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Dr. John Blair’s Estate Inventory, 1820

By , February 19, 2014

Inventory of Doctor Blair’s estate [written on outside of packet]

April the 22d, 1820 —

An Inventory of the Amount of the Sail of the Personel Estate of Docter John Blair Decd

Joseph Cobb one Black Horse at David Bollings Bid — $45.00

Pharaoh B. Cobb first and second volumes of Mosses Universel Georgraphy at David Bollings bid — 0:8.50

Docter William Couke [?] 2 Volume Western [?] Anattomy — 05.00

Pharaoh B. Cobb one Greek Lexicon at David Bollings Bid — 03:6-1/4

Pharaoh B. Cobb Forgersons lectors [?] at Joseph Cobbs bid 3 Volums — 0.6.50

Joseph Cobb one trunk one Razer Shaving Box and head Brush — 07.00

Elizabeth Cobb one Feather Bed sted & furniture at David Bollings Bid — 30:00

Stephen Cocke one stone Ink Stand — paid — 00:50

Returned to Court by Pharaoh B. Cobb Administrator of the Estate of Doctor John Blair Decd

Pharaoh B. Cobb
Administrator of the Estate of Docter John Blair Decd

Pharaoh B. Cobb 1820 [different handwriting]

Will of Catharine King Blair

By , February 18, 2014

Spelling and grammar are replicated here as they appear in the original document.  Paragraphs were created here for easier reading.

I Catharine Blair (Widow of James Blair Deceased) of Grainger County in the State of Tennessee, being of sound mind and memory do make and ordain this my last will and Testament, with intent that what property I may be possessed of at the time of my Decease may after my Death be distributed and Applyed in the ways and manner Following To Witt

1st I Give and bequeth unto my son Robert Blair my Negroe woman Named Queen,
I also Give and Bequeth unto Catharine Blair daughter of Robert Blair, my side sadle scarlet cloak and a pot,

I also Give to Robert Blair’s Children two Cows,

Also I give To the Daughters of Robert Blair Two Feather Beds and furniture,
and also all my Wearing Apparel to be given and divided amonst the Children of Robert Blair,
I give unto Samuel Blairs daughter Sally one Black Habbit,

and all my Sheep to be equally divided between my Son Saml Blair and my Grandson James Son of Alexander,

I Give to my Son James Blair one Cow, and the remainder of the Kitchen furniture that has not been specially mentioned above,

and whereas there is Thirty Dollars of my money in the hands of my grandson James Blair, now if the same or any part thereof remain in his hands at the time of my Decease, my will is that it be equally divided between my Sons Alexr, William, James, Robert, Samuel and Solomon

In Witness whereof I have hereunto Set my hand and Seal this fifteen day of November AD Eighteen Hundred and fourteen

Mark of Catharine Blair

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Catharine [Her Mark] Blair {seal}

Signed Sealed published and Declared in presence of

Thos Henderson
Jno Boyd [?]

Transcribed from the original document by Billie McNamara.

Will of James M. Leach

By , February 13, 2014

This document is interesting because it refers to his pending claim for land in payment for service in the Mexican War.

Recorded 10 March 1849

I James M. Leach do make and publish this as my last will and tstament, hereby revoking and making void all other wills by me at any time made.

First, I direct that my funeral expenses and all my debts be paid as soon after my death as possible, out of any moneys that I may die possessed of, or may first come into the hands of my executrix.

Secondly I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Mary Leach my land Scrip or land claim for my servises [sic] as a volenteer [sic] in the war with Mexico and all my property and effects of every kind; (Except my wearing clothes)

Thirdly I give and bequeath to my two brothers Abraham Leach and John Leach my wearing clothes to be equally divided between the said Abraham Leach and John Leach.

Lastly I do hereby nominate and appoint my beloved wife Mary Leach my executrix; and that the county Court require no Security of my executrix.

In witness whereof I do, to this my will Set my hand and Seal This 16th day of September 1848

James M. Leach {seal}

Signed, Sealed and published in our presence and we have Subscribed our names hereto in the presence of the testator this 16th day of September 1848

Jas Salling
Calvin Huddleston
John C. Baker

There is a small notation beside the names of Salling and Baker, in a different handwriting.  The date 5th March 1849 appears in the same handwriting.  In context, it likely means Salling and Baker appeared at Court on the 5th of March to prove the will so it could be entered into probate.

Transcribed by B. McNamara from the original document, on file in the Grainger County Archives.

Historic Joseph Cobb House

By , February 13, 2014

House Built in Grainger Six Years After County’s First Settlement

by C. C. Justus

Built only six years after the first settlement in Grainger county, a historic house is now one of the old landmarks in that section.  It was constructed of hewn logs and weatherboard by Joseph Cobb, whose wife was a niece of William Bean, said to have been the first white settler in Tennessee.

Joseph Cobb HouseThe mother of the present register of deeds, J. J. Brady, was born in this house seventy years ago, now it’s part of the burnaby condos for sale, you can get his house by contacting their agency.

Brady and Sheriff J. H. Whitehead, who now live in the house are among the few democrats who have held county offices in Grainger.

Two hundred yards from the house is a giant cedar tree, large enough in pioneer days to hide an Indian, who was shot out with a rifle.

The Beans owned the lands of the historic site.

[Click the image for a larger version.]

Source:  Unidentified newspaper clipping, dated 10 Feb 1924.  Submitted by James Cook.

Collins & Cook Family Record

By , February 13, 2014

JoAnne and Harrell Brogan found several photos, a Bible, and a family record in an old book in a house at Cook School on Indian Creek many years ago.

The items have been donated to the Grainger County Archives.

The book is entitled Memorial Address Life and Character of James A. Garfield President of the United States by James G. Blaine February 27th 1882.  The book was donated to the Grainger County Archives.

Information in the book is in a variety of handwriting styles.  The details are transcribed below:

First page (inside front cover)

State of Tennessee County grainger [sic]

Elizabeth Collins her Book this march [sic] the 26 1886

Sam [?]

Wm H Collins and Martha M. jackson [sic] was maried [sic] march [sic] the 5 day 1884

Wm H Collins was born in the year of our lord 1858 feb [sic] the 16 day

M C H Collins was born in the year olf our lord July the 17 day 1888

Ray Fredric [sic] Cooke [sic] Born Apr 15 1928

Second page (front flyleaf)

Nuton [sic] Franklin Collins was born in the year of our lord 1885 june [sic] the 5 day

William Harrison Collins was born in the year of our lord 1888 january [sic] the 16 day

Eliza Emaline Collins was born in the year of our lord 1891 august [sic] the 12 day

Mary Alus [sic] Collins was born in the year of our lord august [sic] the 16 day 1873

Hayes Jackson Collins was born in the year of our lord 1895 august [sic] the 23 day

Grainger County

Third page (front flyleaf)

Wm H Cook Departed this life January 16 1920

Martha M Cook Deaparted [sic] this life March 5 1896

Lucy E Collins Departed this life Nov 2 1922

Mary E Collins Deciest [sic] July 5 1921

Herald H. Hipshir [sic] Borned Nov. 15, 1927

John T. Dalton Departed this life July 11 1928

Henry Cooke Departed this life July 12 1930

Fourth page (front flyleaf)

Emma Collins was born Aug 12 1891

Madline [sic] dide [sic] January the 7 1907

Wm F Cook dide [sic] march [sic] the 13 1909

Elizabeth Collins dide [sic] february [sic] the 21 1911

Jonathan Cook Departed this life Feb 19 1917

Catherine Cook Departed this life Oct. 16, 1913

Rhoda Cook Departed this life Jan. 11, 1917

Oct [?] 16 1925 Rosa E. Cooke [sic]

Fifth page (front flyleaf)

Jhon [Thom?] R Cooke departed this life March 28 1932

J. A. Singleton Departed this life Aug. 31, 1934

Pretica [?] Anne [?] Cook borned [sic] Jan 11 1933 Middletown, Ohio

Roy Fedric [sic] Cook born April 15, 1928 Middletown Ohio

P R Cooke [sic] Departed this life Sept 9 1939

Herald [sic] H Hipshire Born tuesday [sic] 9.30 oclock Nove. [sic] 15, 1927 Thorn Hill Tennessee

P R Cooke depatrded [sic] this life Sat Sept 9, 1989

John A Collins departeded [sic] this life Jan. 9, 1927

Sixth page (front flyleaf)

John A [O?]

Newt Cooke died June 20, 1942

Emma Hipshir [sic] ” [died] Aug. 3, 1942

Bill Dalton ” [died] Aug 29 1942

George Jackson ” [died] Sept. 6, 1942

Seventh page (reverse of title page?)

Herald H. Hipsher was born Nov. 15, 1927

Eighth page (back flyleaf)

Lizzie E Cook died September 6, 1940

John R Cook died March 27, 1932

William Grant Collins departed this life March 25, 1941

J. W. Stapleton departed this life March 5 1942

Newt Cooke died June 20 1942

Emma Hipsher ” [died] Aug. 3, 1942

Bill Dalton ” [died] Aug. 29, 1942

George Jackson ” [died] Sept. 6, 1942

J. W. Fauqhuer [sic] ” [died] Sept. 22, 1942

Ninth page (back flyleaf)

Rhoda Cook died January the 11 1917

Morgan [?] H Emma C married April 13, 1924

Newton F Cooke [sic] and Mattie Brogan was married Jan. 16, 1937

Birdie Cooke [sic] and A. T. Green was married Feb. 15, 1939

Tenth page (inside back cover)

Nuton [sic] Collins his Book an [sic] his name

State of Tenn Couny [sic] Grainger

Click here to view the original record pages and the Indian Creek Photo Gallery

Elizabeth Cook Collins’ Bible

By , February 13, 2014

JoAnne and Harrell Brogan found several photos, a Bible, and an old book containing a family record in a house at Cook School on Indian Creek many years ago.

The items have been donated to the Grainger County Archives.

An on-line family tree identifies the Bible’s owner as Elizabeth Rader Koch (Cook), born 20 Jun 1830 in Morganton, Burke Co., North Carolina; died 07 Jan 1912 in Grainger County.  She married Jesse Collins on 09 January 1853 in Hancock County.  He was killed in the Civil War.

The family information page from the Bible is transcribed below:

Elizabeth Collenses Bible February the 1st day 1855 (could be 1856)

Jonathan Riley Collens was Born December the 29th 1855 (corrected)

Mary Elizabeth was Born December the 4 1857

William Henry C was Born February the 16th 1859

Peter Rosancrants Collens was born Augusth [sic] the 19th 1862

Click here to view the original Bible page and the Indian Creek Photo Gallery

Cook, Collins & Mystery Photos from Indian Creek

By , February 13, 2014

JoAnne and Harrell Brogan found several photos a family Bible in a house at Cook School on Indian Creek many years ago.

They appear to be from descendants, relatives, and friends of William F. Cook, Elizabeth Cook Collins, Jonathan Cook, and others.

The items have been donated to the Grainger County Archives.

If you can identify anyone in the photos, please Contact Us (link in menu at right).

Click here to view the Indian Creek Photo Gallery

Entries of Land Grants, 1824-1860

By , February 11, 2014

The following list contains land grants issued by the state of Tennessee and entered in Grainger County from 1824-1860.

Note:  These grants were purchased by the recipient.  They were not for military service.  It is important to understand the background of all transactions involving an individual.

The table below is searchable and sortable.

