Private Acts: Highways/Roads — Road Law

Private Acts of 1929
Chapter 840

SECTION 1. That an Act entitled “An Act to provide for a system of good roads to regulate the laying out, working, changing, opening, closing and maintaining of public roads, culverts and ferries and bridges in the counties of this State having a population of not less than 13,360, nor more than 13,375, according to the Federal Census of 1920, or by any subsequent Federal Census; to create the office of ‘Superintendent of Roads,’ in such counties, and to define the powers and duties thereof and to provide for subordinate agents under same, to provide means, funds, labor, instrumentalities and powers for carrying into effect of said Act; to fix age limit of male citizens residing in such counties subject to road duty, to provide for payment of commutation to Trustee in lieu of work and provide fines and penalties for neglecting or refusing to work or commute to, making the Trustee Custodian of County road fund, to provide means of disbursing same, and to provide in the event that any part of this Act shall for any reason be held unconstitutional, for the remainder thereof,” being Chapter 443 of the Private Acts of the General Assembly of the State of Tennessee for the year 1927 passed April 14, 1927, and approved April 18, 1927, and being the Act set forth in the Caption hereof, be and the same hereby is repealed.

SECTION 2. That this Act take effect from and after the first of September, 1930, the public welfare requiring it.

Passed: April 11, 1929.

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