Along the Morristown & Cumberland Gap Railroad

The soon to be completed Morristown & Cumberland Gap  railroad will provide a boom not only to the terminus at Morristown in Hamblen County, Tenn., but is small towns and hamlets along its route. The road will also provide a faster transportation to many of East Tennessee most famous watering holes.

Among the most prominent are those at Lea Spring in the lower end of Grainger county and Tate’s in the upper part of the county. The climate is exceedingly healthy and pleasant at all seasons of the year.

This important link after leaving Morristown crosses the Holston river at Shields Ferry about three and half miles from the city.

The first station or regular depot will be at the Woodson Taylor place, six miles distant and the next at Bean Station, one and half miles from Tates and ten from Morristown.

The third will undoubtedly be at the old Bowen farm, four and one half miles from Rutledge, the county seat.

The fourth at Joppa or Spring House, six miles south of Rutledge and the fifth at Lea Springs, which is about six miles above and halfway between Joppa and Carrolton, the termination of the road and only twenty-one miles from Knoxville and forty-four from Cumberland Gap.

The entire length of the M & C G R R from Morristown to Floyd or Carrolton, as it is now called, is forty miles and it is generally believed  will be in running order early in the spring.

There is more behind this important railroad link that on may now suppose. And as a valuable auxiliary to Morristown and East Tennessee in general, it will play beyond a question of a doubt a most useful part.

Knoxville Daily Journal — Thursday, July 10, 1890

Transcribed by Robert McGinnis and used by permission.

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