Grantee(s)DateEntry #Grant # 
Acuff, JohnFebruary 5, 182739113932
Acuff, ThomasJune 2, 18259411233
Acuff, ThomasFebruary 4, 182739213948
Acuff, ThomasDecember 25, 183991323373
Acuff, ThomasDecember 25, 183997423372
Adkin, WinstonMay 2, 182524211238
Adkins, WainwrightJune 24, 183453218847
Alsop, HenryNovember 3, 1856222929694
Alsup, HenryAugust 23, 184892426262
Alsup, HenryAugust 27, 1851194828207
Arnet, JacobSeptember 13, 18436624910
Arnett, JacobFebruary 5, 18276613951
Arnett, Sr JosephJune 3, 182522211243
Arwine, AlbertOctober 1, 18352719207
Arwine, AlbertSeptember 17, 18442925180
Arwine, AlbertSeptember 17, 18443525177
Arwine, AlbertSeptember 17, 184470225179
Atkins, PeterApril 27, 183664619812
Atkins, WainrightJuly 21, 1851185928009
Bailes, JohnJune 9, 185598529374
Ball, ThomasFebruary 6, 182713213949
Ball, ThomasJanuary 17, 182835414925
Ball, ThomasDecember 16, 182935516326
Ball, ThomasJuly 16, 183054316487
Barnard, JohnJune 3, 182510911253
Barton, IsaacSeptember 19, 18263813390
Bearden, Marcus DJanuary 31, 182733013895
Bell, GeorgeJune 21, 183443418841
Bird, JamesJuly 16, 183058916489
Bird, James MSeptember 23, 182615813418
Blain, RobertJanuary 29, 182738813836
Blair, AlexanderSeptember 19, 18267613397
Blair, JamesJuly 15, 183060016482
Blair, James heirs ofDecember 20, 183950723362
Blair, JosiahAugust 18, 1851112728112
Blair, JosiahAugust 18, 1851203028102
Bledsor, Giles JApril 29, 183679619826
Boatright, Clusby HSeptember 23, 182611213420
Boaz, ObidiahJune 24, 183451018852
Boaz, ObidiahJune 20, 183885421797
Boaz, Obidiah & Taylor, Franklin WMarch 12, 1851207327898
Bogle & McAnallyJune 4, 183461818800
Bookard, BrownberryJanuary 31, 182737213883
Bookard, ThomasFebruary 20, 182741413916
Bounds, JesseJune 24, 183467418853
Bowen, David MJuly 14, 183060516478
Bowen, ReeseJuly 7, 182731714420
Bowen, ReeseAugust 27, 1851207228199
Bowen, RuseMarch 12, 185120227902
Bowen, RuseJuly 21, 185120092808
Bowen, RuseNovember 22, 1856216829724
Bowman, JermiahSeptember 19, 18261313380
Bowman, JermiahJune 24, 183463018856
Bowman, William for the use of Brown, JohnSeptember 19, 18269713377
Brackens, JohnDecember 19, 1839101323345
Bradley, JohnDecember 4, 1854206929229
Bradly, IsaacFebruary 1, 18275413947
Bray, AbijahAugust 18, 185177328104
Brian, James OAugust 23, 1824599116
Brian, JosephMarch 1, 1855195729303
Brooks, CharlesJuly 13, 183050116465
Brown, HenryJune 19, 183894321788
Brown, JamesMarch 30, 182616212663
Brown, JohnAugust 21, 1824679150
Brown, JohnJune 3, 182518911257
Brown, JohnJune 7, 182527511278
Brown, JohnJuly 16, 183040616490
Brown, JohnJanuary 29, 184259624631
Brown, ThomasAugust 25, 1824829147
Brown, ThomasJuly 16, 183027316491
Brown, WilliamJanuary 29, 182738313858
Bucker, WilliamFebruary 1, 182733513898
Buckner & CoffeeJune 7, 182524411282
Bull, ClaibornAugust 18, 1851214028107
Bull, ElishaApril 27, 183660719810
Bull, GeorgeJune 23, 183547018842
Bullen, JosephFebruary 23, 185256428498
Bullin, JamesSeptember 17, 184457825181
Bullin, JosephSeptember 19, 18261513384
Bullins, JamesSeptember 18, 18261213376
Bunch, JohnAugust 21, 1824249136
Bunch, JohnJanuary 30, 182734913859
Bunch, JohnFebruary 5, 182742513930
Bunch, JohnFebruary 5, 182745913959
Bunch, John & SamJanuary 30, 182729513872
Bunch, SamJune 3, 182516611259
Bunch, SamJune 7, 182516711271
Bunch, SamSeptember 28, 183974722847
Bunch, SamSeptember 28, 1839191622848
Bunch, SamuelAugust 23, 182419115
Burnett, JosephOctober 23, 184882826314
Burnett, RichardJune 2, 182511611232
Burnett, RichardJune 23, 183454918845
Butler, JamesApril 29, 183672419893
Callison, JohnDecember 19, 183992223349
Callison, SamJanuary 30, 182729413860
Campbell, LeviAugust 18, 1851208428103
Carden, William TAugust 18, 18512104281O1
Cardwell, AnthonyAugust 24, 1824149137
Cardwell, AnthonyAugust 21, 1824649149
Cardwell, AnthonyJanuary 28, 184288724625
Cardwell, RobertAugust 25, 1824119145
Cardwell, RobtJune 6, 182523111265
Cardwell, RobtJanuary 30, 182728713864
Carle (Curl), William WFebruary 3, 182710913926
Carle, Joshua DMarch 1, 1855212229309
Carle, Joshua DMarch 1, 1855212329308
Carle, Joshua DMarch 1, 1855222029307
Carmichael, James TSeptember 26, 1855218929443
Cassady, JamesJune 7, 18259511285
Cates, CharlesJune 24, 183468518857
Center, NelsonDecember 19, 183966123353
Center, Stephen WSeptember 18, 18262713373
Center, Stephen WSeptember 18, 18264613372
Center, Stephen WSeptember 18, 18267813371
Champlain, ThomasFebruary 8, 182521010439
Chesney, JohnDecember 19, 183981023348
Chismy, JohnMay 28, 1859101530254
Churchman, ReubenDecember 19, 183983823341
Clark, JohnJune 8, 182522711294
Clark, JohnJanuary 29, 184281424642
Clay, WilliamJanuary 30, 182741613873
Cleveland, MartinFebruary 8, 182521510434
Clouch, DanielJune 19, 183462918818
Clowers, JamesOctober 1, 183521819195
Coats, DavidFebruary 1, 182732013902
Cobb, JosephJune 2, 182514111225
Cobb, JosephJune 1, 182317711211
Cobb, JosephJuly 17, 183040016497
Cobb, JosephMarch 29, 184189923665
Cobb, JosephOctober 23, 1848186926331
Cobos, JosephJune 20, 183:)):!18823
Cocke & JackJune 7, 182522911283
Cocke, JohnDecember 25, 183916823374
Cocke, Plesant SFebruary 7, 182514910428
Cocke, Plesant sJune 7, 182515011281
Cocke, Thomas LApril 8, 184143023678
Cocke, Thomas LMarch 30, 184188123668
Cocke, William CAugust 26, 18241469157
Cocke, William MApril 4, 184190723676
Cocke, Wm EJune 3, 182515711247
Cocke, Wm MDecember 4, 1854219029234
Cockram, DavidSeptember 20, 184496025202
Cockran, DavidAugust 25, 18241759146
Cockran, DavidJanuary 6, 182734313887
Coffee, GeorgeJune 21, 183461318836
Coffee, JoelMarch 29, 184189923664
Coffee, MeridethJune 22, 183882421795
Coffee, MeridithJune 19, 183883121793
Coffey, JamesJanuary 22, 1855227629268
Coffey, JoelJune 9, 1855226429372
Coffey, JoelJune 9, 1855226529373
Coffin, MeridithApril 3, 182625712671
Coffman, AndrewJune 21, 133466418826
Coffman, DanielAugust 26, 1824899162
Coffman, DavidApril 29, 183660919819
Collins, AllenJuly 13, 183047316470
Collins, Brice GJune 22, 183860221804
Collins, DarvellJuly 21, 1851102428011
Collins, DowellJune 21, 183460418825
Collins, EdmondJuly 13, 183050316460
Collins, Joseph & WesleyOctober 4, 186088430446
Collins, LarkinJanuary 30, 182725113865
Collins, RoyalJune 19, 183460318820
Collins, SamuelMay 24, 183435213790
Collison, SamuelAugust 21, 1824289154
Conn, Thomas HJuly 9, 182833915323
Conn, Thomas WFebruary 12, 184773425727
Conn, Thomas WMarch 31, 185173427909
Conner, JohnApril 28, 183677419816
Conner, Richard (?)December 20, 183980423364
Conner, Thomas (?)June 18, 183877521787
Conner, WilliamDecember 19, 183990223365
Coose, WilliamOctober 23, 184880226311
Coram (Crain,, WilliamFebruary 1, 182740313899
Cotner, JohnAugust 25, 1824169142
Cotner, JohnMarch 30, 182628112662
Cotum, CalvinMarch 1, 1855217729302
Cox, JohnDecember 20, 185979130326
Cox, SolomanDecember 16, 182946816323
Craighead & MassingaleSeptember 26, 183519157
Crain, PlesantJune 24, 183429818846
Crain, Sr CharlesJune 3, 182521711250
Crain, Sr CharlesFebruary 5, 182724513933
Craine, HughJune 22, 183823421805
Crane, CharlesJune 1, 182521411217
Craw, CharlesApril 3, 182624512670
Crews, HowellFebruary 1, 182717913908
Crews, HowellJune 6, 182524611219
Crosby, GeorgeMay 24, 183449418786
Crow, MathisJune 23, 183448518845
Curl, John TFebruary 8, 18258010437
Curl, John TJune 7, 182520311280
Curl, John TJune 7, 182526411279
Curl, John TFebruary 21, 1852209228493
Curl, John TOctober 1, 183519196
Curnett, WmFebruary 7, 18253210431
Dalton, AndersonMarch 29, 185930236
Dalton, EnochAugust 18, 1851189528109
Dalton, EnochMarch 16, 1852212628520
Dalton, EnochOctober 23, 184826315
Dalton, ReubenJuly 21, 185166628010
Damewood, LawsonMarch 1, 1855210229305
Daniel, JamesDecember 17, 182926916329
Daniel, WmJanuary 19, 182830214936
Darnel, JamesAugust 27, 1851201228201
Dautton, MeradethFebruary 2, 182736813918
Davenport, EdwardApril 3, 184173023672
Davis, JamesJanuary 28, 1842100124627
Davis, James & Joel, Henry heirs ofNovember 3, 185629727
Davis, JohnAugust 27, 185153628214
Davis, JohnApril 16, 184159423683
Davis, SamuelAugust 26, 1824189151
Deas, RhodaJune 19, 183442218817
Dent, JohnFebruary 8, 18252110440
Dent, JohnFebruary 1, 182740713913
Devault, JohnJuly 16, 183054516492
Devault, JohnAugust 27, 185197528198
Dickson, ReubenJune 6, 182524911267
Dinnwiddie, Wm NJune 6, 1854217929125
Dixson, ReubinSeptember 19, 182617813383
Dolton, EuriahDecember 19, 183966323355
Donehew, WilliamJune 10, 185664429647
Donehew, WilliamJune 10, 1856222229642
Dotson, JoelMarch 1, 185556529311
Dotson, John DJuly 9, 182830415330
Dotson, SamJanuary 19, 182831514931
Dotson, WmMarch 1, 1855210229291
Duncan, ThomasApril 3, 1841100023674
Duneum, BenjApril 3, 182625512673
Dyer, JamesFebruary 6, 182744913950
Dyer, James JrAugust 24, 1824429117
Dyer, JosephAugust 24, 1824839141
Dyer, ThomasApril 8, 184140023677
Dyer, WilliamAugust 26, 1824539163
Dyer, WilliamJune 6, 182516911264
Dyer, WilliamJuly 17, 182733614424
Dyer, WilliamJuly 17, 182738714425
Dyer, WilliamJanuary 29, 184242424633
Easley, JohnApril 12, 1853220928529
Easterly, JohnAugust 26, 1824729153
Eaton, DanielJune 8, 1825811295
Eaton, JamesJanuary 19, 182833314933
Eaton, Robt DFebruary 21, 1853197128497
Eaton, WmJanuary 19, 182834014937
Eaton, WmJanuary 18, 182834114927
Edwards, MaryFebruary 6, 182746013945
Edwards, MaryFebruary 6, 182746113953
Elkins, DavidAugus:t 24, 1824419134
Elkins, DavidOctober 24, 184899126324
Ellis, Lewis MOctober 24, 1845200726321
Ellis, Thomas HFebruary 23, 1853208828499
Evans, AbsolumJune 1, 182514711216
Evans, George HJuly 17, 183050616498
Evans, HamiltonAugust 27, 1851191328209
Evans, TilghmanMarch 12, 1851216027904
Farmer, JohnSeptember 17, 184456625178
Ferguson, JohnJune 7, 182519511276
Ferguson, JohnJune 7, 182523811275
Ferguson, JohnJanuary 29, 182731913857
Fielding, WileySeptember 16, 1856226029587
Floyd, WilliamDecember 4, 185429245
Frogaon, SolomanFebruary 5, 182728413936
Frost, HenryOctober 24, 184850426329
Frost, HenryMay 28, 1859212430253
Frost, John HFebruary 21, 1852205228494
Frost, StephenAugust 24, 1824339140
Frost, StephenJuly 14, 183046416479
Fry, RobtJuly 9, 182833715322
Gaines, Bales ESeptember 20, 184480925203
Gaines, Bales EOctober 24, 1848100626327
Gaines, Robert heirs ofAugust 23, 184885126263
Gaines, Robert heirs ofAugust 24, 184895426325
Gains, RobertJanuary 30, 182732113880
Gains, RobertJanuary 30, 182732213888
Gains, RobtFebruary 7, 18251710432
Gains, RobtFebruary 7, 182513910427
Galyean, JamesJune 3, 182518811246
