. He was about twenty-one at the time the murder was committed. With the murder Beeler said he had nothing to do, for such was not his intention in going to the barn from whence the sheriff was shot. Said he: “I had nothing to shoot with.”

His explanation for being in the barn was that he had gone there to meet a woman. Beeler has a wife and three children living in Grainger county, near Rutledge, the county seat. His father is seventy years of age and has been married three times. He has lived in Grainger county near all his life. Of his twelve children, seven of them are members of the Baptist church of which he too is a member.

Daniel is the youngest of four boys by Mr. Beeler’s second wife. He was a member of the Baptist church two years previous to the time Sheriff Greenlee was killed.

Beeler stoutly protested his innocence of the murder of Sheriff Greenlee, stating that John Wolfenbarger shot and killed the sheriff. Beeler said in conclusion that if he had to hang, he would die with an easy conscience.

Knoxville Daily Journal — Friday, October 3, 1890

Transcribed by Robert McGinnis and used by permission.

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