Schools Identified in the GNIS

Geographic features that appear on topographic maps in the United States are listed in an online database maintained by the federal government’s United States Geological Survey and the U. S. Board on Geographic Names.

This entity is usually referred to as USGS. The database is called the Geographic Names Information System, or GNIS. Many genealogists use it frequently to find places, identify the county location, and determine the coordinates.

The following table contains all topographic features in the GNIS identified as schools within Grainger County. Places that no longer exist are identified with “(historical).”

The table also includes the latitude and longitude and name of the 7.5′ USGS topographical quadrangle map on which the place is shown.

Please note that this is not a comprehensive list of all schools that have existed  in the county. It is simply the government’s mapping system’s list. Click here to search GNIS for other topographical features or locations.

Name Latitude Longitude Elevation Quadrangle Map
Avondale School (historical) 361828N 0832740W 1093 Avondale
Barley Bend School (historical) 360610N 0834109W 945 Mascot
Bean Station Elementary School 362002N 0832108W 1102 Bean Station
Beech Grove School (historical) 362158N 0832815W 1099 Avondale
Bellview School 361610N 0834109W 1358 Powder Springs
Brown School 360847N 0834053W 1033 Luttrell
Buffalo School 361250N 0833338W 1066 Joppa
Buffalo School (historical) 361248N 0833345W 1017 Joppa
Center View School (historical) 361940N 0833416W 1148 Dutch Valley
Central Point School (historical) 361515N 0832920W 1457 Avondale
Clinch Mountain School 362025N 0832315W 1112 Avondale
Clinchview School (historical) 362348N 0832005W 1276 Swan Island
Crosby School (historical) 361712N 0831738W 1073 Bean Station
Dotson School (historical) 362007N 0832956W 1280 Avondale
Dutch Valley School (historical) 362039N 0833407W 1109 Dutch Valley
Elm Springs School (historical) 362008N 0833602W 1421 Dutch Valley
Fairview School (historical) 362302N 0832130W 1444 Swan Island
Hammer School (historical) 361448N 0833117W 1280 Joppa
Helton School 361657N 0832335W 1138 Avondale
Indian Creek School (historical) 362343N 0832415W 1079 Howard Quarter
Indian Ridge School (historical) 361006N 0833629W 1260 Joppa
Joppa Elementary School 361417N 0833703W 988 Joppa
Kirkham School (historical) 361906N 0831739W 1135 Bean Station
Lakeview School 361833N 0831741W 1129 Bean Station
Lay School 361818N 0833918W 1132 Powder Springs
Liberty Hill School 361856N 0833715W 1224 Dutch Valley
Liberty School (historical) 362427N 0832134W 1197 Swan Island
Limestone School (historical) 361715N 0832841W 1129 Avondale
Little Valley School 361036N 0833958W 1017 Luttrell
Lizard Ridge School (historical) 361908N 0831910W 1247 Bean Station
Morgan School 361445N 0832649W 1115 Talbott
Morgan School (historical) 361203N 0833657W 1322 Joppa
Mullins School (historical) 362142N 0831736W 1188 Bean Station
Narrow Valley School (historical) 361615N 0832523W 1132 Avondale
Perrin Hollow School (historical) 360856N 0833811W 948 Luttrell
Powder Springs School (historical) 361519N 0834012W 1325 Powder Springs
Prospect School (historical) 361708N 0832343W 1158 Avondale
Puncheon Camp School (historical) 361846N 0833220W 1424 Dutch Valley
Red House School (historical) 361217N 0833940W 928 Luttrell
Richland School (historical) 360812N 0833952W 958 Luttrell
Rush Strong School 360919N 0834223W 984 Luttrell
Rutledge Elementary School 361650N 0833033W 1001 Dutch Valley
Rutledge High School 361625N 0833210W 1037 Dutch Valley
Rutledge Middle School 361645N 0833118W 1001 Dutch Valley
Thorn Hill School 362107N 0832550W 1427 Avondale
Washburn School 361736N 0833522W 1430 Dutch Valley
Young School 361228N 0832951W 1263 Talbott

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