Garretson, JobAugust 27, 185168628202
Garretson, JobeAugust 27, 185180028200
Garretson, JohnSeptember 19, 182612413395
Gill, SamOctober 4, 1860207430447
Gill, SamJune 27, 1849266626747
Gill, ThomasJune 3, 182516011244
Goan, ThomasSeptember 20, 184482225208
Goans, DanielJuly 13, 183041716468
Goans, ThomnasDecember 20, 1859186130327
Graham, AndrewMarch 1, 185588629306
Grantham, Jr RichardSeptember 23, 182621113422
Gray, JohnAugust 24, 1824719133
Gray, NathanJuly 14, 183058116478
Greer, ThomasDecember 4, 185499329230
Greir, StephensIVJarch 31, 182626012666
Grigsby, John RSeptember 16, 1856209829669
Grubb, JacobApril 29, 183611019820
Grubb, JacobFebruary 8, 182512110441
Grubb, JacobFebruary 7, 182516310433
Grubb, JacobFebruary 8, 182516410442
Grubb, JacobOctober 1, 183532319197
Grubb, JacobJuly 7, 182749314419
Hail, MarkAugust 21, 18241119159
Haley, ClaiborneFebruary 6, 182728313952
Haley, ClaiborneJuly 13, 183051916467
Hammers, EnochOctober 24, 1848190926319
Hankins, James SrMay 28, 1859223830255
Hankins, WilliamOctober 1, 18357519200
Hany, JohnMarch 12, 185196627899
Harny, John LAugust 18, 185190828113
Harrell, JnoJune 7, 182510711289
Harrell, JohnJune 24, 183437418848
Harrell, JohnJune 21, 183455518830
Harrill, RoadmanAugust 18, 1851199328115
Harris, DavidMarch 1, 1855210629312
Harris, IsaacMay 2, 183583419144
Harris, IsaacDecember 30, 183985823363
Harvey, BashaJune 7, 182511011290
Haskin, Thomas CAugust 29, 1855929
Hawkins, HenryFebruary 6, 182721513944
Hawkins, Henry LNovember 25, 184089823673
Hawkins, JamesMarch 30, 184199623667
Hawkins, StephenFebruary 5, 182738213928
Hawkins, WmJune 2, 182525411230
Hawkins, Wm (Hankins?)June 2, 182525311228
Hays, HarmonJanuary 28, 1842189824623
Hays, WilliamJanuary 30, 182732413878
Helton, Alexander GJuly 9, 182849515329
Henderson, ThomasSeptember 19, 18265813398
Henderson, William YJune 21, 183418833
Herrell, WilliamSeptember 18, 18267713370
Herrill, WmJuly 9, 182836915325
Hickey, JoshuaJuly 13, 183039516469
Hill, JamesAugust 24, 1824619136
Hill, John heirs ofJune 9, 185588329371
Hill, JosephSeptember 23, 18265213427
Hilton, AlexanderSeptember 21, 18266213404
Hilton, JohnJune 21, 183461518835
Hilton, JohnJune 4, 183418801
Hinds, JamesOctober 1, 18359619204
Hines, JamesMarch 31, 18269412662
Hines, JamesMarch 31, 182622012667
Hines, JamesJanuary 30, 182729813876
Hines, JamesAugust 23, 184898826264
Hines, JamesAugust 22, 184898926261
Hines, John BMay 11, 1846203625610
Hines, ZephniahJanuary 1, 182729913904
Hinlton, JamesSeptember 16, 1844103125172
Hiphear, HenryAugust 18, 1851190028111
Hiphere, JacobDecember 4, 1854224829243
Hipshear, JacobJune 3, 182522411249
Hipshear, Jacob & MilyFebruary 21, 185228495
Hipsher, WileyMay 28, 1859218030260
Hipshere, ColbirtJanuary 28, 184288924618
Hipshier, ElijahSeptember 17, 184445225182
Hipshier, HenryJanuary 31, 182739713890
Hipshier, HenryJune 21, 183462518834
Hipshier, HenryOctober 23, 184883926317
Hipshier, JohnSeptember 16, 184465825174
Hipshier, JohnOctober 24, 184883026322
Hipshier, JohnJune 4, 183418788
Hipshin, JohnJuly 14, 183044416475
Hipshire, WilliamJune 19, 183840021789
Hitower, EpaphroditusMarch 3, 182610012664
Hitower, JoshuaApril 3, 182610112674
Hobbs, JohnAugust 27, 1851206328216
Hodge, EliSeptember 19, 18269113391
Hodge, Robt CSeptember 21, 182613713408
Hodge, ThomasFebruary 21, 1852218528492
Hodges, Jacob CMay 28, 1859224230259
Hollowman, WilliamJanuary 30, 182724313862
Hone, Sam MJune 19, 183058518822
Hone, Saml MJune 19, 183418821
Honn (Houn?), JacobAugust 24, 1824709119
Hopkins, ThomasJuly 16, 183046316494
Hopper, JoshuaJune 19, 183418819
Horton, HughApril 25, 183650819801
Horton, HughApril 24, 183663819802
Houston, HughJuly 13, 1830716461
Houston, HughDecember 11, 182418210005
Houston, HughJune 1, 182519611212
Houston, HughJuly 13, 183033216464
Houston, HughJanuary 30, 182733413879
Houston, HughJuly 13, 183057016473
Howell, James NJune 20, 183881221779
Howell, JohnAugust 24, 182459121
Howell, ThomasJune 3, 182519311256
Howell, Thomas & WilliamDecember l6, 182952116322
Howeton, WilliamJune 24, 183467318850
Hubbs, Adam WDecember 4, 1854223629232
Hubbs, JohnJanuary 29, 184293624638
Hubbs, JohnJanuary 28, 1842189924622
Hubbs, JohnMarch 15, 1856201929563
Humberd, William PJune 21, 183431118837
Humphry, JnoJune 8, 182522511293
Hutcherson, JermiahJanuary 31, 182736413897
Inns, WrnMarch 15, 185687629561
Irby, CharlesJune 3, 182524011243
Ivy, BenjaminApril 19, 184123685
Ivy, JohnDecember 20, 183965223359
Jack & BrownSeptember 18, 18262513374
Jack & BrownJune 3, 182518411245
Jackson, CorbinApril 29, 183675819817
Jackson, CorbinApril 28, 183677919814
Jackson, Joseph & Abner G January29 1842, 191124630
James, JamesSeptember 8, 1859202330276
James, NicholasSeptember 19, 182620813394
Jarnagan, IraJune 22, 183880621807
Jarnagan, JermiahJanuary 30, 182741113870
Jarnagan, JermiahJanuary 30, 182741313871
Jarnagan, JermiahJuly 15, 183055816483
Jarnagan, JermiahDecember 25, 183981623367
Jarnagan, JermiahDecember 20, 183987023357
Jarnagan, JohnJanuary 1, 182743213910
Jarnagin, CaswellJanuary 31, 182729013891
Jarnagin, JamesJanuary 29, 184295824637
Jarnagin, JermiahJune 9, 1855219829368
Jarnagin, Jermiah & Green, A PDecember 20, 1859205530325
Jarnagin, ThomasFebruary 7, 182520410426
Jenning, RoyalApril 5, 183776120659
Jenning, WilliamApril 29, 183637619829
Jennings, JohnSeptember 18, 18266013375
Jennings, John CDecember 4, 1854225329239
Jennings, John PSeptember 18, 1844201825193
Jennings, William DJuly 9, 182829715327
Johnson, AmbroseFebruary 2, 182737513915
Johnson, AmbroseJuly 15, 183046216480
Johnson, JoshuaFebruary 2, 182728813914
Johnson, PlesantAugust 18, 1851193728006
Johnson, Sanford & Bassett, SpencerSeptember 17, 184497925185
Johnson, WilliamJanuary 1, 182744113901
Johnston, AmbroseJune 4, 183461018799
Johnston, StephenOctober 1, 183510819202
Johnston, ThomasAugust 24, 18241029125
Jones, JohnJune 8, 182510411296
Jones, ThomasJune 2, 182519111224
Jones, ThomasDecember 4, 1854218629236
Jones, WilliamJuly 13, 183049116466
Jones, WilliamJune 23, 183454018844
Jones, William PSeptember 17, 184474925183
Jones, Wm S & Windham, GeorgeDecember 4, 1854220729238
Kennon, JamesDecember 19, 183965323351
Kennon, JamesDecember 19, 183965423352
Kennor, HughJune 7, 182525811277
Kersey, Sr AgnesMay 28, 1859233430256
Kidwell, DavidJuly 9, 182844315320
Kidwell, JohnJanuary 29, 1842187124640
Kinder, JacobJanuary 22, 1855223229269
Kinder, JosephJune 7, 182518311272
Kinder, JosephJune 4, 182526711261
King, JohnSeptember 19, 18265713381
King, JohnSeptember l9, 1826115
Kirkham, WilliamSeptember 19, 18266813338
Kirkland, John & JacobJuly 16, 183058616493
Kirkman, Jacob PAugust 27, 1851205128210
Kirkman, John & JacobJuly 17, 182738514423
Kirkman, John & JacobJuly 7, 182746514418
Kits, Peter & Jones, HughDecember 20, 183987323360
Labow, JosephSeptember 22, 18262913413
Lafferty, John & JamesSeptember 18, 1844201425194
Lafferty, John & JamesMarch 12, 1851209927906
Laitham, Claiborne W & Lea, Harmon GDecember 11, 182950016321
Lane, JamesFebruary 6, 182737113954
Lane, JohnMarch 1, 1855212729298
Lane, SamuelDecember 4, 1854227729240
Lane, SamuelNovember 22, 1856228229723
Lane, WilliamSeptember 20, 1844190425206
Latham, Claiborne W & Lea, W GJanuary 6, 1850192729798
Latham, JohnSeptember 19, 18263113385
Lathem, JohnJuly 17, 182749914426
Lathiam, Claibourn & Lea, Harmon GFebruary 21, 1852202528491
Lathim, Claibourn & Lea, Harmon GSeptember 18, 1844190225191
Lathin, JamesAugust 24, 18241159120
Lea, Harmon GJanuary 31, 182744513884
Lea, Harmon GDecember 25, 183864023368
Lea, Harmon GJune 19, 183865021791
Lea, Harmon GJanuary 6, 185769329801
Lea, Harmon GOctober 24, 184877826323
Lea, Harmon GOctober 21, 185696029696
Lea, Harmon GOctober 24, 184898026320
Lea, Harmon GJanuary 22, 185598129271
Lea, Harmon GJuly 11, 1850183229732
Lea, Harmon GJanuary 6, 1857196229799
Lea, Harmon GDecember 4, 1854205829231
Lea, Harmon G & Latham, C WJanuary 6, 185729800
Lea, LaveniaFebruary 1, 182742013907
Lea, PryorJune 24, 183441818851
Lea, PryorMay 24, 183441918791
Lea, Thomas IJanuary 30, 182727913867
Lea, W G & Chandler, JohnDecember 4, 1854186226
Lebo, JohnJanuary 18, 182845414930
Lebon, IsaacSeptember 17, 1844196525184
Lebow, JohnJune 1, 182520511213
Lewis, JamesJune 21, 183448818838
Lide, John WDecember 29, 183124317187
Livingston, JacobAugust 24, 1824749124
Livingston, JacobMarch 12, 18512076
Loid, RobertJanuary 30, 182730813868
Loid, ThomasJanuary 30, 182736013869
Long, JohnOctober 1, 183533319206
Long, RobertMarch 12, 1851203927905
Long, RobtSeptember 19, 182615613389
Long, RobtSeptember 20, 182615713401
Long, RobtJune 2, 182524111237
Long, RobtJune 21, 183470418831
Lowe, AbnerJune 6, 182514811270
Lowe, AbnerJune 6, 182527611266
Lowe, AbnerJuly 14, 183034516474
Loyd, RobertApril 8, 1841183723681
Loyd, RobtJune 8, 182511911298
Loyd, ThomasJune 7, 182516511284
Loyed, RobtJuly 9, 182836115326
Mackey, Berry & the heirs of Mackey, WmJanuary 22, 1855198129270
Magan, JohnJuly 15, 183032616485
Magee, ZeraJanuary 31, 182741013882
Malicote, JamesMarch 1, 1855193429304
Mallicoat, JohnSeptember 18, 184485225189
Mallicoate, Wm CMarch 15, 1856210829565
Mallicoate, Wm cMarch 15, 1856210829565
Mallicot, WilliamApril 26, 183669619805
Mams, ThomasJune 21, 183436318840
Mams, WmJune 3, 182510411248
Manley, DavidJuly 17, 182728614422
Manly, AbsalomApril 27, 1841184523687
Manly, DavidAugust 18, 1851191728108
Maples, JosiahFebruary 8, 18253510438
Mase, JohnAugust 18, 1851199628110
Massingale, MichaelJune 24, 18345918858
Mauly, WilsonAugust 18, 1851194528114
Mays, DuleyJanuary 18, 182830114926
Mays, JamesSeptember 19, 182611713386
Mays, JamesApril 26, 183681519807
Mays, JohnOctober 23, 1848202026312
Mays, JohnJanuary 10, 1852211228461
Mays, JohnJanuary 10, 1852217328462
Mayse, JohnMarch 15, 1856230329562
McAnally, CharlesSeptember 19, 18268713382
McAnally, CharlesFebruary 5, 182715213927
McAnally, CharlesFebruary 3, 182717413923
McAnally, CharlesDecember 17, 182948616328
McAnally, CharlesOctober 2, 184576325386
McAnally, CharlesApril 26, 183682119803
McAnally, CharlesAugust 21, 1848206526259
McAnally, Charles & McGinnis, RobtJuly 14, 183060616477
McAnally, Charles & Payne, AquillaJuly 15, 183052216486
McAnally, DavidJune 9, 1855206429369
McAnally, JamesJuly 16, 183059016495
McAnally, Jesse & ElbertFebruary 21, 1852280628496
McAnally, Thomas & JamesDecember 1829, 48748716327
McAnally, Thomas & NancyOctober 26, 1848197526347
McAnallys, David RSeptember 20, 184434725207
