Collins & Cook Family Record

JoAnne and Harrell Brogan found several photos, a Bible, and a family record in an old book in a house at Cook School on Indian Creek many years ago.

The items have been donated to the Grainger County Archives.

The book is entitled Memorial Address Life and Character of James A. Garfield President of the United States by James G. Blaine February 27th 1882.  The book was donated to the Grainger County Archives.

Information in the book is in a variety of handwriting styles.  The details are transcribed below:

First page (inside front cover)

State of Tennessee County grainger [sic]

Elizabeth Collins her Book this march [sic] the 26 1886

Sam [?]

Wm H Collins and Martha M. jackson [sic] was maried [sic] march [sic] the 5 day 1884

Wm H Collins was born in the year of our lord 1858 feb [sic] the 16 day

M C H Collins was born in the year olf our lord July the 17 day 1888

Ray Fredric [sic] Cooke [sic] Born Apr 15 1928

Second page (front flyleaf)

Nuton [sic] Franklin Collins was born in the year of our lord 1885 june [sic] the 5 day

William Harrison Collins was born in the year of our lord 1888 january [sic] the 16 day

Eliza Emaline Collins was born in the year of our lord 1891 august [sic] the 12 day

Mary Alus [sic] Collins was born in the year of our lord august [sic] the 16 day 1873

Hayes Jackson Collins was born in the year of our lord 1895 august [sic] the 23 day

Grainger County

Third page (front flyleaf)

Wm H Cook Departed this life January 16 1920

Martha M Cook Deaparted [sic] this life March 5 1896

Lucy E Collins Departed this life Nov 2 1922

Mary E Collins Deciest [sic] July 5 1921

Herald H. Hipshir [sic] Borned Nov. 15, 1927

John T. Dalton Departed this life July 11 1928

Henry Cooke Departed this life July 12 1930

Fourth page (front flyleaf)

Emma Collins was born Aug 12 1891

Madline [sic] dide [sic] January the 7 1907

Wm F Cook dide [sic] march [sic] the 13 1909

Elizabeth Collins dide [sic] february [sic] the 21 1911

Jonathan Cook Departed this life Feb 19 1917

Catherine Cook Departed this life Oct. 16, 1913

Rhoda Cook Departed this life Jan. 11, 1917

Oct [?] 16 1925 Rosa E. Cooke [sic]

Fifth page (front flyleaf)

Jhon [Thom?] R Cooke departed this life March 28 1932

J. A. Singleton Departed this life Aug. 31, 1934

Pretica [?] Anne [?] Cook borned [sic] Jan 11 1933 Middletown, Ohio

Roy Fedric [sic] Cook born April 15, 1928 Middletown Ohio

P R Cooke [sic] Departed this life Sept 9 1939

Herald [sic] H Hipshire Born tuesday [sic] 9.30 oclock Nove. [sic] 15, 1927 Thorn Hill Tennessee

P R Cooke depatrded [sic] this life Sat Sept 9, 1989

John A Collins departeded [sic] this life Jan. 9, 1927

Sixth page (front flyleaf)

John A [O?]

Newt Cooke died June 20, 1942

Emma Hipshir [sic] ” [died] Aug. 3, 1942

Bill Dalton ” [died] Aug 29 1942

George Jackson ” [died] Sept. 6, 1942

Seventh page (reverse of title page?)

Herald H. Hipsher was born Nov. 15, 1927

Eighth page (back flyleaf)

Lizzie E Cook died September 6, 1940

John R Cook died March 27, 1932

William Grant Collins departed this life March 25, 1941

J. W. Stapleton departed this life March 5 1942

Newt Cooke died June 20 1942

Emma Hipsher ” [died] Aug. 3, 1942

Bill Dalton ” [died] Aug. 29, 1942

George Jackson ” [died] Sept. 6, 1942

J. W. Fauqhuer [sic] ” [died] Sept. 22, 1942

Ninth page (back flyleaf)

Rhoda Cook died January the 11 1917

Morgan [?] H Emma C married April 13, 1924

Newton F Cooke [sic] and Mattie Brogan was married Jan. 16, 1937

Birdie Cooke [sic] and A. T. Green was married Feb. 15, 1939

Tenth page (inside back cover)

Nuton [sic] Collins his Book an [sic] his name

State of Tenn Couny [sic] Grainger

Click here to view the original record pages and the Indian Creek Photo Gallery

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