Private Acts: Establish County Seat

Acts of 1797
Chapter 13

SECTION 1.  That John Owens, senior, John Brister, Isaac Lane, George Bean, senior, William Stone, Robert Boyd, Henry Howell, James Fears, Jacob Vanhoozer, William Millikin, and Michael Massingill, be, and they or a majority of them, are hereby appointed commissioners in the room of those appointed in the above recited second section, and are hereby vested with similar power, and under the same restrictions in all respects whatever.

SECTION 2.  That the said commissioners or a majority of them, are hereby authorized to lay out a town on said land, to consist of forty lots, with proper streets and allies, numbered from one to forty inclusive, to be known by the name of Rutledge, in honor to George Rutledge, esquire, of Sullivan county.

SECTION 3.  That the said commissioners are hereby required to complete the duties enjoined on them by this act, between the second Monday of December, one thousand seven hundred and ninety seven, and the second Monday of March, one thousand seven hundred and ninety eight.

SECTION 4.  That the line dividing the aforesaid counties, shall be extended as follows, viz.  Beginning at a marked tree, near the dwelling house of James Blair, senior, on the line from Felps Reed’s to Thomas Henderson’s, thence to the said Henderson’s and Joel Dyer’s south west corner, thence a north course with said Henderson and Dyers line, so as to leave the house of Robert Patterson ten poles in Grainger county, thence a direct line to the upper end of the first island below the mouth of Big War creek, thence to the Black Lick, leaving the house of William Hord in Hawkins county, thence with the last mentioned course to the top of Powell’s Mountain, thence north, thirty west to the Virginia line.

SECTION 5.  That William Payne, be appointed surveyor, who, with two markers shall run and mark the said amended line as early as practicable, and shall be allowed as follows, viz.  The surveyor for each day he shall necessarily attend, the sum of two dollars per day, the markers each one dollar per day, to be paid by the county of Grainger.

SECTION 6.  That the second section of an act, entitled, “An act for erecting part of the county of Hawkins, and part of the county of Knox, into a separate and distinct county,” passed at Knoxville, one thousand seven hundred and ninety six, be and the same is hereby repealed.

Passed:  October 28, 1797.

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