McAnallys, David, R, Thomas, James & Charles WSeptember 19, 184473225201
McAnallys, James & WesleySeptember 27, 1844195225209
McBroom, ThomasAugust 26, 18241799126
McBroom, ThomasJanuary 2, 182720213920
McBroom, ThomasJanuary 28, 184285924620
McCary, Claibourn heirs ofFebruary 21, 1852201528490
McConnell, AbrahamSeptember 16, 184462325175
McFarland, Benjamin FDecember 25, 183986323347
McGee, ZeraAugust 26, 182499130
McGinnis, CharlesJanuary 29, 1842188824628
McGinnis, EdwardDecember 4, 1854205029228
McGinnis, MosesJanuary 3, 182736613925
McGinnis, RobtJuly 9, 182847115321
McGinnis, RobtJuly 9, 182847215319
McHone, Zachariah & SamOctober 1, 183512919203
McK:inny, SethJune 9, 1855204729375
McMillan, ThomasSeptember 18, 184479025192
McMillan, ThomasSeptember 18, 184479125190
McMillan, ThomasSeptember 19, 184491125199
McMullan, ThomasDecember 25, 183946623366
MeGrimes, RobertSeptember 16, 184479025176
Miller, JamesDecember 4, 1854224729237
Mills, JamesOctober 24, 1848100226328
Mitchel, GreenberryJune 2, 182520611227
Mitchel, GreenberryJanuary 19, 182831514935
Mitchell, CalvinMarch 15, 1856217429566
Mitchell, CalvinMarch 15, 1856217429566
Mitchell, ElijahAugust 27, 185196328211
Mitchell, GreenberryJanuary 29, 184295724634
Moffatt, John SJune 27, 1849208226746
Monroe, RobertFebruary 6, 182717213941
Moody, William MJuly 9, 182829115328
Moody, William MDecember 25, 183985523371
Moody, William MJanuary 28, 184287424624
Moody, William MJanuary 29, 184297324635
Moody, William MOctober 26, 1848197726346
Moor, MachnepJune 2, 182519811240
Moor, WmJune 7, 182518511288
Moore, JohnApril 29, 183676819822
Moore, MasterSeptember 22, 182612813414
Moore, Robert POctober 23, 1848191726316
Morgan, Allen DJune 8, 182515110292
Morgan, Allen DJune 1, 182523611218
Morgan, Allen DJanuary 31, 182738113889
Morgan, JohnJanuary 30, 182727813863
Morris, DruryMarch 12, 1851208527901
Morris, JuDueAugust 27, 1851197828196
Morriss, JohnSeptember 22, 18262013411
Moyers, FrederickAugust 26, 18241819148
Moyers, JamesJune 3, 182527011260
Moyers, NancyApril 29, 183668319823
Myers, JnoAugust 27, 1824679171
Mynatt, JohnJanuary 30, 182730813874
Mynatt, MillyDecember 19, 183953323344
Name, ReubenSeptember 16, 184478125173
Name, ReubenApril 26, 184186123686
Name, Sr, JohnJanuary 28, 1842100824626
Nance, John & ReubenMarch 12, 185178327900
Nance, ReubenJune 2, 182525211222
Nash, MarvelSeptember 19, 184472025196
Nash, MarvelSeptember 19, 184473125197
Nash, MarvelSeptember 18, 1844184125188
Nash, MarvelSeptember 19, 1844184225198
Nash, Thomas heirs ofSeptember 19, 184481925200
Newman, JohnAugust 26, 1824939152
Newman, JohnApril 27, 183671819811
Noe & BoatmanSeptember 21, 182619213405
Noe, DavidAugust 24, 182449122
Noe, DavidSeptember 23, 182612513421
Noe, JacobSeptember 22, 18268413415
Noe, John FMarch 12, 1851202527907
Noe, JosephSeptember 22, 18266313416
Norris, GarlandFebruary 7, 1825510430
Norris, GarlandDecember 20, 183967623354
Norris, GeorgeAugust 24, 1824499139
Norris, JamesJune 2, 182512711229
Norris, JarnetMay 2, 18255111231
Norris, JarnetJuly 17, 183059816496
Norris, JarrelJanuary 31, 182739313882
Norris, JarretOctober 26, 184856726345
Nuckles, JohnOctober 24, 184892826326
Nuckolds, JohnAugust 27, 1851210028203
Oar, WilsonAugust 24, 1824659127
Ogan, MaryAugust 27, 185193128206
Ogan, PeterApril 29, 183655919818
Ogan, PeterApril 29, 183656019851
Oliver, WilsonMay 24, 183554218789
Oliver, WilsonApril 29, 183675919821
Ore, WilsonApril 26, 183674519828
Page, ArchilasFebruary 1, 182732813911
Paine, MosesDecember 20, 183967023356
Paine, MosesSeptember 18, 184489425195
Paschal, SilasMarch 15, 1856225829564
Patterson, Joseph WSeptember 18, 1844201125187
Patterson, Thomas JJune 20, 183872521801
Patton, John MAugust 27, 1851209128213
Payne, AguillaDecember 16, 182933616320
Payne, AguillaAugust 18, 185190328116
Payne, MosesJune 7, 182514511287
Payne, MosesFebruary 3, 182740413924
Pearson, MaklenDecember 19, 183971723343
Peck, BenjaminApril 16, 1841191723684
Peck, BenjaminApril 16, 1841191923682
Peck, JacobFebruary 1, 18274813906
Perrin, NancyApril 29, 183663419825
Perrin, Nancy MaryApril 29, 183663619808
Perrin, WilliamJuly 13, 183011416472
Perrin, WilliamJuly 17, 183031816499
Perry, JohnJune 3, 18252211241
Peters, JohnJanuary 31, 182736513886
Peters, JohnFebruary 2, 182739413919
Pettibone, GeorgeJuly 26, 183695021046
Pettibone, SamJuly 26, 183695121044
Pheps, Norris AJuly 26, 183697121045
Phillips, IsaacMarch 30, 184153723669
Phillips, JohnJune 21, 183572718827
Popejoy, NatOctober 1, 183527419205
Posey, DavidAugust 27, 1851100528215
Posey, David CAugust 21, 185199428208
Prague, stephen heirsof August 27, 185168428212
Price, CatherineMarch 12, 185127908
Proffitt, GabrielDecember 1, 185675429697
Proffitt, JosephApril 26, 183675319806
Pulse, PollySeptember 19, 18261013399
Purchassile [Purkapile?], JacobSeptember 21, 18264513407
RayeJ WilliamApril 27, 183666519809
Rayl, JesseDecember 19, 183963223342
Read, FelpsJuly 17, 182743014421
Read, WmJune 7, 182526211273
Read, WmJune 7, 182518011274
Reese, IsaiahAugust 27, 185180128197
Reese, IsaiahAugust 27, 185195628195
Renfro, JohnFebruary 5, 182716113938
Renfro, Stephen CDecember 19, 183987223346
Renpbro [Renfro ?], JohnFebruary 2, 182722613937
Rentfro & GainesJanuary 28, 184276424619
Rentfro, Sr JohnAugust 27, 1851183428204
Rentfro, Stephen CJune 19, 1838875
Rhea, SamJune 8, 182522111297
Roach, AbsalomAugust 24, 1824399129
Roach, AbsalomDecember 20, 183951323358
Roach, AbsalomMarch 24, 183564118787
Roach, AbsalomJune 24, 183564218854
Roach, DrewryAugust 24, 1824409131
Roach, GreenOctober 23, 1848202326313
Roach, JohnJune 3, 182519711255
Roach, JohnDecember 25, 183974623369
Roach, SamDecember 25, 183984023370
Roberts, DennisJune 8, 182523211291
Robinson, FieldingAugust 26, 1824439164
Robinson, ThomasSeptember 19, 18267913400
Robinson, WillieJune 3, 182519411258
Rook, HizikiahOctober 1, 18359019201
Rooth, StephenDecember 4, 185490529227
Royal, WilliamSeptember 21, 182611313409
Ruce [Rice ?], ThomasSeptember 22, 18263013412
Rucker & HaseFebruary 2, 182725013934
Rucker, JohnFebruary 2, 182732913929
Rucker, JohnJuly 13, 183055716463
Rucker, JohnApril 8, 184192123680
Rud, CharlesSeptember 23, 1826213417
Ruse, IsaiahSeptember 21, 182612313410
Ruth, IsaacFebruary 6, 182717013955
Samsel, PeterFebruary 1, 182729213900
Samsil, PeterAugust 26, 1824569155
Saterfield, GreenberryMarch 1, 1855192429301
Saterfield, GreenberryMarch 1, 1855192829310
Satterfield, ElizabethSeptember 25, 184313124934
Scruggs, Rufus MOctober 25, 184886926335
Senter, Nelson A76221792
Senter, Nelson AOctober 24, 1851102628420
Shannon, JosephSeptember 21, 18263713406
Shannon, Joseph79221800
Shannon, Joseph90021803
Shannon, Joseph85,321796
Shannon, Joseph19198
Shanon & LongJune 6, 182526511268
ShanonJ JosephJune 1, 182523411215
Sharp, AmosFebruary 1, 182737813905
Sharp, AnosAugust 18, 1851190628105
Sharp, SampsonFebruary 6, 182719913943
Shelton, John, Miller, James, Shelton, Sam & David heirs April 23, 1845104625260
Shelton, Ralph for the use of DodsonSeptember 19, 18262413387
Shields, Johnson & RiceJune 21, 183464918829
Shields, Sam & MiltonMarch 10, 1845201725257
Shields, Sam & MiltonMarch 10, 1845203125256
Shirley, BalserJanuary 30, 182735013875
Simmons, JamesAugust 24, 1824349132
Simmons, JamesFebruary 2, 182730613922
Simmons, JamesJanuary 31, 182730713894
Simmons, JamesJanuary 31, 182734213893
Simmons, JohnFebruary 6, 182744013951
Simmons, RobtMarch 30, 182624312661
Simmons, RobtApril 3, 182617412668
Simmons, RobtFebruary 5, 182729613935
Simmons, RobtApril 3, 182621212672
Simon, JohnJanuary 18, 182841214929
Simon, JohnDecember 16, 182948416325
Smith, BenjaminApril 4, 184198223675
Smith, DavidFebruary 2, 182736513921
Smith, DicksonDecember 16, 182937316324
Smith, DixsonSeptember 23, 1826713426
Smith, EdwinFebruary 1, 182752513903
Smith, EvanJune 3, 182521611254
Smith, MosesSeptember 23, 182610313423
Smith, Robert N & Taylor, Hugh O Gains, Bales E9923350
Smith, SamuelApril 3, 184189123671
Smith, ThomasJune 3, 182522811251
Smith, UmphreJuly 13, 183031016462
Smith, WilliamDecember 4, 1854225429244
Smith, WillieAugust 24, 182419
Smith, WillisJune 6, 182511811263
Sparkman, LewisFebruary 6, 18278613946
Sparkman, WilliamJuly 16, 183040216488
Sparkman, WmJune 3, 182521911252
Spencer, DanielMarch 1, 1855222429300
Spencer, Fibryseptember 23, 1826813424
Spoon, AbrahamSeptember 19, 18268513392
Stone, Robert66719821
Stroude, ChristopherAugust 24, 1824989125
Sullenbarger, AlbertSeptember 20, 1844198825204
Swingle, JosephMarch 29, 184149223663
Talbot, James S101625348
Tanner, John44619199
Tate, David69143
Tate, David197328421
Tate, Edward69418792
Tate, Edward183624627
Tate, Samuel B70019804
Tate, Samuel R224329407
Tate, Samuel R225229408
Taylor, Hugh68018824
Taylor, William69028205
Thompson, John19711236
Thompson, John31213881
Thompson, William33113892
Thompson, Wm57118788
Turley, Thomas739118
Turley, Thomas20911239
Turley, Thomas W226229720
Vinyard, Adam20711221
Vinyard, Andrew31613877
Vinyard, Andrew82321802
Vinyard, Daniel22311234
Vinyard, Daniel100927974
Vinyard, Daniel195627973
Vinyard, John58816471
Vinyard, John63811235
Vinyard, Mathias101024629
Vinyard, Nicholas31313909
Vop, Clemant4410429
Vop, Clement30014934
Walker, Benj18610435
Walker, Benj20110436
Walker, Benj28213940
Walker, Benjamin28213425
Walker, James G84529233
Walker, Joseph2511223
Wallicoat [Mallicoat], William30915324
Wallicoat [Mallicoat], Wm C184024632
Waurick, John28513866
West, Isaac198920323
West, Jr, Thomas224430322
West, Sam230730328
West, Thomas45-14928
West, Thomas85623679
Western, Plesant226729242
Weston, Plesant 68218828
White, William39158
White, William15513419
Whitelock, James66719824
Whitesides, David220129235
Whitesides, Thomas8813379
Whitesides, Thomas12011286
Whitesides, Thomas25611200
Whitesides, Thomas82326334
Whitesides, Thomas200826330
Whitlock, James99723666
Whitlock, W P227329241
Wickliff, William35914417
Widner, Matthias12411226
Williams, Etheldred23011214
Williams, Etheldred198625205
Williams, Francis45316459
Williams, Henry9213393
Williams, Henry186730258
Williams, Henry233830257
Williams, Plesant238230253
Williams, William F15913396
Williams, William F27713861
Williams, Wm M219128708
Willis, William14311220
Willis, William14411219
Wilson, James36713896
Wilson, James Error89923688
Winck, Michael509144
Wirick, John58718839
Wolf, Moses189228012
Woolridge, David65918849
Wyatt, Russell194729370
Yates, James98427972
Yates, John25913942
Yow, Octavus203426323
Zachary, John F53126318


