Death of Harry Aiken

The remains of Mr. Harry Aiken were brought to the city yesterday. The body was brought to the city in charge of Mr. George Aiken of Selma, Alabama, who is a brother of the deceased.

The accident in which Mr. Aiken lost his life occurred on the Blocton, Brierfield & Birmingham branch road of the E T V & G system. Mr. Aiken was a fireman on an ill fated train carrying excursionists from Brocton to Montevallo. A barbeque was the attraction attended by three or four hundred people from Brocton.

Returning from the festivities the fatal accident occurred  one mile west of Daley’s station, which point is eight miles west of Blocton. At this particular point on one side of the railroad, there is an embankment one hundred feet high. From some unknown cause here the engine jumped the track, the pilot striking in the ground opposite the embankment.

The pilot acted as a pivot upon which the engine turned completely around and then turned over. The tender and baggage car became detached from the engine and plunged down the embankment on the opposite side.

When the engine left the track fireman Aiken was thrown from it and down the stony embankment. When his lifeless form was picked up it was found that his back, legs and neck was broken, his skull fractured and that he had received numerous other slighter injuries.

Mr. George Aiken, of Selma, brother of the deceased was notified of the unfortunate man’s death and he immediately had the remains prepared for shipment. Both arrived on No. 2 yesterday.

The deceased was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Wm Aiken, who live at Spring Place, Grainger county. He was also a nephew of Mr. Jerry Jarnigan of this city. The remains were taken home in a hack yesterday afternoon accompanied by a brother and other relatives of the deceased. At that place they will be interred.

Knoxville Daily Journal — Tuesday, September 1, 1891

Transcribed by Robert McGinnis and used by permission.

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