Petition to Form New State in North Carolina’s Western Country

The following names are taken from the back of the petition:

Nicholas Hayes Jno. Chester Joseph Huson
Sam’l Hayes Patrick Morrison Mikill Borders
Jno. Mitchell Stephen Easley Alx. Pethrow
James Hammer Jackal Light Oystan Hewtower
Henry Hokimer Robert Easley Wm. Davies
Geo. Martin Henry Sullivan John Noris
David Moore John Light Robert Hayes
Henry Winterberger Moses Robinson John Hayes
Jos. Winterberger William Light William Sippard
Sam’l Winterberger William Light, Sen. Alexander Cavitt
Joseph Lusk Thomas Easley Moses Cavitt
Thos. Wood William Goad Jacob Jobe
Joseph Gest Jesey Holland Nathan Jobe
William Gest James Walb”’ (?) Joseph Birdwell
Joshua Kidwell William Wilson Geo. Birdwell
Thomas Davie Moses Kennedy James Smith
John Kidwell Hermon King Moses Russel
Charles Kidwell Joseph Screat Conrad Shepley
Whaley Newby Lewis Tadlock John Comin
Craven Dunear Thomas Tadlock Walker Barren
Alexr. Lowrey Joshuaway Padfield John Bell
James Stinson Thomas Bennet (his x mark) William Carson
Adam Guthrey Moses Kelsay Robert Christian
Wm. Craige John Anderson Abraham Tittsworth
Benjamin Henslee James Richardson Benjamin Walb”'(?)
Abel Morgan David Taylor Green Chote
Thomas Vincent Benja. Gist John Goad, Jun.
George Vincent William Bucknell John Pryor
Henry Heckey Haley Bucknell Moses Looney
Owen Atkin Preley Bucknell Macajah Adams
Nicholas Mercer Shadrick Haile James McLern
Richard Mercer, Sen. Forrester Mercer Alexander Caright
Arch’d McHaughan Bryce Russell, Sen. Benj. Burdwell
Edward Mercer Bryce Russell, Jr. John Dean
John Black James Pickens William Holland
John Hunt, Jr. Phil. Grafford Pierce William Morroson
Basset Hunt William Gewil John Morroson
Reuben Hunt Charles Parker James Morroson
Thomas Tipton Anthony Agee Samuel Bofman
Jonathan Hunt John Sawyer David Merryon
James Cooper Joseph Moore Richard Morell
Isaiah Waldrew John Yancy Dudley Rutherford
Lewis Hunt Richard Shipley John Bradford
James Smart W. Cage Peter Fin
James Smith Timothy Huff John Hunt
Joseph Smith George Christian William Bailey
John Duncan Deness Murfee George Smith
Wm. Berry Isaac Thomas Jacob Joab
Isaac White William Massengill William Cooper
Samuel Cox John Tulley Wm. Jackson
James Wheeler Thos. Easterlin Ephraim Joab
John Cottrell William Copeland William Mehallm
Hugh Gentry Rich’d Gamon Charles Bacon
Valentine Rose John Spurgin John French
Eli Shipley Thos. King John Bilensy
Thomas Shipley Roger Gibson William Combs
William Childress James Adam William Combs, Jr.
Joshway Hampton Geo. Gabriel (black) Henry Combs
Christurphur Cross John Yokley William Stacey
Benjamin Aze John Woolsey Adam Coumb
Reuben Hunt James Arbutton (?) Daniel Agee
Ellecander Moore Martin Roller, Jr. John Comay
Martin Roller Joseph Blair James Peterson
John A. Caft David Arwin Jeremiah Taylor
D. Wright William”'(?) Joseph Taylor
Adam Stake Thos. Taylor Stephen Taylor
William Shewmaker Adam Stoaks Isaac Taylor
Gabriel Goad Joseph Waldrep John Chisholm
Peter Easley Mattw. Caruthers Edward Tule
Jacob Cox Gilbert Christian Nathaniel Tule


Petition of the Inhabitants of the Western Country, December, 1787.

In Senate, December, 1787. Read and referred to Court on Public Bills. (N.C. St. Rec., XXII, 705-714.)

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