Source:  Tennessee Genealogical Society, “Ansearchin'” News, various issues dated 1963-1964.

Marriage of William Burges and Mrs. Abigail Fields (1850)

By , February 11, 2014

The following marriage notice appeared in the March 27, 1850, issue of the Raleigh Register newspaper in Raleigh, NC.  Capt. William BURGES, age 79, married Mrs. Abigail FIELDS, age 82, in Raleigh.  The Rev. B. K. Cunningham performed the ceremony.


Contributed by Taneya Koonce.

Relocated Burials Around Cherokee Lake

By , February 11, 2014

During the 1930’s and 1940’s, primarily, the Tennessee Valley Authority created a system of dams and lakes to control flooding in East Tennessee.  Most of the graves located in zones affected by this new topography were moved.

The table below contains a listing of burials in Grainger County that were moved to new gravesites.  Additional information about each individual relocation is available from TVA.

This table is sortable and searchable.

SurnameGiven NamesBornDiedOriginal CemeteryRelocatedNew Cemetery
CrosbyLemeul19001927Adril Baptist Church1941Bethesda
SpiresHenry E.18811935Adril Baptist Church1941Merry Chapel
JoycePerry18701937New Prospect Baptist1941Narrow Valley Baptist
JarnaginJohn F.18731931Adril Baptist Church1941Noeton Baptist Church
CummingsIval19251934Adril Baptist Church1941Relocated Adril Baptist
HenryMilum18841931Adril Baptist Church1941Relocated Adril Baptist
MartinOtis19011939Adril Baptist Church1941Relocated Adril Baptist
StubblefieldJoseph18621921Adril Baptist Church1941Relocated Adril Baptist
HillMildred19151918Holston Baptist Church1941Relocated Holston Baptist Church
OsborneCleveland18841910Holston Baptist Church1941Relocated Holston Baptist Church
BurchellJohn18281898New Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
ReadJohn C.18621914Read Chapel1941Bethesda
StubblefieldJennie18841926Adril Baptist Church1941Meek
ReadViola M.18471917Read Chapel1941Bethesda
LunsfordMaude19021918Adril Baptist Church1941Relocated Adril Baptist
PruittHarriet18841926Adril Baptist Church1941Relocated Adril Baptist
GrayJames19131927Blackwell Branch1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
CockrumMargaret P.18381902Cockrum Private1941Shiloh
TurleyAlbert19181924Turley1941Narrow Valley Baptist
TurleyNanny18601895Turley1941Narrow Valley Baptist
BarnardHillery19131934Adril Baptist Church1941Relocated Adril Baptist
HillJames C.18541921Holston Baptist Church1941Relocated Holston Baptist Church
CrosbyWilliam18491915Adril Baptist Church1941Bethesda
ReadThomas R.18231892Read Chapel1941Bethesda
MillerSarah18441890Cobb Public1941Harrell
MoodyThomas B.18351917Read Chapel1941Jarnagin
TurleyThomas Daniel18701905Turley1941Jarnagin
HillE. K.18821934Holston Baptist Church1941Relocated Holston Baptist Church
ClarkNancy18651922Cockrum Private1941Shiloh
HelmJohn18501925Read Chapel1941Shiloh
MartinDavid18191904Read Chapel1941Shiloh
HillM. F.18581899Holston Baptist Church1941Appalachia, Virginia
JohnsonMrs. Jim18421880Johnson Private1941Bean Station
LazarSam18491917Holston Baptist Church1941Relocated Holston Baptist Church
SmithOmer L.19071911Adril Baptist Church1941Relocated Adril Baptist
HedrickBessie Lee19061925Adril Baptist Church1941Bethesda
LytleAlice18811907Cobb Public1941Merry Chapel
CollinsMyrtle D.19041938Rocky Summit1941Relocated Adril Baptist
HarrisLaura Henry18961934Adril Baptist Church1941Relocated Adril Baptist
TaylorCrotia18851912Taylor #21941Relocated Adril Baptist
LineLucy18741905New Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
TaylorThomas H.18321907Taylor #21941Relocated Adril Baptist
StroudJr., Harold19251929Heath Chapel1941Heath Chapel
JoyceLucile19211922New Prospect Baptist1941Narrow Valley Baptist
JoycePauline19221922New Prospect Baptist1941Narrow Valley Baptist
LivingstonHenry C.19201922Adril Baptist Church1941Relocated Adril Baptist
CockrumTennie V.19221924Blackwell Branch1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
DaltonMollie18791939Blackwell Branch1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
FarmerJ. H.18491924Read Chapel1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
FarmerMary18501924Read Chapel1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
GreenleeRobbie Faye19331933Blackwell Branch1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
McDanielE. K.18711918Blackwell Branch1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
HillSarah J.18651905Holston Baptist Church1941Relocated Holston Baptist Church
ShropshireRuby C.19131913Holston Baptist Church1941Relocated Holston Baptist Church
ShropshireVictor H.19101910Holston Baptist Church1941Relocated Holston Baptist Church
BurchellMary18391904New Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
JarnaginP. J.18591924New Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
WinsteadRuby19051909New Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
KelleyMinnie19021904Read Chapel1941Shiloh
MurrayW. T.18391919Shields Private1941Bean Station
DodsonD. M.18691902Adril Baptist Church1941Bethesda
ReadOlivia G.18671931Read Chapel1941Bethesda
MayesMargaretNoe Private1941Heath Chapel
HipsherLee18651925Adril Baptist Church1941Relocated Adril Baptist
McCoyLidie18481905Adril Baptist Church1941Relocated Adril Baptist
MurphyArthur19011937Rocky Summit1941Relocated Adril Baptist
DaltonPleasant18821934Blackwell Branch1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
GreenleeMartha18691936Blackwell Branch1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
CockrumLutitia18261888Cockrum Private1941Shiloh
GreenleeEuna M.19331937Read Chapel1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
RobertsPhiliphTurley1941Narrow Valley Baptist
DennisHugh Emert19181918Blackwell Branch1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
LawrenceEffie D.18861891Read Chapel1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
WheatleyVirginia18981900Holston Baptist Church1941Relocated Holston Baptist Church
JamesJohn19051908Read Chapel1941Shiloh
KelleyJoe19001900Read Chapel1941Shiloh
BewleyGeo. C., Jr.19171922Read Chapel1941Bethesda
GillAlice Shields18921895Shields Private1941Jarnagin
TurleyNanny M.18621864Turley1941Jarnagin
GreenleeJr., E. C.19221927Blackwell Branch1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
PruittSallie18461918Adril Baptist Church1941Relocated Adril Baptist
BirdBlackwell Branch1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
AllisonAlvyra1895New Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
WatkinsWillard19201938Adril Baptist Church1941Relocated Adril Baptist
BibbinsMary C.18621912Read Chapel1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
HodgeRachel T.18701872Shields Private1941Hodge
JonesJames18871904Adril Baptist Church1941Relocated Adril Baptist
WoodwardA. E.18311904Woodward1941Dalton
CrosbyMelvina V. J.18451896Johnson Private #21941Bethesda
LivingstonHarriett I.18631932Rocky Summit1941Jarnagin
CarpenterVina Mae19011923Adril Baptist Church1941Meadow Branch
JarnaginQueen D.18831931Adril Baptist Church1941Noeton Baptist Church
McCoyEtheldred18271901Adril Baptist Church1941Relocated Adril Baptist
McCoyHubert V.19131917Adril Baptist Church1941Relocated Adril Baptist
TaylorNancy C.18521926Adril Baptist Church1941Relocated Adril Baptist
CockrumFrank18901926Blackwell Branch1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
GrayFrank18771911Blackwell Branch1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
HarbinKate18851903New Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
HarbinSue1904New Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
RobertsGence18971932New Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
HenryAlfred19001905Adril Baptist Church1941Relocated Adril Baptist
HaleLouisa A.18561921Holston Baptist Church1941Relocated Holston Baptist Church
CrosbyFrances E.18431915Adril Baptist Church1941Bethesda
CrosbyGeorge W.18441913Adril Baptist Church1941Bethesda
ReadMary A.18261897Read Chapel1941Bethesda
ReadThomas R.18571930Read Chapel1941Bethesda
SextonW. D.18441928Read Chapel1941Central Point
GregoryLucinda E.18481937Adril Baptist Church1941Jarnagin
JarnaginThomas J.18351918Shields Private1941Jarnagin
LivingstonG. W.18351914Rocky Summit1941Jarnagin
PayneJames R.18521925Adril Baptist Church1941Jarnagin
JordinCordie18901924Adril Baptist Church1941Meadow Branch
LongCarrie W.18781937Adril Baptist Church1941Meek
MillerElla18791940Adril Baptist Church1941Meek
StubblefieldRufus18491924Adril Baptist Church1941Meek
ShieldsSamuel G.18611915Shields Private1941Oak Grove
OverbeyJ. D.18561928Adril Baptist Church1941Overbey Private
BaerManurva E.18381919Adril Baptist Church1941Relocated Adril Baptist
DavisJames R.18621934Adril Baptist Church1941Relocated Adril Baptist
GordenEmeline18541920Adril Baptist Church1941Relocated Adril Baptist
GrayNancy C. T.18281899Adril Baptist Church1941Relocated Adril Baptist
HenryEffie18861905Adril Baptist Church1941Relocated Adril Baptist
JohnsonJames17991877Johnson Private #21941Relocated Adril Baptist
JohnsonL. W.18391919Adril Baptist Church1941Relocated Adril Baptist
JohnsonM. D.18101894Johnson Private #21941Relocated Adril Baptist
JohnsonRebecca J.18421915Adril Baptist Church1941Relocated Adril Baptist
JohnsonThomas L.18611934Adril Baptist Church1941Relocated Adril Baptist
LivingstonJames F.18561936Adril Baptist Church1941Relocated Adril Baptist
MurphyW. M.18621937Rocky Summit1941Relocated Adril Baptist
SmithJ. W.18481930Adril Baptist Church1941Relocated Adril Baptist
SmithT. S.18831926Adril Baptist Church1941Relocated Adril Baptist
StubblefieldMary E.18451915Adril Baptist Church1941Relocated Adril Baptist
WesterJames L.18341898Wester Private1941Relocated Adril Baptist
WyattJohn J.18721933Adril Baptist Church1941Relocated Adril Baptist
GrayJohn F.18561937Blackwell Branch1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
GrayMartha L.18561936Blackwell Branch1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
GreenleeCalvin S.18661938Blackwell Branch1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
LawrenceAmazon18261895Read Chapel1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
MallicoatMary W.18531939Blackwell Branch1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
MoodyU. C.18511916Blackwell Branch1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
MooreA. W.18531936Read Chapel1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
WilliamsJennie G.18091889Blackwell Branch1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
WilliamsPleasant18101890Blackwell Branch1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
WinsteadAniva18301910Read Chapel1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
DeanWilliam D.18601930Holston Baptist Church1941Relocated Holston Baptist Church
LippsElizabeth18121895Holston Baptist Church1941Relocated Holston Baptist Church
HarbinMillerd18421901New Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
LonasComfort K.18121904Chamberlain1941Sunderland
LonasJames H.18201898Chamberlain1941Sunderland
TateSr., David17891868Chamberlain1941Sunderland
TateSr., W. B.18191903Chamberlain1941Sunderland
JamesRobert R.19111939Read Chapel1941Shiloh
WoodCecil C.19011901Adril Baptist Church1941Bethesda
HillOlive19231923Holston Baptist Church1941Relocated Holston Baptist Church
SenterInfant (B)19011901Turley1941Relocated Rock of Ag
ClarkJ. J.18631908Cockrum Private1941Shiloh
RichDaniel B.18541935Noeton Baptist Church1941Bean Station
ShieldsJoseph S.18631916Shields Private1941Greenwood
DavidsonVenoy19211939Heath Chapel1941Heath Chapel
MoodyGeorge18421862Moody Private1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
HipshireBassie19021940Noeton Baptist Church1941Relocated Adril Baptist
LawrenceJames18271903Read Chapel1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
CrewsJane18411879Shields Private1941New Prospect
CrewsMary C.18631879Shields Private1941New Prospect
GrayNina M.18751890Blackwell Branch1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
GreenleeClalrence18961924Blackwell Branch1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
KelleyW. A.19191919Blackwell Branch1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
MartinJ. W.19261926Read Chapel1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
JarnaginLou19101911New Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
JarnaginMatt19051911New Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
PeckDorothy19131920Read Chapel1941Westview
MurrayElizabeth G.18431880Shields Private1941Bean Station
KirkhamJohn18511918Adril Baptist Church1941Bethesda
LongAlbert R.19171938Holston Baptist Church1941Bethesda
WilliamsMary L.19041908Read Chapel1941Bethesda
SextonB. H.19301932Read Chapel1941Central Point
SextonWilliam J.19001919Read Chapel1941Central Point
DavidsonO'Dell19261933Heath Chapel1941Heath Chapel
JarnaginKate M.18371908Shields Private1941Jarnagin
MoodyEliza A.18411905Read Chapel1941Jarnagin
McGinnisBobby J.19331939Blackwell Branch1941McGinnis Private
TurleySis18511916Turley1941Narrow Valley Baptist
GibsonMaude19091928Adril Baptist Church1941Phillipi
ClementWilliam P.19381938Adril Baptist Church1941Relocated Adril Baptist
LivingstonJames L.18831935Adril Baptist Church1941Relocated Adril Baptist
McCoyFlossie M.18831933Adril Baptist Church1941Relocated Adril Baptist
McMahanHattie19011919Adril Baptist Church1941Relocated Adril Baptist
McMahanJoseph18881934Adril Baptist Church1941Relocated Adril Baptist
McMahanSallie18701936Adril Baptist Church1941Relocated Adril Baptist
SmithSophie18551918Adril Baptist Church1941Relocated Adril Baptist
StubblefieldBlanche19111928Adril Baptist Church1941Relocated Adril Baptist
StubblefieldPearl19161935Adril Baptist Church1941Relocated Adril Baptist
BibbinsR. A.18531910Read Chapel1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
GrayBessie19071931Blackwell Branch1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
GrayFannie18801934Blackwell Branch1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
GrayMartha A.18441926Blackwell Branch1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
GreenleeBernice19261926Blackwell Branch1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
GreenleeJ. S.18701931Blackwell Branch1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
KelleyIsaac18761937Blackwell Branch1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
LeRoyT. E.18651937Blackwell Branch1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
MassengillInfant19331933Blackwell Branch1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
PotterJ. N.18631939Read Chapel1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
BoggsAmerica18581894Holston Baptist Church1941Relocated Holston Baptist Church
HaleClark18571922Holston Baptist Church1941Relocated Holston Baptist Church
LippsLee18721930Holston Baptist Church1941Relocated Holston Baptist Church
WellsFitzhugh L.18631891Holston Baptist Church1941Relocated Holston Baptist Church
ColeClarence18951930New Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
ColeHarritte18891911New Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
