Petition of Isaiah Medkiff to Impeach Ambrose Yancey

Petition 22-2-1801 to the Tennessee General Assembly


From:  Isaiah Medkiff of Grainger County

Re:  Impeachment of Ambrose Yancey, Clerk of Grainger County

Medkiff charges that Yancey is guilty of altering the records, issuing false transcripts in cases where it is interested [sic], losing papers belonging to his office, not entering Judgement of Court when his brother was a party, “and finally his office is in a horrid situation.”

Medkiff requests that the following men be called on for depositions:  William Cocke, William Garret, John Cocke, Edward Scott, James Grant, Hugh L. White Esq., and Capt. George Bean.

The petition was sent to the TN House of Representatives on 7 October 1801, after which it was “read and referred to the committee who have the petition for the removal of Joseph Powell from the office of Justice of the Peace under consideration.”

The depositions mention the individual names William Yancey, Col. Ore, John Menefee J. P.; a case between William Moffett and John Bird; Robert Yancey, Sheriff of Grainger County; the case of State vs. David McEnelly and John Ray; the Bail of Thomas Colbert; and a copy by Stephen Heard.

Source:  Abstract of the petition, published in the TN Genealogical Society‘s “Ansearchin'” News, Vol. 2, 1993, pp. 75-76.

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