Private Acts: Elections — Districts — Reapportionment

Maps and legal descriptions of the boundaries of the county commissioner districts may be found in one of the following offices: county clerk, county election commission, state coordinator of elections, secretary of state, and the division of local government, office of the comptroller of the treasury.

Civil districts by that name are no longer used as district boundaries for election of legislative body members. These civil district boundaries have been left undisturbed as they existed prior to the first reapportionment of the quarterly county courts for real property record-keeping purposes only. T.C.A. §5-1-112.

The acts listed below have affected the civil districts in Grainger County, but are no longer operative regarding elections.

  1. Acts of 1907, Chapter 170, created a special school district in the fifth civil district of Grainger County.
  2. Private Acts of 1911, Chapter 129, created the sixth and seventh civil districts for Grainger County and detached a part of the fourth civil district and attached it to the fifth civil district.
  3. Private Acts of 1913, Chapter 215, changed the line between the second civil district and the third civil district of Grainger County.

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