ColeSimon18931918New Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
ColeTom18581908New Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
JohnsonDella19071924New Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
JohnsonRalph19171924New Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
JoyceSallie1914New Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
CockrumJames M.18591885Cockrum Private1941Shiloh
CockrumJoseph H.18281909Cockrum Private1941Shiloh
KellyMary Katherine19251932Read Chapel1941Shiloh
MartinSusan18381928Read Chapel1941Shiloh
BullenJohn18571940Rocky Summit1941Relocated Adril Baptist
CamperDavid Wesley18391918Holston Baptist Church1941Relocated Holston Baptist Church
KilgoreJames H.18081895Holston Baptist Church1941Relocated Holston Baptist Church
BurchellBettie18151905New Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
SuberA. J.18441916New Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
PascalJames18201892Shields Private1941Relocated Shields
CockrumMassy18041887Cockrum Private1941Shiloh
CockrumRachel17971885Cockrum Private1941Shiloh
CockrumRachel18291916Cockrum Private1941Shiloh
CockrumRachel JaneCockrum Private1941Shiloh
CockrumWilliamCockrum Private1941Shiloh
CrusenberryAmos17991879Cockrum Private1941Shiloh
HelmKatherine18601934Read Chapel1941Shiloh
JamesTheodica18531921Read Chapel1941Shiloh
HartmanJennie Lou18931933Adril Baptist Church1941Caldwell
SampsonAlice18851927Adril Baptist Church1941Relocated Adril Baptist
SinardMary F.18731927Adril Baptist Church1941Relocated Adril Baptist
GrayZula18901930Blackwell Branch1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
GreenleeViola18741936Blackwell Branch1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
PotterGeorge18601926Read Chapel1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
WinsteadMary Greenlee18951930Blackwell Branch1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
JohnsonMary18521910New Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
PascalMartha18571893Shields Private1941Relocated Shields
WolfeInfant19231923Noeton Baptist Church1941Bethel Baptist Church
CrosbyThomas D.18511923Adril Baptist Church1941Bethesda
DodsonA. C.18421890Adril Baptist Church1941Bethesda
ReadWiley O.18721939Read Chapel1941Bethesda
JarnaginJoseph18451878Shields Private1941Jarnagin
McMahanRobert H.18601924Adril Baptist Church1941Relocated Adril Baptist
WesterEmily J.18291915Wester Private1941Relocated Adril Baptist
WesterWesley18851885Wester Private1941Relocated Adril Baptist
GrayAmos18961900Blackwell Branch1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
MoodyLavenia R.18511933Blackwell Branch1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
WilliamsSarah18471920Blackwell Branch1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
HaleRebecca18401916Holston Baptist Church1941Relocated Holston Baptist Church
ColeMartha18531935New Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
JarnaginCecile19141918New Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
GrayJohn18131890Blackwell Branch1941Shiloh
ShaverLaura18561930Blackwell Branch1941Sunderland
PotterCordia18691936Read Chapel1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
ColeJohn18761911New Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
CockrumWilliam G.18381899Cockrum Private1941Shiloh
JarnaginWilliam N.18811883Shields Private1941Jarnagin
PotterHattie B.18881901Read Chapel1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
SextonHarlan18991932Read Chapel1941Central Point
DavidsonHenry A.19011931Heath Chapel1941Heath Chapel
MallicoatCharlie C.18771904Blackwell Branch1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
MallicoatJohn R.18801932Blackwell Branch1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
PotterJames O.18871911Read Chapel1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
PotterSam18981925Read Chapel1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
WolfeHamilton18561922Noeton Baptist Church1941Bethel Baptist Church
KirkhamMartha C.18571907Adril Baptist Church1941Bethesda
JohnsonInfant19111911Johnson Private1941Bean Station
HedrickInfant19251925Adril Baptist Church1941Bethesda
JarnaginHenry1887Shields Private1941Jarnagin
JarnaginWillie1885Shields Private1941Jarnagin
TrentMary1940McGinnis1941Mt. Lebanon
JarnaginInfant19001900Lone Grave1941Narrow Valley
SunderlandCaroline19361936Southern Private1941Narrow Valley
CollinsHurshell19211921Rocky Summit1941Relocated Adril Baptist
CollinsLenard19301930Rocky Summit1941Relocated Adril Baptist
LaughnerU. A.19361936Adril Baptist Church1941Relocated Adril Baptist
OverbaySilva M.19341934Adril Baptist Church1941Relocated Adril Baptist
RichJames19241924Adril Baptist Church1941Relocated Adril Baptist
WesterSam18901890Wester Private1941Relocated Adril Baptist
BirdInfant19301930Blackwell Branch1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
BirdInfant19321932Blackwell Branch1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
CappsInfant19391939Blackwell Branch1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
CarrollGeraldine19391939Read Chapel1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
DaltonInfant19401940Blackwell Branch1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
GrayInfant19311931Blackwell Branch1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
MeredithInfant19391939Blackwell Branch1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
HillInf. Twins19131913Holston Baptist Church1941Relocated Holston Baptist Church
VinyardJames T.19221922Holston Baptist Church1941Relocated Holston Baptist Church
JarnaginInfant19101910New Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
LineInfantNew Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
HodgeMildred19251925Blackwell Branch1941Rosebury
WyrickEdna E.19101910Adril Baptist Church1941White Pine
DavidsonEula M.19191938Heath Chapel1941Heath Chapel
MoodyLuther B.18591915Read Chapel1941Jarnagin
WolfeClaude H.19031941Noeton Baptist Church1941Relocated Adril Baptist
MurrayAurelia R.18751903Shields Private1941Bean Station
CraigMary B. D.18661906Adril Baptist Church1941Bethesda
CrosbyLillian C.18631908Adril Baptist Church1941Bethesda
EdwardsWilliam E.18851918Adril Baptist Church1941Bethesda
WoodCordelia M.18801901Adril Baptist Church1941Bethesda
GreerI. H.18761931New Prospect Baptist1941Heltens
ShorterPolly Ann18091884Shields Private1941Hodge
NoeRev. T. H.18571930Noeton Baptist Church1941Meek
HipsherAnnie18951932Adril Baptist Church1941Relocated Adril Baptist
HipsherEmit19081936Adril Baptist Church1941Relocated Adril Baptist
HipshireHurtle H.19131939Adril Baptist Church1941Relocated Adril Baptist
JohnsonNanny G.18721910Adril Baptist Church1941Relocated Adril Baptist
LivingstonGeorgia19011924Adril Baptist Church1941Relocated Adril Baptist
LunsfordLucy18731922Adril Baptist Church1941Relocated Adril Baptist
McCoyG.C.18841914Adril Baptist Church1941Relocated Adril Baptist
TurnmireAmanda M.18721916Adril Baptist Church1941Relocated Adril Baptist
WesterJennie E.18711898Wester Private1941Relocated Adril Baptist
BirdBlackwell Branch1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
CockrumRobert18851915Read Chapel1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
PotterLucy B.18681932Read Chapel1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
StubblefieldMartha C.18441881Blackwell Branch1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
CriderJeston18481893Holston Baptist Church1941Relocated Holston Baptist Church
HaleJames F.18371897Holston Baptist Church1941Relocated Holston Baptist Church
LongElizabeth O.18871912Holston Baptist Church1941Relocated Holston Baptist Church
OsborneIrby18591899Holston Baptist Church1941Relocated Holston Baptist Church
OsborneRosie18891912Holston Baptist Church1941Relocated Holston Baptist Church
OwensRosa V. O.18641907Holston Baptist Church1941Relocated Holston Baptist Church
HarbinEdgar18501900New Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
HarrellJulia F.17431880New Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
LineMargie18851915New Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
PeckGilberth19061907Read Chapel1941Westview
CrosbyNellie M.18991920Adril Baptist Church1941Bethesda
ReadSebastian C.18521909Read Chapel1941Bethesda
GillSallie M.18631891Shields Private1941Jarnagin
SmithAddie K.18931932Noeton Baptist Church1941Jarnagin
TreeceDavid M.18901913Adril Baptist Church1941Macedonia
BullenThomas19071921Adril Baptist Church1941Relocated Adril Baptist
SmithVeda18981916Adril Baptist Church1941Relocated Adril Baptist
WesterGeorge W.18611887Wester Private1941Relocated Adril Baptist
BibbinsJerry T.18901909Read Chapel1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
DaltonBessie19111928Blackwell Branch1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
HillElizabeth L.18611890Holston Baptist Church1941Relocated Holston Baptist Church
CreechMartha18781918New Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
HarbinJoe1904New Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
HarbinMargurate18451905New Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
LongJulia18751889Wester Private1941Relocated Noetron Baptist
CockrumNancy D.18351896Cockrum Private1941Shiloh
KelleyJessie19091930Read Chapel1941Shiloh
TarrMary C.18981910Chamberlain1941Westview
CriderGeorge W.18521937Holston Baptist Church1941Relocated Holston Baptist Church
GillCharlie1907Shields Private1941Bean Station
GillElizabeth P.18491925Shields Private1941Bean Station
GillJames F.1896Shields Private1941Bean Station
GillJohn L.1917Shields Private1941Bean Station
GillSam K.1901Shields Private1941Bean Station
GillSr., Wm. T.1881Shields Private1941Bean Station
GillWilliam P.1896Shields Private1941Bean Station
JohnsonInfant19131913Johnson Private1941Bean Station
LaffertyCassie I.1862Shields Private1941Bean Station
RichCatherine17831866Wester Private1941Bean Station
RichD. N.18151892Wester Private1941Bean Station
RichJoseph17791853Wester Private1941Bean Station
RichJoseph N.18121885Wester Private1941Bean Station
RichMargie A.Wester Private1941Bean Station
RichMary J.18171891Wester Private1941Bean Station
RichWillie19041904Wester Private1941Bean Station
RichWester Private1941Bean Station
RichWester Private1941Bean Station
RichWester Private1941Bean Station
AustinLucy A. R.18491905Read Chapel1941Bethesda
CrosbyA. J. C.18751879Johnson Private #21941Bethesda
CrosbyAlice F.18611940Adril Baptist Church1941Bethesda
CrosbyCaleb18071875Adril Baptist Church1941Bethesda
CrosbyElizabeth18561858Adril Baptist Church1941Bethesda
CrosbyInfant18681868Adril Baptist Church1941Bethesda
CrosbyInfant18691869Adril Baptist Church1941Bethesda
CrosbyLemeul P.18541923Adril Baptist Church1941Bethesda
CrosbyMargaret18131890Adril Baptist Church1941Bethesda
CrosbyMattie18801880Adril Baptist Church1941Bethesda
CrosbyMyrtle18841886Adril Baptist Church1941Bethesda
CrosbySarah18461847Adril Baptist Church1941Bethesda
DodsonJames H.18311904Adril Baptist Church1941Bethesda
DodsonNancy A.18381901Adril Baptist Church1941Bethesda
DodsonR. S.18331905Adril Baptist Church1941Bethesda
DodsonThomas L.18241901Adril Baptist Church1941Bethesda
ReadJr., John S.18981898Read Chapel1941Bethesda
TaylorAnn Owen17381814Taylor #21941Bethesda
TaylorJames17311815Taylor #21941Bethesda
WilliamsMinnie K.18651938Read Chapel1941Bethesda
WolfeMattie M.18781907Adril Baptist Church1941Bethesda
WolfeRobert19041908Adril Baptist Church1941Bethesda
MoodyMoody Private1941Blackwell Br.
McCoyJimAdril Baptist Church1941Caldwell
MallicoatJoel18141911Mallicoat1941Dalton Public
MallicoatJulia18311911Mallicoat1941Dalton Public
LynchLucenda18391884Cobb Public1941Harrell
MillerRufus18661870Cobb Public1941Harrell
PierceCora J.18751894Cobb Public1941Harrell
PierceMary E.18371915Cobb Public1941Harrell
LongBilly Joe1938Heath Chapel1941Heath Chapel
LongBobby Jon1938Heath Chapel1941Heath Chapel
MayesTommieNoe Private1941Heath Chapel
RichLewis Howard19341937Heath Chapel1941Heath Chapel
WatsonWylie18761878Noe Private1941Heath Chapel
BoatmanJohn18401843Shields Private1941Helton
BoatmanMarthey E.18721872Shields Private1941Helton
BarnesMinerva A. D.18241899Shields Private1941Highland Memoria
KnightElizabeth18031890Shields Private1941Highland Memoria
KnightT. D.17981857Shields Private1941Highland Memoria
ShieldsDavid18001839Shields Private1941Highland memoria
ShieldsElizabeth J.18281885Shields Private1941Highland Memoria
ShieldsElizabeth S.18271899Shields Private1941Highland Memoria
ShieldsInf. TwinsShields Private1941Highland Memoria
ShieldsInfantShields Private1941Highland Memoria
ShieldsJames T.18241899Shields Private1941Highland Memoria
ShieldsJeannette D.18611934Shields Private1941Highland Memoria
ShieldsJohn17921829Shields Private1941Highland memoria
ShieldsJohn K.18561934Shields Private1941Highland Memoria
ShieldsJr., James T.18591900Shields Private1941Highland Memoria
ShieldsMary18061852Shields Private1941Highland memoria
ShieldsRobert G.18571877Shields Private1941Highland Memoria
GammonM. A. G. S.18491876Shields Private1941Jarnagin
GammonW. D.Shields Private1941Jarnagin
JarnaginChesley18041879Shields Private1941Jarnagin
JarnaginEmma G.18491878Shields Private1941Jarnagin
JarnaginMartha G.18091878Shields Private1941Jarnagin
MoodyFrank18791879Blackwell Branch1941Jarnagin
ShieldsMary A. G.18271849Shields Private1941Jarnagin
AnkromAlbert18661926Holston Baptist Church1941Macedonia
DanielFrancisDouglas Private1941Macedonia
DanielIsaacDouglas Private1941Macedonia
DanielMaryDouglas Private1941Macedonia
DanielRebeccaDouglas Private1941Macedonia
DanielWilliamDouglas Private1941Macedonia
NoeJames E.19401940Adril Baptist Church1941Macedonia
PhillipsElizabeth1876Shields Private1941McConnell
PhillipsJohn18001898Shields Private1941McConnell
CarpenterAnnie19231923Adril Baptist Church1941Meadow Branch
StubblefieldLora19051924Adril Baptist Church1941Meek
LytleMay19071907Cobb Public1941Merry Chapel
HodgesEmma18571877Cockrum Private1941Mill Springs
SatterfieldBetsyCockrum Private1941Mill Springs
SatterfieldCharlieCockrum Private1941Mill Springs
SatterfieldClercyCockrum Private1941Mill Springs
SatterfieldGeorgeCockrum Private1941Mill Springs
SatterfieldGordan G.Cockrum Private1941Mill Springs
SatterfieldJimCockrum Private1941Mill Springs
SatterfieldJohnCockrum Private1941Mill Springs
SatterfieldJulia18241899Cockrum Private1941Mill Springs
SatterfieldMollieCockrum Private1941Mill Springs
WittColeman18141896Taylor #21941Morristown City
WittRachel18131859Taylor #21941Morristown City
ArcherWalter18921895Adril Baptist Church1941Mt. Carmel
KirkhamJacob P.Tilley1941Murray
MurrayDr. William17971866Cobb Public1941Murray
MurrayJamesCobb Public1941Murray
MurrayPolly ColterCobb Public1941Murray
MurraySarah C.18051883Cobb Public1941Murray
BoydIsabella17731836Boyd1941Narrow Valley
BoydJames17711838Boyd1941Narrow Valley
BoydBoyd1941Narrow Valley
BurchellBeatriceNew Prospect Baptist1941Narrow Valley Baptist
BurchellEdwardNew Prospect Baptist1941Narrow Valley Baptist
