Private Acts: Schools — General Reference

The general state statutes regulating education are found in title 49 of Tennessee Code Annotated.

The following acts constitute part of the administrative and political heritage of the educational structure of Grainger County but are no longer operative since they have either been superseded, repealed, or failed to receive local approval.

  1. Private Acts of 1823, Chapter 270, appointed John F. Jack and Felps Read as commissioners of Madison Academy in Grainger County.
  2. Private Acts of 1825, Chapter 316, appointed Benjamin Craighead, Thomas M. Brown, William Dyer and William E. Cocke as additional trustees of Madison Academy in Grainger County.
  3. Private Acts of 1827, Chapter 237, appointed Hugh Houston, William E. Cocke and Thomas Whiteside as additional trustees of Madison Academy in Grainger County.
  4. Private Acts of 1829-30, Chapter 128, appointed Samuel B. Tate, Thomas S. Cocke, Martin Cleveland, Robert Gains and Bolin Shirley as additional trustees of Madison Academy in Grainger County.
  5. Acts of 1907, Chapter 170, created a special school district in the fifth civil district of Grainger County and provided for the directors and government of same.
  6. Acts of 1909, Chapter 494, required parents and guardians of Grainger County, to cause children between certain ages to attend some public school for a certain number of days each year, except under certain conditions.
  7. Private Acts of 1911, Chapter 332, provided for and enforced the education of all children between the ages of eight years and sixteen years of age in Grainger County.

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