1806 Petition To Change the Road to Kentucky

Petition 19-1-1806 to the Tennessee General Assembly


Citizens of Grainger and Claiborne Counties wished to change the road to Kentucky.  This is apparently a second version of another petition bearing the same title, but this one has different signatures attached.

Signers were:

Pleasant Duke
george [sic] willey [sic]
Thomas Turley
John McCartey
Moses Hodge
Dudley Mayes
henry [sic] Ivey
James hodges [sic]
Philip Ivy
Monoah Dyer
Joseph Dania / Davis
Walcem / Wallum hodge [sic]
William Johnston
John Ivy
John howel [sic]
Thomas Ivey
Jesse hodges [sic]
Benjamin Ivey
Robert Willis
Samuel Webster
Peter Harris
Robert Metheny
William Bryan
Alexandreus Callidge
William Iredel / Tredel
William Bunch
Josier [sic] Bryan
William Jones
John Clonch
Archd MacDonald
William Lay
Mary / Meery Littel [?]
Stephen McBroom
Saml Peery
Benjamin acof [sic] [Acuff]
John Lay
Jacob hunbard [sic]
Rheubin Cofee
Richd Walker
John Arwine
David Gentry
John Arnold
Alexander Donelson [?]
Henry Baker
John Bullard
Jason Cloud
Dudley Cox
Stephen Smith
James Eaton
Henry Medlock
Dannil [sic] Beelar
Thomas McBroom
John Shropshire
Robt Huddlestone
John Huddlestone
Martain Thornberry
Charles Matlock
Enouch Winds
Thomas James
John ___trad [?]
Ambose Goff
Thos. Grissom
David Collin
James Hines [?]
John McBroom
James Arwine
Levi Collins
Aaron Collins
Warham Easley
David Bunch

Source: Tennessee Genealogical Society, “Ansearchin'” News, Fall, 1986, page 106.

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