Private Acts: Boundary Changes, 1798

Acts of 1798
Chapter 21

SECTION 1.  That the bounds of Grainger county shall be ascertained and known by the following lines, viz.  Beginning on the main road leading from Bulls Gap to Haine’s Iron Works on Mossey Creek, at the house of Phelps Reed, leaving said house in Grainger county, thence to a marked tree near the dwelling-house of James Blair, senior, on the line from Phelps Reed’s to Thomas Henderson’s, thence to the said Henderson’s and Dyer’s south west corner, thence a north course with said Henderson’s and Dyer’s line, so as to leave the house of Robert Patterson ten poles in Grainger county, thence a direct line to Clinch river a quarter of a mile below the mouth of Big War Creek, thence to the Black Lick, leaving the house of William Hord in Hawkins county, thence with the last mentioned course to the top of Powel’s mountain, thence the same course to the Virginia line, thence with said line to the Indian boundary line at Cumberland mountain, thence with said boundary line to where the present Knox line intersects the same, thence with Knox line to the top of the Cross Mountain, thence with said Mountain to Clinch river, thence up said river to a point, that a south east line will strike the end of Clinch mountain, thence with the ridge that divides the waters of Richland creek from those of Flat creek, to the first Bluff below Boyles’s old place on Holston river, thence up Holston river to the mouth of Panther creek, thence up said creek to the road leading from Bulls Gap to Haines’s Iron works, thence up said road to the beginning.

SECTION 2.  That the county of Jefferson shall send five jurors to the superior courts, and the county of Grainger seven jurors to each superior court for the district of Hamilton.

SECTION 3.  That this act shall be in force and use from and after the passing the same.

Passed: January 5, 1799.

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