BurchellFredNew Prospect Baptist1941Narrow Valley Baptist
BurchellWilliamn18151890Turley1941Narrow Valley Baptist
JoyceInfantNew Prospect Baptist1941Narrow Valley Baptist
JoyceJohn H.18531920New Prospect Baptist1941Narrow Valley Baptist
JoyceKate18991928New Prospect Baptist1941Narrow Valley Baptist
JoyceLizzieNew Prospect Baptist1941Narrow Valley Baptist
JoyceMary18551928New Prospect Baptist1941Narrow Valley Baptist
JoyceMary AliceNew Prospect Baptist1941Narrow Valley Baptist
JoyceMertieNew Prospect Baptist1941Narrow Valley Baptist
JoyceOllieNew Prospect Baptist1941Narrow Valley Baptist
JoyceOllie19071925New Prospect Baptist1941Narrow Valley Baptist
JoyceWorrieNew Prospect Baptist1941Narrow Valley Baptist
OwensI. W.1864Turley1941Narrow Valley Baptist
TurleyR. L.18281912Turley1941Narrow Valley Baptist
TurleyTrevis18551880Turley1941Narrow Valley Baptist
CrewsRufus C.18651865Shields Private1941New Prospect
CrewsSamuelShields Private1941New Prospect
CollinsCaroll1936Rocky Summit1941Relocated Adril Baptist
CollinsDewey Nelson19101910Rocky Summit1941Relocated Adril Baptist
CollinsJames C.1892Rocky Summit1941Relocated Adril Baptist
CollinsLida Mae19101910Rocky Summit1941Relocated Adril Baptist
CollinsMary J.18411930Rocky Summit1941Relocated Adril Baptist
CollinsRuby Jane19311931Rocky Summit1941Relocated Adril Baptist
CollinsSterling Enos1890Rocky Summit1941Relocated Adril Baptist
CollinsSusan & GladysRocky Summit1941Relocated Adril Baptist
CollinsWinfred1908Rocky Summit1941Relocated Adril Baptist
HipsherVictoria18761914Adril Baptist Church1941Relocated Adril Baptist
JohnsonAlmond M.18761877Johnson Private #21941Relocated Adril Baptist
JohnsonInfantJohnson Private #21941Relocated Adril Baptist
JohnsonLouisa18301898Johnson Private #21941Relocated Adril Baptist
JohnsonThomas18231900Johnson Private #21941Relocated Adril Baptist
MartinEsther M.19321932Adril Baptist Church1941Relocated Adril Baptist
MinkEveline19391939Adril Baptist Church1941Relocated Adril Baptist
MooreEmogene19251925Adril Baptist Church1941Relocated Adril Baptist
MooreEugene19251925Adril Baptist Church1941Relocated Adril Baptist
MooreJohn18571935Rocky Summit1941Relocated Adril Baptist
MooreJohn L.18661926Adril Baptist Church1941Relocated Adril Baptist
MooreJulia M.1935Rocky Summit1941Relocated Adril Baptist
MooreLucille19321932Adril Baptist Church1941Relocated Adril Baptist
ProffittMartha L.18731903Rocky Summit1941Relocated Adril Baptist
ProffittWilliam C.1911Rocky Summit1941Relocated Adril Baptist
SampsonLillie A. R.19141923Adril Baptist Church1941Relocated Adril Baptist
SampsonRobert C.19211921Adril Baptist Church1941Relocated Adril Baptist
SpiresFrank19261926Adril Baptist Church1941Relocated Adril Baptist
TaylorBeulah E.18951898Adril Baptist Church1941Relocated Adril Baptist
TaylorInfant19201920Adril Baptist Church1941Relocated Adril Baptist
TaylorInfant19201920Adril Baptist Church1941Relocated Adril Baptist
TaylorJames19321934Adril Baptist Church1941Relocated Adril Baptist
TaylorJohn Lesley18821892Taylor #21941Relocated Adril Baptist
TaylorLou (B)18511901Adril Baptist Church1941Relocated Adril Baptist
TaylorQuinton18841884Taylor #21941Relocated Adril Baptist
WatkinsJohn18951925Adril Baptist Church1941Relocated Adril Baptist
WesterWester Private1941Relocated Adril Baptist
WesterWester Private1941Relocated Adril Baptist
BibbinsE. J.18391909Read Chapel1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
BibbinsJohnR.18941894Read Chapel1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
BibbinsRachel J.19001900Read Chapel1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
BibbinsRobert L.19011902Read Chapel1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
BirdInf. Twins19361936Blackwell Branch1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
BirdInfant19311931Blackwell Branch1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
BirdBlackwell Branch1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
BirdBlackwell Branch1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
BridgewaterHenryRead Chapel1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
BridgewaterSusanRead Chapel1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
CockrumInfant19151915Read Chapel1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
DennisInfant19111911Blackwell Branch1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
DennisInfant19151915Blackwell Branch1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
GrayAddier18671905Blackwell Branch1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
GrayInfantBlackwell Branch1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
GrayMatilda E.18361858Blackwell Branch1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
GrayMaude18771879Blackwell Branch1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
GrayPleasant J.18381892Blackwell Branch1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
GrayT. C.19261926Blackwell Branch1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
GrayWillie18711880Blackwell Branch1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
GreenleeE.C.Cornelia18581860Blackwell Branch1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
HarbinOllie (?)19051910Blackwell Branch1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
KelleyAnna18871902Blackwell Branch1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
KelleyFrances18481894Blackwell Branch1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
KelleyInfant18801880Blackwell Branch1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
KelleyInfant18801880Blackwell Branch1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
KelleyJasper18491897Blackwell Branch1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
LacyNancyMoody Private1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
LawrenceInfant19241924Read Chapel1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
LawsonInfantRead Chapel1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
MallicoatMary L.19211921Blackwell Branch1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
MallicoatRobert F.19181920Blackwell Branch1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
MoodyGeorgeMoody Private1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
MoodyMitchell18001879Moody Private1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
MoodyMoody Private1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
MorganCorneliaBlackwell Branch1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
MorganEdithBlackwell Branch1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
MorganInf. Twins19171917Blackwell Branch1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
MorganInfant19181918Blackwell Branch1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
MorganJoe18641925Blackwell Branch1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
MorganPolly1878Blackwell Branch1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
MorganRebeccaRead Chapel1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
MorganRoy18911904Blackwell Branch1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
PoterJohn T.1874Blackwell Branch1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
PoterMartha1860Blackwell Branch1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
PotterHugh R.18901891Read Chapel1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
PotterJames T.18301906Read Chapel1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
PotterLeRoy18921892Read Chapel1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
PotterLucretia18371906Read Chapel1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
PrattMary18421912Blackwell Branch1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
RoachSusanBlackwell Branch1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
RoachSusan H.18521920Blackwell Branch1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
RoachWilliam18481923Blackwell Branch1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
StubblefieldTheodica18671870Blackwell Branch1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
StubblefieldVivian18691870Blackwell Branch1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
TravisRead Chapel1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
TravisRead Chapel1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
TravisRead Chapel1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
WickhamMrs.Moody Private1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
WrightInfant19331933Blackwell Branch1941Relocated Blackwell Branch
AtkinsonAlvin1866Cobb Public1941Relocated Cobb
AtkinsonBen F.1914Cobb Public1941Relocated Cobb
AtkinsonCatherine1912Cobb Public1941Relocated Cobb
AtkinsonElizabeth1872Cobb Public1941Relocated Cobb
AtkinsonFrank H.1892Cobb Public1941Relocated Cobb
AtkinsonJames1910Cobb Public1941Relocated Cobb
AtkinsonJr., William1867Cobb Public1941Relocated Cobb
AtkinsonPharoah1858Cobb Public1941Relocated Cobb
AtkinsonSam1880Cobb Public1941Relocated Cobb
AtkinsonSr., WilliamCobb Public1941Relocated Cobb
BlairCatherine17901808Cobb Public1941Relocated Cobb
BlairJohn1824Cobb Public1941Relocated Cobb
CobbBoshiaCobb Public1941Relocated Cobb
CobbSarahCobb Public1941Relocated Cobb
DeverMartha18441914Cobb Public1941Relocated Cobb
KingPollyCobb Public1941Relocated Cobb
LongDocCobb Public1941Relocated Cobb
LongInfantCobb Public1941Relocated Cobb
LongInfantCobb Public1941Relocated Cobb
LongLawson A.Cobb Public1941Relocated Cobb
LongPlesCobb Public1941Relocated Cobb
LongPollyCobb Public1941Relocated Cobb
LongCobb Public1941Relocated Cobb
LongCobb Public1941Relocated Cobb
MurrayInfantCobb Public1941Relocated Cobb
BoggsFranklin P.Holston Baptist Church1941Relocated Holston Baptist Church
CooperEdna E.18991899Holston Baptist Church1941Relocated Holston Baptist Church
HoltInfant19181918Holston Baptist Church1941Relocated Holston Baptist Church
LippsElizabeth J.18371925Holston Baptist Church1941Relocated Holston Baptist Church
LippsJacob W.18381926Holston Baptist Church1941Relocated Holston Baptist Church
LippsJames B.18761909Holston Baptist Church1941Relocated Holston Baptist Church
LippsMorgan T.18151894Holston Baptist Church1941Relocated Holston Baptist Church
SmithInfantHolston Baptist Church1941Relocated Holston Baptist Church
SmithInfant18881890Holston Baptist Church1941Relocated Holston Baptist Church
SmithMary Lipps18531890Holston Baptist Church1941Relocated Holston Baptist Church
BirdLiza B.18561879New Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
BirdMartha C.18491892New Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
BirdMary18161890New Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
BirdNancy D.18351859New Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
BirdRedmond18061859New Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
BurchallInfantNew Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
BurchallNancyNew Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
BurchellInfantNew Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
BurchellJoe H.New Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
BurchellNew Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
BurchellNew Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
BurchellNew Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
BurchellNew Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
BurchellNew Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
BurchellNew Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
CarmichaelD. C.18001860New Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
CarmichaelPrudence18071868New Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
CarmichaelRhoda P.18611868New Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
ColeFrank18501900New Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
ColeInfantNew Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
ColeJr., T. B.18801909New Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
ColeLizzie18811910New Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
ColeMary19061912New Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
ColeMurrell18941900New Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
ColeMyrt18871898New Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
ColeWright18921895New Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
CooperInfant1935New Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
HarbinBessie19341934New Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
HarbinEula Mae19351937Heath Chapel1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
HarbinNellie18701890New Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
HeraldJuliaNew Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
HowellJane O.17621843New Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
JarnaginOnieNew Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
JarnaginWorrieNew Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
JoyceInfant19151915New Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
LineCella Mae19081908New Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
LineRobert1913New Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
MapleEugene19051905New Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
MaplesLizaNew Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
McGoldrickEva Mae18761938New Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
McGoldrickMartha E.19131930New Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
MifferMornin18401890New Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
PotterBetsy18251933New Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
RoachMary E.18301861New Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
RobertsFlorence18701920New Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
RobertsMartha M.18901900New Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
SalmonG. A. B.18921897New Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
TurleyC. B.New Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
WesterCarrol N.18821901New Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
WesterJames A.18891890New Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
WesterMartha H.18651889New Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
WesterPurline18571886New Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
WesternRachael18361892New Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
WillefordC. C.New Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
WillefordJackNew Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
WillefordNew Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
WilsonDoris G.1930New Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
WolfenbergerVina18601925New Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
LongGertie AnnisWester Private1941Relocated Noetron Baptist
LongJohn ThomasWester Private1941Relocated Noetron Baptist
LongRedia MaeWester Private1941Relocated Noetron Baptist
TateTate Private #41941Relocated Rock of Ag
TurleyClay (B)Turley1941Relocated Rock of Ag
