James Hodge Obituary

Died on the 5th inst., at his father’s residence in Grainger county, James Hodge, who was born in this county, about the year 1819.

He was a young man of ordinary talents, though of undetermined and unshaken integrity. Owing to the limited resources of his parents for pecuniary assistance, he was enabled to acquire only a moderate education. He was a man of good habits and filled his place in society as a valuable and respected member. Until the commencement of the present year he lived outside the church; but by the labors of the church and ministry at protracted meeting held in this county in January inst., he was brought savingly to the knowledge of the truth by confiding in Jesus Christ. He immediately attached himself to the Baptist Church at Blackwell’s Branch, in which he lived a devoted and exemplary member until his death.

After an illness of several weeks, the disease that was preying upon his system, proved fatal and though combated by all the ingenuity of his physicians, though he was young and vigorous, death has swept him away, he has seen the last of earth and entered another mode of existence. He endured his affliction with patience and Christian fortitude. A few days previous to his decease, when it was seen that he was rapidly decaying, a friend interrogated him to know if he enjoyed the comforts of religion, he replied that he did, at the same time lifting his hands, he exclaimed: "Glory To God, for the peace I enjoy."

Source: Knoxville Register, Wednesday, November 29, 1848

Transcribed by Robert McGinnis and used with his permission.

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