1797 List of Insolvent Taxables

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Source: “Ansearchin'” News, Vol. 28, No. 2 (Summer, 1981), pp. 77-78.  No copyright infringement is intended by posting this information for the benefit of researchers.


Copied from photocopies of original records in Tennessee State Archives, Nashville, TN, by Betty Givens Moore and Betsy Foster West

[All have one white poll except where given in parentheses, in addition to property as noted – Ed.]

List of Insolvents living within the Indian Boundary for the year 1797 (sic) which the County Court of Grainger released the Sheriff from the Collection of:

Austin, Nathaniel

Anderton, Thomas

Bunch, Julius

Branham, John

Chisum, James (2)

Cunningham, John

Chisum, Elijah

Crabb, Joseph Junr

Chaney, Francis

Cogden, Joseph

Clark, Thomas

Dodson, Jessee
1 bl poll – 100 A

Dodson, Nimrod

Duralt, Ab’ham

Dodson, Jessee Junr

Gibbons, Thomas

Harrison, Jonathan

Henderson, Thomas

Hardinge, William

Hodgson, David

Hughs, Samuel

Hughs, Theophilus

Hensley, Samuel

Hamet, Nathaniel

Hamet, Nathaniel (sic)

Jonston, James

Kieth, John

Kieth, Thomas

Lane, Issac

Lane, Tidance

Livingston, William

Miller, John

Miller, Frederick

Morgan, John

Rayne, John

Sims, James

Sims, Martin

Sullins, Peter

Shoats, Jacob

Thompson, Allexander

Wallen, John

Wier, William

Ward, William

Allen, William

Adkins, James

Arthur, John

Bruton, Samuel

Boling, Jeremiah

Barten, Isaral

Burdon, Charles

Bennet, John

Black, Mathew

Brown, Morris

Bruton, James

Busham, Archer

Bitson, Thomas

Box, John

Bitson, James

Bowman, William

Burton, William

Burdsong, John

Cope, Andrew

Cope, James

Crowley, Benjamin

Carr, John

Cox, Josiah

Cowen, Alexander

Cops [Cope ?], Barney

Cops [Cope ?], Mathew

Claypole, Stephen

Callums, George

Dougherty, William

Dougherty, William (sic)

Davis, James 1 bl poll

Davis, James 1 bl poll (sic)

Drunden (?), Benjamin

Durham, Stephen

Douthe, Evan

Elam, William

Finley, Williain

Finley, William (sic)

Finley, William (sic)

Franklin, Edmond

Finley, James (0) 3 bl polls

Gibson, George

Gibson, Jerry

Graham, Spencer 1 bl poll

Hatfield, Richard

Hatfield, Joseph

Haines, Andrew

Hill, Thomas 4 bl polls

Henderson, William

Hamlen, John

Howard, Robert

Halfacre, Peter

Hill, William

Henderson, James

Hatfield, John

Innis, Jeremiah

Inglis, William

Jones, Jessee

Linch, Jeremiah

Lewis, Joel

Lusk, Samuel 1 bl poll


Mahan, James

Martin, Dannel

McDonald, John

McBride, Thomas

McDonald, William

McBride, Andrew

Moore, Lewis

McLellan, Thomas

Newfort, John

Owen, John

Owens, William (2)

Pelew, Elijah

Reynolds, John

Rull, George

Reynolds, James

Ross, Angus

Smith, Mathew

Sweeton, Dutton

Sweeton, John

Stevenson, John

Stevenson, William

Stinnet, William 1 bl poll

Stinnet, Benj.

Stevenson, Edward (0) 1 bl poll

Stinnet, John

Shurley (?), Michael

Sharp, Joseph

Star, James

Sears, John

Thomas, Joseph

Trammell, Dennis

Tinsley, William

Vanbiber, John (2) 1 bl poll

Vanbiber, Peter

Vanbiber, James

Womack, Jonathan

Womack, Jeremiah

Womack, David

Weaver, Samuel

Weaver, Joseph

Weaver, John

Weaver, Samuel (sic)

Yoklham, George

I, Ambrouse Yancey Clerk of the County of Grainger do certify the above list of
Insolvencys was proven in Open Court by the Oath of Martin Ashburn Collector.

Am. Yancey C.G.C.

Written vertically across the list is: “Allow’d by the Committee of Finance Oct. 4, 1799.”

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