TurleyHenry (B)18521922Turley1941Relocated Rock of Ag
TurleyIreila (B)Turley1941Relocated Rock of Ag
TurleyJim (B)Turley1941Relocated Rock of Ag
TurleyLuther (B)Turley1941Relocated Rock of Ag
AllenNancy E.18531878Shields Private1941Relocated Shields
CopelandWilliam N.17661810Shields Private1941Relocated Shields
HendersonMartha1893Shields Private1941Relocated Shields
LongL. H.Shields Private1941Relocated Shields
PascalPolly18271897Shields Private1941Relocated Shields
PascalRuby18841886Shields Private1941Relocated Shields
ReidPolly17921832Shields Private1941Relocated Shields
MorganClyde (?)Blackwell Branch1941Rosebury
BirdHuldie K.1890Cockrum Private1941Shiloh
BirdJulia C.18691890Cockrum Private1941Shiloh
BirdLee M.18901890Cockrum Private1941Shiloh
ChurchmanHarriet18161875Cockrum Private1941Shiloh
ClarkBillieCockrum Private1941Shiloh
ClarkLucyCockrum Private1941Shiloh
ClarkLunieCockrum Private1941Shiloh
CockrumInfant18821882Cockrum Private1941Shiloh
CockrumL. A.18381897Cockrum Private1941Shiloh
CockrumLizaCockrum Private1941Shiloh
CockrumMalindaCockrum Private1941Shiloh
CockrumSarah J.18311854Cockrum Private1941Shiloh
CrusenberryInfantCockrum Private1941Shiloh
CrusenberryNancy18431895Cockrum Private1941Shiloh
GrayPriscilla18131893Blackwell Branch1941Shiloh
JarniganEdward E.19301930Read Chapel1941Shiloh
KerrBlanche19121912Cockrum Private1941Shiloh
HarbinLottie M.19081909Blackwell Branch1941Sunderland
TateJohn K.18261835Chamberlain1941Sunderland
TateJr., David18251864Chamberlain1941Sunderland
TateMargaret C.18161850Chamberlain1941Sunderland
WhitesideNarcissas F.18141891Chamberlain1941Sunderland
PeckInfant19131913Read Chapel1941Westview
JohnsonJimJohnson Private1941Bean Station
JarnaginFrank19041904New Prospect Baptist1941Relocated New Prospect Baptist
HodgePauline19181929Blackwell Branch1941Rosebury
KelleyAnna M.18971899Read Chapel1941Shiloh
MoodyPriscilla18871887Blackwell Branch1941Shiloh
GalyonInfantNoeton Baptist Church1941Bean Station
BrewerWillie18881888Corbin1935Big Barren Memorial
BunchLouisa Jenning18801914Corbin1935Big Barren Memorial
CinnamonInfantCorbin1935Big Barren Memorial
HatfieldSibbieCorbin1935Big Barren Memorial
HatfieldWillis18961908Corbin1935Big Barren Memorial
HearstEliza1904Corbin1935Big Barren Memorial
HewittInfant18921892Corbin1935Big Barren Memorial
HewittSarah18871903Corbin1935Big Barren Memorial
JenningsArchie18771904Corbin1935Big Barren Memorial
JenningsElsie18961898Corbin1935Big Barren Memorial
JenningsHenderson18921895Corbin1935Big Barren Memorial
JenningsInfantCorbin1935Big Barren Memorial
JenningsInfantCorbin1935Big Barren Memorial
JenningsInfantCorbin1935Big Barren Memorial
JenningsInfantCorbin1935Big Barren Memorial
JenningsKateCorbin1935Big Barren Memorial
JenningsMinda18441901Corbin1935Big Barren Memorial
JenningsRobert18491905Corbin1935Big Barren Memorial
JenningsWm. DanielCorbin1935Big Barren Memorial
JenningsCorbin1935Big Barren Memorial
JenningsCorbin1935Big Barren Memorial
JenningsCorbin1935Big Barren Memorial
JenningsCorbin1935Big Barren Memorial
JenningsCorbin1935Big Barren Memorial
JenningsCorbin1935Big Barren Memorial
JenningsCorbin1935Big Barren Memorial
JenningsCorbin1935Big Barren Memorial
JenningsCorbin1935Big Barren Memorial
JenningsCorbin1935Big Barren Memorial
JenningsCorbin1935Big Barren Memorial
JenningsCorbin1935Big Barren Memorial
JenningsCorbin1935Big Barren Memorial
JenningsCorbin1935Big Barren Memorial
JenningsCorbin1935Big Barren Memorial
JenningsCorbin1935Big Barren Memorial
JenningsCorbin1935Big Barren Memorial
RoseWilliam E.18361839Corbin1935Big Barren Memorial
WrightAmon Claud19051906Corbin1935Big Barren Memorial
WrightBige19101923Corbin1935Big Barren Memorial
WrightJohn Edward19051906Corbin1935Big Barren Memorial
JenningsMrs. GeorgeCorbin1935Cleveland
CorbinRussel T.18781927Corbin1935Corbin
RichRobert E.18611935Noeton Baptist Church1941Heath Chapel
AnkromJames19021938Noeton Baptist Church1941Macedonia
AdamsClyde E.19001907DaltonNot Moved
AllenC. D.18591933HarrellNot Moved
AtkinsI. R.18701933DaltonNot Moved
AtkinsJ. M.1833HarrellNot Moved
AtkinsJanie18561921HarrellNot Moved
AtkinsMary A.18361839HarrellNot Moved
BailorHarry C.18741940HarrellNot Moved
BarbleAllen18611890DaltonNot Moved
BarbleIdia18871889DaltonNot Moved
BarbleRev. R.18181889DaltonNot Moved
BarbreInfantDaltonNot Moved
BarnettHorace1925Heath ChapelNot Moved
BaylorAda Ruth19081909HarrellNot Moved
BaylorHenry Frank19061909HarrellNot Moved
BaylorHenry O.18511902HarrellNot Moved
BaylorKate M.18721912HarrellNot Moved
BaylorLucy Lee19081909HarrellNot Moved
BaylorMary E.Hodges18561924HarrellNot Moved
BaylorRuby J.18961897HarrellNot Moved
BaylorThomas B.18271901HarrellNot Moved
BeetsRuby Mae1925HarrellNot Moved
BerkleyEmma N.18671904HarrellNot Moved
BishopMaggie B.18961929DaltonNot Moved
BishopPvt. R. T.17911918DaltonNot Moved
BlairHugh N.19191919DaltonNot Moved
BowenSarah F.18311915HarrellNot Moved
BradshawEmily A.HarrellNot Moved
BradyAlice18541929HarrellNot Moved
BradyBonnie C.19231928HarrellNot Moved
BradyWilburn G.18871913HarrellNot Moved
BurksInfant1853LivingstonNot Moved
BurksLouisanna W.18321853LivingstonNot Moved
BurnettMollie18641909HarrellNot Moved
CapperGeorgeHarrellNot Moved
CapperMarinda18761927HarrellNot Moved
CollettInfant1900HarrellNot Moved
CollettJ. H.18331898HarrellNot Moved
CollettMariah S.18391903HarrellNot Moved
ColletteJohn Travis18621938HarrellNot Moved
ColletteLeslie B.18921918HarrellNot Moved
ColletteW. R.18571933HarrellNot Moved
CollinsJohn1864Shields PrivateNot Moved
CollinsMartha1864Shields PrivateNot Moved
DaltonAdiline18521939DaltonNot Moved
DaltonE. M.18881930DaltonNot Moved
DaltonGeorge18751879DaltonNot Moved
DaltonJohn W.18461893DaltonNot Moved
DeaverMargaret F.18691895HarrellNot Moved
DenhamJunior1930Heath ChapelNot Moved
DeverEvan P.18391899HarrellNot Moved
DodsonG. W.DodsonNot Moved
DoyalAgnus C.19071910HarrellNot Moved
DoyalEdna C.18751921HarrellNot Moved
DoyalFred J.18951927HarrellNot Moved
EatonLucyJohnson PrivateNot Moved
FoaldenWm. R.17371899DaltonNot Moved
FordJean19061934DaltonNot Moved
FranklinBetty J. M.18541909HarrellNot Moved
GaroeReubenMayNot Moved
GarrettGwendolyn H.18931937HarrellNot Moved
GermanElizabeth18621907HarrellNot Moved
GillDina Y.18191894Shields PrivateNot Moved
GillElizabeth H.17881815Shields PrivateNot Moved
GillInfantShields PrivateNot Moved
GillInfantShields PrivateNot Moved
GillInfantShields PrivateNot Moved
GillInfant1860Shields PrivateNot Moved
GillSamuel18121884Shields PrivateNot Moved
GillStephenWilliamsNot Moved
GillThomas17741846Shields PrivateNot Moved
GoansCpl. Wm. PHarrellNot Moved
GrahamFrances A.18191905HarrellNot Moved
GrahamJoseph18171896HarrellNot Moved
GranthamFrancis17451837GranthamNot Moved
GranthamJames P.18041875GranthamNot Moved
GranthamPenelope17861872GranthamNot Moved
GranthamRichard17541846GranthamNot Moved
GranthamGranthamNot Moved
GranthamGranthamNot Moved
GranthamGranthamNot Moved
GranthamGranthamNot Moved
GranthamGranthamNot Moved
HarrellAngie M.18521919HarrellNot Moved
HarrellCharles R.18731915HarrellNot Moved
HarrellCora L.18801898HarrellNot Moved
HarrellHenry Jenkins18821939HarrellNot Moved
HarrellJ. H.18401912HarrellNot Moved
HarrellLouise19051906HarrellNot Moved
HarrellMamie18721892HarrellNot Moved
HarrellMinerva D. G.18471933HarrellNot Moved
HarrellRalph1890HarrellNot Moved
HarrellWilliam P.18421925HarrellNot Moved
HarrisBenjamin F.18201871LivingstonNot Moved
HarrisChildrenLivingstonNot Moved
HarrisInfant19261926Harris PrivateNot Moved
HarrisInfant19261926Harris PrivateNot Moved
HarrisJohn17861867LivingstonNot Moved
HarrisMyrtle18951922Harris PrivateNot Moved
HarrisPeter17511833LivingstonNot Moved
HarrisSamuel C.18651886LivingstonNot Moved
HarrisWilliam17841825LivingstonNot Moved
HayesThomas E.19031908LivingstonNot Moved
HazlewoodHarriet18641907DaltonNot Moved
Hazlewood19011924DaltonNot Moved
HeltonCyantha18191910DaltonNot Moved
HeltonDaniel18591922DaltonNot Moved
HenryNeal T.18951936HarrellNot Moved
HipshireSam18721922Harris PrivateNot Moved
HipshireVictoria18781933Harris PrivateNot Moved
HodgesAmanda D.18521932DaltonNot Moved
HodgesHazel1918DaltonNot Moved
HodgesIsaac L.18481918DaltonNot Moved
HodgesJohn18471916DaltonNot Moved
HodgesMary E.18431930DaltonNot Moved
HoltAnnie M.DaltonNot Moved
HoltHorace18981920DaltonNot Moved
HoltMary18711914DaltonNot Moved
HoltS. W.1922Heath ChapelNot Moved
HoltSeth1934Heath ChapelNot Moved
HoltWilliam H.19141914DaltonNot Moved
HookMary D.Shields PrivateNot Moved
HookR. A.Shields PrivateNot Moved
HoyleSamuel1865Shields PrivateNot Moved
InmanEmaline18321920DaltonNot Moved
JacksonEdna E.Taylor #2Not Moved
JarnaginMaxie19001911DaltonNot Moved
JarnaginNealie18641917DaltonNot Moved
JarnaginTom18531918DaltonNot Moved
JohnsonEugeneJohnson PrivateNot Moved
JohnsonJesseJohnson PrivateNot Moved
JohnsonLarkin1866Johnson PrivateNot Moved
JohnsonMrs. JimJohnson PrivateNot Moved
JohnsonMrs. Olivia1862Johnson PrivateNot Moved
JohnsonMrs. ThomasJohnson PrivateNot Moved
JohnsonRosaJohnson PrivateNot Moved
JohnsonThomasJohnson PrivateNot Moved
JohnsonW. T.18351924Johnson PrivateNot Moved
JohnsonJohnson PrivateNot Moved
JohnsonJohnson PrivateNot Moved
JohnsonJohnson PrivateNot Moved
JohnsonJohnson PrivateNot Moved
JohnsonJohnson PrivateNot Moved
JonesDelmerDaltonNot Moved
JonesDr. Richard M18661900DaltonNot Moved
JoyceAnna B.18811893HarrellNot Moved
JoyceEliza J.18451913HarrellNot Moved
JoyceRedie E.18831900HarrellNot Moved
JoyceRufus Woodson18711933HarrellNot Moved
JoyceT. W.18441910HarrellNot Moved
LawsonRobert E.18951904DaltonNot Moved
LeedyCharles A.18711936HarrellNot Moved
LeedyMax R.19071938HarrellNot Moved
LeffewNancy1922Heath ChapelNot Moved
LetellierJ. F.18481896HarrellNot Moved
LivingstonBell1890LivingstonNot Moved
LivingstonC. C.18681890LivingstonNot Moved
LivingstonDr. W. H.18631934LivingstonNot Moved
LivingstonElder C.18081885LivingstonNot Moved
LivingstonGeorge1890LivingstonNot Moved
LivingstonGeorge G.18891936LivingstonNot Moved
LivingstonM. E. Carlton18361930LivingstonNot Moved
LivingstonNancy18111889LivingstonNot Moved
LivingstonSaphrana B.18721940LivingstonNot Moved
LivingstonThomas L.18581938LivingstonNot Moved
LongEva J.18881936HarrellNot Moved
LongHenry18701925HarrellNot Moved
LongInfant19241924Noeton Baptist ChurchNot Moved
LongJames R.18841910HarrellNot Moved
LongLucinda C.18631932HarrellNot Moved
LongMary S. S.18871916DaltonNot Moved
MackeyJames18761910HarrellNot Moved
MackeyWm. H.18661899HarrellNot Moved
MartinRosa18581923Harris PrivateNot Moved
MayesMartha N.18321849Noeton Baptist ChurchNot Moved
MaysJames17861840MayNot Moved
MaysJane17971857MayNot Moved
MaysMayNot Moved
MaysMayNot Moved
McDanielRachael J.18331920HarrellNot Moved
McGinnisArthur19201928McGinnisNot Moved
McGinnisDinah1914McGinnisNot Moved
McGinnisFlorence18621909McGinnisNot Moved
McGinnisFrank1920McGinnisNot Moved
McGinnisHubert1919McGinnisNot Moved
McGinnisJames R.18611938McGinnisNot Moved
McGinnisJohn18841920McGinnisNot Moved
McGinnisMary F.19211921McGinnisNot Moved
McGinnisWilson1914McGinnisNot Moved
McGoldrickAmanda J.18271914HarrellNot Moved
McGoldrickCatherine18411908HarrellNot Moved
McGoldrickD. R.18381908HarrellNot Moved
McGoldrickJenkins W.18221904HarrellNot Moved
McGoldrickMontgomeryHarrellNot Moved
McGoldrickT.J.18441894HarrellNot Moved
MillerJ. E.1904HarrellNot Moved
MillsDoris Lillian19231925HarrellNot Moved
MillsJohn1931Heath ChapelNot Moved
MillsJohn S.1922Heath ChapelNot Moved
MillsMarjorie J.19281932HarrellNot Moved
MillsNancy A.1931Heath ChapelNot Moved
MillsWilliam1922Heath ChapelNot Moved
MoodyHenrietta18431904Blackwell BranchNot Moved
MoodyJ. M.18441921Blackwell BranchNot Moved
MoodyJoseph18691901Blackwell BranchNot Moved
MurrayDennis18771911Murray #2Not Moved
MurrayEnda M.18491895Murray #2Not Moved
MurrayErnest18861908Murray #2Not Moved
MurrayJames P.18901936Murray #2Not Moved
MurrayJohn B.18331916Murray #2Not Moved
MurrayM. Beatrice18811911Murray #2Not Moved
NoeJacob T.1850Noe PrivateNot Moved
OlafssonOlga19181921DaltonNot Moved
OwensDorothy H.1938Heath ChapelNot Moved
PierceJames W.18471927HarrellNot Moved
PierceMargaret V.18541882DaltonNot Moved
PritchardPallas18421893DaltonNot Moved
PritchardThomas J.17801897DaltonNot Moved
RichMaud1892HarrellNot Moved
RichMollie18731918HarrellNot Moved
RichardsAnna18561907DaltonNot Moved
RussellBob O.19281928DaltonNot Moved
RussellDewey19381938DaltonNot Moved
RussellLouise19341937DaltonNot Moved
RussellNoab19101937DaltonNot Moved
RussellPaul L.19031938DaltonNot Moved
RussellRuby Fay19321932DaltonNot Moved
SamselE. C.18751879DaltonNot Moved
SheltonInfant1867Taylor #2Not Moved
SingletonAndrew18901904HarrellNot Moved
StiresLeli H.18901933HarrellNot Moved
TaylorBurga18841884MayNot Moved
TaylorDaniel17611834LivingstonNot Moved
TaylorElizabeth17901857LivingstonNot Moved
TaylorElizabethTaylor #2Not Moved
TaylorElizabeth A.18231874Taylor #2Not Moved
TaylorFrances17961868LivingstonNot Moved
TaylorGorda M.18521909HarrellNot Moved
TaylorHarriet J.18201850LivingstonNot Moved
TaylorHerbert18871887MayNot Moved
TaylorHughTaylor #2Not Moved
TaylorHughs Owen17961852LivingstonNot Moved
TaylorJane17611843LivingstonNot Moved
TaylorLillie L.18761901HarrellNot Moved
TaylorLucy18051830LivingstonNot Moved
TaylorQueeny1863Taylor #2Not Moved
TaylorSr., G. G.18161869Taylor #2Not Moved
TaylorThomas D.18321852LivingstonNot Moved
TaylorWilliam F.18261866LivingstonNot Moved
TaylorMayNot Moved
TilleyC. H.18221894HarrellNot Moved
TilleyJ. G.18321910HarrellNot Moved
TurleyDesdemona17881877LivingstonNot Moved
TurleyThomas17821833LivingstonNot Moved
TurnerC. C.18471917McGinnisNot Moved
TurnerMrs. Margaret1917McGinnisNot Moved
WattsEffie O.18881937HarrellNot Moved
WhiteJamesDaltonNot Moved
WhiteSarah17361893DaltonNot Moved
WilliamElizabeth1929Shields PrivateNot Moved
WilliamsAgnes1909Shields PrivateNot Moved
WilliamsElizabeth19271935Shields PrivateNot Moved
WilliamsElizabeth S.M.18271850Noeton Baptist ChurchNot Moved
WilliamsEthel Rhea1908Shields PrivateNot Moved
WilliamsEthelbertShields PrivateNot Moved
WilliamsEtheldredShields PrivateNot Moved
WilliamsHoward1909Shields PrivateNot Moved
WilliamsIna Mae1907Shields PrivateNot Moved
WilliamsJackLawerence #1Not Moved
WilliamsJoseph E.1910Shields PrivateNot Moved
WilliamsJoseph W.Noeton Baptist ChurchNot Moved
WilliamsLovereaLawerence #1Not Moved
WilliamsMary C.1833Shields PrivateNot Moved
WilliamsLawerence #1Not Moved
WilliamsLawerence #1Not Moved
WorthingtonBeulah M. R.19021939HarrellNot Moved
WrightFlora C.18621940DaltonNot Moved
WrightJames D.18681931DaltonNot Moved
WrightJames P.18581920DaltonNot Moved
WrightMary S.18341881DaltonNot Moved
WrightPvt.James S.18961918DaltonNot Moved
WrightSallie18211886DaltonNot Moved
WolfeInfantNoeton Baptist Church1941Relocated Adril Baptist
WolfeInfantNoeton Baptist Church1941Relocated Adril Baptist
FarmerElmer J.Corbin1935Riddle
FarmerW. M.Corbin1935Riddle
HenryMrs. T. H.18831929Corbin1935Washburn
HenryT. H.18501917Corbin1935Washburn


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