Petition Regarding Register & Rangers, 1800

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Copied from photocopies of original records in Tennessee State Archives, Nashville, TN, by Betty Givens Moore and Betsy Foster West

To the Honorable the General Assembly of the State of Tennessee

The petition of a number of the inhabitants of Grainger County humbly Representeth:

That it is believed much inconvenience will result to the Citizens of said county from the operation of an act recently passed by your honorable Body which compells the Register & Rangers of the respective counties in said State to remove their offices to, & hold them at their respective court-houses.

That at a Court held for said county at the court-house in the town of Rutlage in february last the Register of said county tendered his Resignation to the court which was accepted — That although there were sundry persons residing in said Town well qualified to fill the office of Register with ability, yet not one
could be induced to accept said office who resided at the court-house — That the said office is one of high importance to the public, yet the fees of office are so inconsiderable as not to authorize a person  comfortably settled on a farm in the country to remove to town to attend to the Duties of said office:

We the undersigned your memorialists therefore pray the premises considered that you will be pleased so to modify the abovementioned act as to permit the Register & Rangers of Grainger county to hold his offices at any place in said county Provided the distance from the Registers office to the Court-house does not exceed five or six miles.

And your Petitioners as in Duty bound will ever pray, etc.

Philip Sigler 

Jarimiah Mince

Noah Ashly

William Asher

Peter Hammick

William Webster

Jonathen Branson

Charles Drake

William Waggoner

John Blackburn

Isaac Long

Thomas James

Archibald Greer

Samuel Waggoner

Thomas Morres

Thomas Boullon

Morten Morres

Daniel Hammick

Elijah Long

John Bolton 

Marten Thornbury [Thornburg ?]

Richard Thornbury [Thornburg ?]

William Capts

John Mapels

Isaac Davis

Charles Hutcheson

William Patton

Walker Allen

John Baker

Benjamin Moon

Andrew Seabolt

John Nall

Thomas Brown

John Parker

David Watson

William Lane

James Lane Senr.

John Selvidge

James Lane Junr. 

William Pasley

Jeremiah Lovel

David Elkins

Gorge Lovel

Philip Parker

Abraham Elliot

Samuel Bunch

Wm. Sims

Obadiah Walters

Joel Witt

N. Jarnagin

Robert Caton

William Garrett

John Ray

Chessley Jarnagin

Enouch Winds (?)

Jeremiah Jarnagin

Petition – In Senate Augt 11th 1800 Read and refered to the Committee of Propositions & Grievances and sent to the House of Representatives – Jno. N. Gamble, Clk.

House of Representatives – Augt 11th 1800

Read and refered as by the Senate E. Scott, Clk.

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